Howl! 21


Debate is out. Sooo 2008. No longer will an idea be discussed from several points of view with reasoned argument weighing pros and cons among listeners open to persuasion.

Instead there are to be “feelings” contests. Whoever can prove “I feel more intensely about this or that than you do”, will be the winner.

I am more emotional than thou,” is the implied motto of the exercise.

Contestants who can shout loudest and cry longest stand the best chance of winning.

A good name for this new kind of competition would be “a Howl“. The contestants might be called “Howlers“. The graphic on their logo might be a wolf howling at the moon.

The object of the participants is to arrive at “the new truth”. (It is not entirely new: there is precedent in religion, and in the doctrine of Wagnerian/Nazi ideology, that “truth is what you feel”.)

The object for the audience is not to consider points of view and arrive at an opinion. The object is catharsis. Leave drained, and you’ve had a good night out.

The Atlantic reports – rather sympathetically – on a recent bout:

On March 24, 2014 at the Cross Examination Debate Association (CEDA) Championships at Indiana University, two Towson University students, Ameena Ruffin and Korey Johnson, became the first African-American women to win a national college debate tournament, for which the resolution asked whether the U.S. president’s war powers should be restricted. Rather than address the resolution straight on, Ruffin and Johnson, along with other teams of African-Americans, attacked its premise. The more pressing issue, they argued, is how the U.S. government is at war with poor black communities.

This US government? The Obama administration? With Eric Holder heading the Department of Justice and refusing to prosecute New Panthers who intimidated voters at a polling station, on the grounds that they are “his people”?  Yep, that’s the one.    

In the final round, Ruffin and Johnson squared off against Rashid Campbell and George Lee from the University of Oklahoma, two highly accomplished African-American debaters with distinctive dreadlocks and dashikis. Over four hours, the two teams engaged in a heated discussion of concepts like “nigga authenticity” and performed hip-hop and spoken-word poetry in the traditional timed format. At one point during Lee’s rebuttal, the clock ran out but he refused to yield the floor. “Fuck the time!” he yelled. His partner Campbell, who won the top speaker award at the National Debate Tournament two weeks later, had been unfairly targeted by the police at the debate venue just days before, and cited this personal trauma as evidence for his case against the government’s treatment of poor African-Americans.

This year wasn’t the first time this had happened. In the 2013 championship, two men from Emporia State University, Ryan Walsh and Elijah Smith, employed a similar style and became the first African-Americans to win two national debate tournaments. Many of their arguments, based on personal memoir and rap music, completely ignored the stated resolution, and instead asserted that the framework of collegiate debate has historically privileged straight, white, middle-class students.

Tournament participants from all backgrounds say they have found some of these debate strategies offensive. Even so, the new style has received mainstream acceptance, sympathy, and awards.

Joe Leeson Schatz, Director of Speech and Debate at Binghamton University, is encouraged by the changes in debate style and community. “Finally, there’s a recognition in the academic space that the way argument has taken place in the past privileges certain types of people over others,” he said.

Such as those who can think rationally and express their thoughts cogently.

“Arguments don’t necessarily have to be backed up by professors or written papers. They can come from lived experience.”

And my pain is greater than your pain, so there – I win.

One thing is clear: In a community accustomed to hashing out every possible argument, this debate will continue. The uncontested benefit of the debate format is that everyone receives equal time to speak … 

Wai-ait a mo! Isn’t timing to be fucked?

Answer: Now that’s just the sort of thing that must not be allowed. Demands for consistency will exclude whole classes of people. Not everyone can be consistent, you know? But everyone can feel … 

So although timing is to be fucked, it’s a cool thing to hold on to …

… something that drew many minority students to debate in the first place, said Korey Johnson. “No matter how people feel about my argument, they have to listen to me for all of my speeches, everything I have to say, they can’t make me stop speaking,” she said.

Dennis Prager sees more clearly that there is extreme racism in all this. He writes at Townhall:

When Americans over the age of, let us say, 45, look at any of the iconic paintings of America’s Founders – the signing of the Declaration of Independence, the signing of the Constitution, George Washington crossing the Delaware, any of the individual portraits of the Founders – what do they see? They see great men founding a great country….

Increasingly only conservatives see pictures of greatness. More and more Americans – that includes the entire left and many universities attendees who were indoctrinated by left-wing professors – now see rich, white, self-interested males.

The left-wing trinity of race, gender and class has prevailed. The new dividing lines are no longer good and bad or excellent and mediocre, but white and non-white, male and female, and rich and poor. Instead of seeing great human beings in those paintings of the Founders, Americans have been taught to see rich, white, (meaning – by definition – selfish, bigoted, racist, sexist) males.

