“Hand over your little daughters or kill them” 8

Ayaan Hirsi Ali – a fellow atheist – is fast becoming a figurehead, as well as an active leader, of all Western opposition (such as there is) to …

… this sort of Islamic practice. We have taken the report, raw, from halalporkshop.com, which quotes from a local news source in Daharki, Pakistan, without correcting errors of expression:

A local panchayat- unofficial jury, headed by an influential landlord, ordered killing of a woman in the name of ‘honour’ on Wednesday.

The panchayat also ordered to give two minor daughters of a man, charged for having illicit relations with the woman, as vani to the other party. Vani is traditional custom in rural areas of the country wherein girl, from a family of male accused of crimes, are forcibly married to a man of the rival group.

The landlord also imprisoned the accused in his private jail. The panchayat also ruled to kill minor girls, 10-year-old Zubaida and seven-over-old Abida, if they were not handed over to the landlord in three days.

While it is true that the law of the land in Pakistan does not permit this, it is also true that many a local panchayat can and does get away with ordering such atrocious cruelties, and that they are carried out.

Could anything make it plainer that women, from their infancy, are slaves in Islam?

If the professors of Women’s Studies at Brandeis University ( see our post below, Brandeis University shames itself, April 10, 2014) do not know this, they should have it knocked into their thick heads. And if they do know it and believe it does not matter, they should be fired and their department closed.

Actually, all departments of Women’s Studies should be closed. They are departments of Navel-Gazing, nothing more – like departments of Black Studies, Transgender Studies, and Whatever Other Studies that study nothing worth studying. They are the most conspicuous institutional evidence of Western decadence, planted and cultivated to be arrogant nuisances in the ideological hothouse of Leftism.

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  • liz

    The “multiculturalists” want to claim that it is only a few primitive, uneducated unfortunates (like these) who give the rest of Islam a bad name.
    But when the entire religion was created by a primitive, barbaric sociopath, what can you expect?
    It is going to perpetuate itself as such, poisoning each new generation in their search for their “roots”, continually dragging them back into its cesspool. It is the most powerful retrograde force against civilization – religion in its most unadulterated state.

  • liz

    Great points – not the least of which is in your last paragraph. The “navel gazing” that became fashionable back in the 60’s is now producing it’s intended consequences – alot of arrogant nuisances in positions of power.
    Combine those arrogant nuisances with alot of arrogant barbarians who are now demanding victim status from their victims – us – and the situation becomes insufferable.

  • Don L

    According to a FOX poll, 60% of Amricans believe the president lies (I forget the official wording) all-to-most of the time. What troubles me is the 40% who deny he does – 15% saying never!.

    Our universities are filled with those who are in the 40%. No data/information contrary to their delusions ever gets through. And, as with Brandeis, if it looks like they may actually do a ‘right & correct’ thing…reversal, upon notification of deviance from ideology, is to be expected.

    I’m reminded of the reporter Walter Duranty who won a Pulitzer Prize in 1932 for a series of stories on the Soviet Union. Even though he had first hand knowledge, he failed to report, denied claims about, Stalin’s widespread famine & mass starvation campaign, most particularly in the Ukraine, that killed an estimated 10 million people. Although his reporting was criticised (incredibly, not for this lack of coverage)…the Pulitzer was not revoked. He didn’t want to give socialism/communism a bad name.

    No matter how insane or far from reality…nothing contrary to the cause is allowed.

    • Azgael

      Killing off a few million people is a small price to pay for their “utopia” as long as its none of their family doing the dieing. And its utopia for them not for everyone else.

    • Paul

      “According to a FOX poll,”

      Well there’s your first problem. Your second problem is your illogical leap from 60% of Americans believing the president lies to the unwarranted conclusion that 40% deny that he lies.

      What you have failed to notice is the important difference between “I do not believe” and “I deny”. Given that this is an atheist blog, I would have thought it unnecessary to explain that, for example, a person can refrain from believing in a god without also denying the existence of a god.

      • liz

        What problem – that Fox is biased or that only 60% believe he lies?
        The problem is with people who are stupid enough to believe the propaganda put out by the rest of the media, who’s bias makes Fox look like boy scouts.

      • Jillian Becker

        What is the difference between not believing in a god and denying the existence of a god?

      • Don L

        “Illogical conclusion”…wow, you’re a Koolaid drinker. You prove the point: “No matter how insane or far from reality…nothing contrary to the cause is allowed.”

        100% of respondents of a poll, this is just math now so source is irrelevant, broke out whereas 60% believe the SOB Obama lies always-to-most of the time and, a remainder of respodents (100-60=40), 40% believe he rarely-to-never lies; including 15% who say he never ever lies.

        And, if a thing IS and you don’t believe that it IS, when it fact it IS…you deny it. In fact you are in denial. Here’s the deal Paul, The Domestic Enemy Obama lies! Period. So if you say he doesn’t…even you can figure it out, right?

        Understand this, I believe you are an irrational person, given your apparent admiration of that socialist SOB Obama. So, I have a rule: I don’t engage with irrational people…it’s a useless endeavor.

        I bet you’re an MSNBC guy?