Why Benghazi matters 7

Benghazi matters because it was and is a matter of national honor. And the men and women currently in charge in Washington have no honor.

We quote from an article at PJ Media, by Michael Walsh:

Honorable people do not let American diplomats twist slowly in the wind while they attend “debate prep” and rest up for a shakedown meeting with the One Percent. Honorable people do not suddenly go AWOL while American soil is under attack. Honorable people do not fail to mobilize the formidable resources of the American military, even if it might not be possible for them to get there in time. Honorable people, under questioning by Congress, do not lose their temper and start shouting. Honorable people do not look the bereaved in the eye and lie about who and what killed their loved ones.

Further: honorable people do not go before the public on the Sunday talk shows and knowingly transmit a bald-faced lie. Honorable people do not continue to lie about what took place. Honorable people do not say “We are Americans; we hold our head high,” and then hang their heads in shame as they cut and run at the first sign of trouble. Honorable people do not continue to reward the dishonorable with ever-higher posts. Honorable people resign.

And until honorable people are restored to Washington — not credentialed Ivy League lawyers with high name recognition steeped in cheap Marxism and fashionable anti-American contempt, but genuine patriots who understand that something has gone terribly wrong with America and needs to be redressed — there will be no justice for the victims of Benghazi.

And Andrew C. McCarthy writes at the National Review Online:

Dereliction of duty and fraud on the nation are not just serious matters; they are impeachable offenses, and I’ve argued for many months that the president and his underlings are guilty of both. …

Benghazi is not an ordinary scandal — it involves an act of war in which our ambassador, the representative of the United States in Libya, was murdered (along with three other Americans) under circumstances where security was appallingly inadequate for political reasons, and where the administration did not just lie about what happened but actually trumped up a prosecution that violated the First Amendment in order to bolster the lie. …

The reason for pursuing Benghazi is not to remind people of Mrs. Clinton’s disgraceful performance; it is to establish how and why our people were killed in order to reverse the government policies that led to the empowerment of Islamic supremacists; it is to hold accountable the government officials who designed those policies and then abused their power in covering up the foreseeable results.

Let’s hope it will also serve to remind people of Mrs. Clinton’s disgraceful performance.

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  • Don L

    Sorta on and off topic…closer to an earlier post about conservatives and failed communications:

    Abuse of power…Benghazi, Fast and Furious, IRS…it’s all about executive branch abuse of power. But the dems are forcing this to be defined as only about the video…who cares.

    Tonight on FOX there was discussion about the emergence of Monica and a lefty commented “she got Clinton impeached”. Wrong. Clinton got Clinton impeached but it mattered not because the dems/lefties got everybody to believe it was only about sex in the White House.

    IT WAS’NT ABOUT SEX IN THE WH! It was about the president of the US using the power of his office to deny the rights of an American citizen to bring suit against one William Clinton in a court in the US. When the affair with Monica came up, she was evidence of Clinton’s serial sexual abuse/harassment to female underlings. He was being sued for sexual harassment….he was/is a sexual predator (Hillary is a political whore…thought I’d through that in). Abuse of power.

    The repubs better get their communications up to snuff or here we go again…grrr!

    • liz

      If only that were the ONLY thing not up to snuff.
      They need to declare the entire government a disaster area.

  • liz

    Just saw a political cartoon, the gist of which was that bringing up Benghazi is what conservatives do when there aren’t any real scandals to talk about.
    That is the kind of arrogant, deliberate stupidity that epitomizes the left.
    They have absolutely no clue about it, because they don’t even know what happened, much less what the “honorable” thing to do would have been, and don’t care.
    It’s like when the 300 girls were kidnapped by Boko Haram, and all John Kerry can say about it is that it’s unfortunate because these terrorists don’t have a health coverage plan. What planet is he on?


      You’d better believe that if it were their ass on the line in this debacle in Benghazi, they’d be praying for a little help of the military kind, liz.

      I’ve seen these types in ‘action’ and when the going gets tough, they squeal like baby pigs, and cry for their mamas…..

      • liz

        Exactly. The light would suddenly come on for them, wouldn’t it?
        But it’s always everyone else but them who has to live in the real world and suffer the consequences of their stupidity, incompetence and neglect.

  • Azgael

    The only way anyone in DC is going to get impeached or prosecuted is with a jury of 80 million HEAVILY armed citizens marching on DC, we will need ALOT of rope.


    “Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men
    gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?” Matthew, 7:16

    I’m definitely one thats not big on the bible, but in this case this one line describes our present government officials.

    They are ready, willing, and able to accommodate anyone who can support them at the polls, or make them look good. Yet, when accountability means really exerting ones self, like on an apparent ‘lost cause,’ these vermin run for the exits, pointing their fingers in every direction possible!!

    And I predict that when everything is cut and dried, no heads will roll……literally, or figuratively……It’ll be another “Better watch that old sht!”