In colleges throughout America, students are taught to have disdain for the white race. I know this sounds incredible, or at least exaggerated. It is neither.

For example, from the day they enter college, many students are taught about white privilege – how innately advantaged white students (and all other whites are). Last week, the president of Western Washington University posed the question on the university’s website: “How do we make sure that in future years we are not as white as we are today?” …

Inner city young blacks who work hard in school are routinely chastised by other black youth for “acting white”.

Regarding white privilege, last year, three academics at the University of Rhode Island wrote in The Chronicle of Higher Education:

The American Psychological Association’s educational goals for the psychology major include sociocultural and international awareness, with learning outcomes regarding mastery of concepts related to power and privilege. Other professional organizations, including the American Sociological Association, have developed similar learning goals for teaching in higher education. Instructors have been charged with teaching their white students to understand their own privileged positions in society relative to those of marginalized groups.

And be heartily ashamed of it. They should spend the rest of their student days repenting.

The key point here is that the word “values” never appears. Instead of asking what values made America’s Founders great, the left asks what race, gender and class privileges enabled those men to found America. Instead of asking what values does the white majority (or, for that matter, on some campuses, the Asian majority) live by in order to succeed, and how can we help inculcate those values among more less successful people of all racial and ethnic groups, the left asks what privileges do whites have that enable them to get into colleges and graduate at a higher rate than blacks and Latinos.

The undermining of the very concept of values was starkly made clear last month at a national inter-college debate tournament. ..

And he goes on to relate what happened at the March 24 CEDA Championships at Indiana University, quoting The Atlantic report, and comments:

In a national intercollegiate debate contest, a black debating team won by transforming the topic of the debate, one that had nothing to do with race, into a race question.

But to object to this, or to argue that a team might be disqualified for yelling “f— the time” when told it had gone over the time limit, or to ask what performing hip-hop has to do with the topic “whether the U.S. president’s war powers should be restricted” – is now deemed to act white.

This is another victory for the left. And another defeat for standards, for truth and for the values embodied by the men in the paintings of the Founders.

Well, we’d all better get used to it. If you want to go to a university, if you want to get a degree, remember: reason, logic, intellect are OUT. They are too white and male.

Howling is IN.

For regularly participating Howlers, training in opera singing is advised and might even become compulsory.

Scientists, mathematicians, logicians, engineers, lawyers, doctors, businessmen are advised to stay away.

If you’re placing bets, expect women to win more often than men – especially if the team is feminist, as complaining is their schtick.

Expect Leftists to beat Rightists invariably.

This is the way the world ends, not with a whimper but a howl.

  • Azgael

    Like I keep saying, buy lots of guns and ammo and sit back and watch our civilization crumble back to the stone age and Laugh, and when they come for you, take out as many of these leftist animals out as you can before they get you, there is no turning things back, they won and nothing will change that, hopefully when the next intelligent species evolves on this planet they will learn for our stupidity and not let what happened to us, happen to them, for extinction is all that left for us now.

  • Don L

    Cross Examination Debate Association…this is right out of “L a novel history” by Jillian Becker: Let’s attack what is good for us!

  • liz

    The Left has succeeded harnessing and steering blacks to stay dumbed down forever by equating rational thinking and behavior with whiteness, and whiteness with racism.
    To think and act rationally, and respect the rule of law, is to become too much like racist whiteys.
    Of course the only alternative that leaves you is to think and act irrationally, and become lawless. And there you have the perfect tool the left can use to destroy society in the name of the “Revolution”.


      This is just one more aspect of imprisonment that Socialism promotes.

      That is, the victimization of minority individuals who unknowingly abdicate their intelligence and ethics to the demands of the minority groups throughout this country. “Up is down.” “Right is left.” “Willie Wanka for president!” “Kobe Bryant for Vice president!” “Send in the clowns!” (No matter, the’re here!)

      It doesn’t make any difference at all what these clowns do or say in their ‘world!’ That which “is” is, and that which “is not,” is not. Everything else is opinion and denial.

      • liz

        Yes, and ironically it’s the exact same thing religion does to individuals – they “abdicate their intelligence” to the leaders of their religion.
        Was just reading in “Liberal Fascism” of Sorels concept of myths, and his application of them to Marxism –
        “Marxist prophesy didn’t need to be true. People just needed to THINK it was true…an image created for the purpose of molding consciousness…That way the masses would absorb Marxism unquestioningly as a religious dogma.”

        • Don L

          “Liberal Fascism” by Jonah Goldberg – great book!

          • liz

            Yes, I had that book for years, and thanks to your mention of it I finally started reading it!
            Very informative.

