Where’s Obama? 4

As president of the United States, Barack Obama has done no good for his country.

Or was there one thing? Many of his critics – even some conservatives  – say that at least he had the mastermind of 9/11, Osama bin Laden, tracked down and executed.

But while it is true that bin Laden was killed on May 2, 2011, by US Navy SEALs, and though it could only have been done with his consent, it was done against his wishes. His consent was given very reluctantly. Three times he put off ordering a raid on bin Laden’s known hideout in Abottabad, Pakistan, because his éminence grise Valerie Jarrett told him not to do it. We don’t know what arguments or pressure, or whose persuasion, finally brought him to let the act of justice be carried out by the SEALs. He even tried to stop it happening hours before it was due to start with the frantic  excuse that bad weather would make it too difficult. When he was shown that that was not the case, that the weather would be “ideal” for the raid, he had no more excuses and had to let the deed be done.

As he was emotionally against it, was he likely to enjoy watching it on a screen in the White House? He’d have hated every moment. But he needs the American people to believe he watched it. He needs them to give him credit for it, as they do. He needs them to say what a courageous act it was;  how brilliantly planned and executed – by Barack Obama. So he needs to deceive them, as is his habit and custom.

Do you believe this picture?


See how small Obama looks. This narcissistic president, the commander-in-chief whose great achievement this would be, on a low seat cramped in a little space rather far back and to the side? Compare the size of his head with the others. Has a picture of him sitting somewhere else, some other time, been inserted to make it look as if he had been in this room intently watching the killing of bin Laden?

It has been authoritatively said that he was playing a card game in another room as Biden, Clinton, Gates and the others watched the raid.  Did he nip in here just to have the photo taken?

It sure looks photoshopped to us.

Opinions are invited.

  • Don L

    I downloaded this image into a high-end image/graphics manipulation program I own. Given digital cameras and image manipulation software, it is hard to tell if Obama was Photo Shopped into the image. I didn’t see any irregular pixel configuration.

    Of course, given Obama’s record of deception and lies it isn’t hard to imagine he could have had the photo doctored. A terrible thing to have to acknowledge about a president. Standard for this Domestic enemy!

    Now, here’s the interesting part: I didn’t see where Obama was added to the photo, but I did find, in researching the photo, another ‘original’ image that contained one additional person in the situation room. Look closely at the back row.

    • Well done, Don! You demonstrate how easy it is. I’m still sniggering.


      I’ve studied this picture of the president sitting off to the right of the Air Force general. (In his position at the head of this huge table, he seems to command the entire room!)

      And as I went over and over the picture, I wondered why is it that the Commander-In-Chief of The United States Of America, Barack Obama, doesn’t get to sit in the biggest and most central chair in the room, but instead an Air Force general occupies it, and Obama sits off to the side, and down low, almost next to the floor?

  • liz

    I don’t know about the photo shop (since he is a skinny wimp that could be actual size for him), but it wouldn’t surprise me.
    I never believed any credit was due to him for killing bin Laden.
    He deserves no credit for anything except trashing and destroying the country and its respect among nations, on purpose.
    I guess the WH photographer was “indisposed” the night of the Benghazi attack, just like Obama. Could’ve done another photo shop, but I guess he would’ve had to do a LOT of photo shopping for that one.