Evil and vastly inferior 6


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  • Andrew M

    This is easily Pat Condell’s magnum opus. Bravo!

  • Concerning the information given by liz (below) re Paul Weston: if anyone wants to know who Paul Weston is, see our post ‘”I am a racist”‘, July 29, 2013. He is not a racist, of course. He is anti-Islam, as every decent person ought to be.

    The article referred to at Front Page about Paul Weston’s arrest, for reading a quotation from Churchill – who was rightly anti-Islam – in a public place, is here:


  • liz

    Totally awesome as always! The voice of sanity.

    • Frank


      • liz

        Just read at FrontPage where Paul Weston of the Liberty GB party was arrested for quoting Winston Churchill on the steps of a public building in London. Unbelievable!
        The quote on Islam, in part:
        “The influence of the religion paralyzes the social development of those who follow it. No stronger retrograde force exists in the world…”
        So now Churchill is banned, along with free speech, in his own country.
        I hope Pat Condell isn’t next.

        • Thanks for this, liz. Good grief! I’ll go to it immediately.