            • Don L

              I’m like that…I have about 25 books I ordered still awaiting opening. What was interesting about your post:

              I had Jillian’s “L” book for nearly a year. Only just started it and had lliterally just finished reading L’s letter to Herr Brandt Schleicher of the GDR wherein he describes a similar Sorel-like phenomena to his communist contact…weird timing. BomBom BomBom BomBom….

              Good news/bad news: once you finish it…you’ll recognize that Bill O’Reilly, and just about everyone who claims to be for free enterprise, is in fact a friggin fascist…too ignorant to know it! They don’t want the government to “own”…just control…man-o-man what fools they be.

              Anyway, the more we know…the less the central planners can get away with.

            • liz

              Yes, it does become a tangled web. I could have sworn Dilorenzo in one of his Lincoln books mentioned something about Goldberg being a “neo- conservative”, which isn’t that far removed from fascism, as far as I can tell.
              Still trying to sort it all out…

            • Don L

              I seem to recall that also. Indeed, I am amazed when I see Goldberg on FOX (Fox gives him the designation ‘contributor’) and it is as if he never wrote the book as he let’s O’Reilly, Krauthammer , et al get away with what he must know are nutsy comments. And, it would appear his fellow FOXites haven’t read his book. Then again, something about not biting the hand that feeds ya.. A scholarly work doesn’t mean you have backbone. And, you have to consider that even the great Free-Enterpriser Milton Friedman believed in central planning the monetary system..he liked the FED idea. WRONG, WRONG WRONG…neo, rhino…just not free-enterprise in any way.

            • liz

              I can see it with O’reilly. I don’t know about Krauthammer – I used to like him until he said in his book that he had no idea who Obama was till just recently! REALLY???
              DiLorenzo also said W.F. Buckley was a statist. Sheesh. Things get stranger all the time.

            • Don L

              Statist is a negative…a fascist and Buckley was.

              Krauthammer is a hardcore central planner who supports the FED. Krauthammer was against Ron Paul, not for his foreign policy, but because Paul was against the FED. I won’t be buying Charles’s book. I still enjoy his commentary…taken with lotsa grains of salt.

              What one has to come to grips with is that evryone trotted before the TV camera is a stooge of one party/movement or the other. And, the underlying characteristic is that they are infact pretty smart folk. But, like with computing, GIGO – garbage in garbage out. And everyone is someone who “KNOWS” what must be done. It is the Pretense-of-Knowledge-Fallacy.

              They can’t possibly know what it takes to run anything…the best is to let markets and people be free. As I’ve followed your posts and thinking…you have to accept that you know more about how this country/economy works than 99.9% of those in elected office. Truly!!! You know it has to be let free…they believe they know how to run everything…you’re right! Not confusing. LOL

              Anyone who has a plan, other than setting markets free and repealing all the idiotic regulations, how to run the country, create jobs, feed the hungry, fgight fot the middle-class & poor, etceteras is a failure waiting to happen. that’s all that’s necessary to know.


            • liz

              Great. I bet we have about a 99.9 % chance of NOT having a candidate in either party who is even remotely in favor of that decentralization idea.

            • Don L

              Rand Paul

            • Yes. But he – Rand Paul – doesn’t get what’s going on in the wicked world.

              Krauthammer is a great man. I admire him and appreciate his wisdom and humor. I don’t agree with everything he says. I don’t agree with everything anyone says. (Who does?) But I hugely appreciate the well-informed, intelligent and interesting (and sometimes gratifyingly complimentary) comments generously given by our valued readers.

            • Don L


        • REALBEING

          Most people have never been taught to find their own truth. Its easier to mimic some other person’s truth, especially one’s parent’s.

    • withcaution

      “The Left has succeeded harnessing and steering blacks to stay dumbed down forever “.
      So you believe intelligent minds can be convinced to be stupid? I was raised Dutch Christian Reform but I rejected the concepts of a supreme being by the age of 14. The church and parental pressure couldn’t dissuade me from being logical. Unfortunate truth is, true independent thought is rare and unfortunately isolating.

      • Well done that you left the Dutch Calvinist Church!

        Tragically, a lot of blacks HAVE been kept from a good education by Leftist policies such as equating education with whiteness. Liz is demonstrably right about that.

        Fortunately, really good minds will resist being dumbed down.

        • withcaution

          In one paragraph you believe some minds were deliberately held back, and then you followed up with another paragraph the comments on how some minds are better than others, which is it?

          • Of course some minds are better than others. And of course many kids who could do better – but are not super-smart – are held back. In what way are those two facts contradictory?