For liberty and property 7

Victory: The Bundy family and their supporters fly the American flag as their cattle were released by the Bureau of Land Management back onto public land outside of Bunkerville, Nevada

Cowboys and patriots: Kholten Gleave, right, of Utah, pauses for the National Anthem outside of Bunkerville , Nev. while gathering with other supporters of the Bundy family to challenge the Bureau of Land Management


    These “people” like the Reids will not go quietly into the night! Not without a little assistance from freedom loving folks who will not tolerate their selfish imbecilities!

    • Don L


      A word use correction suggestion: Short-sighted short-term imbecilities, self-serving imbecilities, criminally-self-centererd imbecilities…but not selfish imbecilities – an oxymoron. Selfish is concern for one’s interests and theft & corruption imbecilities are not, in the long-run, in one’s self interest…jail is in that future. The more I think about it…I like the idea of putting Reid and all these moronic 545 on an old WWII Victory ship and setting it adrift at sea.

      I didn’t include greed, given our last discussions! LOL.

  • Don L

    A NEWSMAX article reveals even more of the cronyism that surrounds the theiving bastard sen Reid and his, at least, one son.

    This SOB stands up in the senate and lambasts American citizens while he is surrounded by corruption of his own making. This is why the government, 545 non-representing ‘public servants’, is not empowered to own land…it is used for ‘deals’….never for America.

  • Azgael

    Let’s hope for freedom and liberty’s sake that this is the first OF MANY revolts/rebellion against big government. (can’t find the correct word at the moment)

    • Jillian Becker

      We wish it too, Azgael.

      How about first of many STANDS for freedom? To start with, anyway. Could develop into rebellion.