The man who came in from the not-so-cold 3

No secretary of state has ever had to cope with problems as complicated and difficult as those the world now presents to John Kerry.

If one craves a little light relief in these days of continual vexation, one can always turn to him.

This video clip and comment by Steven Hayward come from PowerLine. 

The short video below captures our alleged secretary of state John Kerry in full. He speaks about the “bipolar” world of the Cold War, but it really isn’t a very good idea for a person of his limited mental capacities to use the word “bipolar.” More to the point: it takes a lot of moxie to talk about how foreign relations during the Cold War were “easier” or “simpler” than today. Back in the day, it was left-liberals like Kerry who complained endlessly that the Cold War was “complicated,” and disdained Ronald Reagan for his supposed simplicity in pointing out the simple fact that we were dealing with an evil empire that needed to be put in the course of ultimate extinction.

You need to see this, not to believe it:



And, to judge by his gesture, he seems to think “quashed” means “squashed”. Though how “many things were squashed”  back in the “bipolar” Cold War days is so obscure an idea, he might as well mean “quashed” for all the sense it makes.   

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  • Don L

    Krauthammer had a great comment (para phrased): “These guys think all they have to do is mention Iraq and their foreign policy is acceptable”.

    I have visions of Harvey Korman and Tim Conway in “The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight”. Unfortunately, this isn’t a comedy and real lives are being lost because Obama and his buffoons are inexperienced. Not only is Obama the first black man in the White House…he’s the first yellow-bellied, commie-pinko, greenhorn in the White House too!

  • liz

    He’s also told Israel they are going to become an “apartheid” state.
    I guess he doesn’t know what that is, either, but what difference does it make? (As Hillary would have said).
    Our diplomatic strategy these days seems to be sending in blithering idiots to blither around and look busy while the other side goes ahead and does whatever. Just say something – anything! – let the media report on it, and you’re good!

  • Frank

    He’s a mental pygmy.