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This happened in New Hampshire:

The story:

Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult is a pornographic book that 14-year-olds are being compelled to read at a school in New Hampshire.

Some passages from it can be seen on the video. They are obscene. We could think of  better books to educate and entertain 14-year-olds – but perhaps they have all been burnt as the racist, sexist outpourings of privileged dead white men.

William Baer, an attorney and the  father of one of the 14-year-olds, complained to the school board at one of its regular meetings that his consent had not been sought for his daughter to be assigned this educational text. So the board had him jailed. 

The excuse given by the chairwoman of the meeting for calling a policeman to arrest him was that he had gone some seconds over his allotted time for speaking.

Is it unheard of that speakers sometimes exceed their allotted time? Is it a crime to do so?

Mr Baer went quietly. He had to ask the arresting officer what he was being charged with, and was told “disorderly conduct”. And he was was driven off to be locked away in the slammer where he could no longer threaten society.

At least one other parent made the same complaint as Mr Baer, and others present at the meeting applauded her.

Eventually this official statement was issued in response to the complaints:

The School District policies … refer to the procedures for the use of novels containing controversial material. The district will take immediate action to revise these policies to include notification that requires parents to accept controversial materials rather than to opt out.

So in future the parents will be forewarned – not that there is “controversial material” in a book their children have to read on which they might have their say, but that they are “required to accept” it. (Or do they mean the parent will be asked to “opt in” rather than “opt out”? The school board needs a little schooling in how to express itself clearly.)

Doug Hagmann, who knows William Baer personally, writes at Canada Free Press:

Mr. Baer … first contacted the high school principal, who declined to formally meet with him in order to find a suitable remedy to this issue. After being effectively deferred and deflected at every turn, Mr. Baer was left with attempting to remedy the situation by attending the school board meeting to publicly address this issue. …

The Gilford,New Hampshire, school board was alerted in advance to Mr. Baer’s intention to raise this issue at their normal Monday meeting. In anticipation of Mr. Baer’s attendance, they did a number of things they have not done in the past.

First, they stationed a Gilford municipal police officer inside the meeting venue “to keep order”. 

Then, they limited all public comments to two minutes only, and refused to answer any questions of the attendees. Ostensibly, this was done because of the multitudes of those present to speak out against the book, yet not more than a few dozen people were actually present. Also, the number who actually wished to speak remained in the single digits, including Mr. Baer. Accordingly, any sensible person would question the rationale behind such an arbitrary policy instituted for this particular meeting.

The critical back-story, then, indicates that the school board not just anticipated Mr. Baer’s attendance, but took very precise steps to make certain that his objections would be muted and otherwise dealt with in a manner that has been inconsistent with previous public meetings. It would appear that dissent about the book as an assignment in a ninth grade honors class was not merely expected, but the response to such dissent was decided in advance.

When attendees were called to speak, Sue Allen, the board chairwoman, could be heard asking at least twice if anyone cared to speak before Mr. Baer was recognized. When he was permitted …  his two minutes, he first noted that there was an unusual “default setting” to the parental authorization that would permit the children to be exposed to this material. Normally, a parent must “opt-in” to allow the book to be read by their child, [just as] parental authorization is given for a field trip. In this case, however, it was only if the parent had an objection to the book that they would need to “opt-out.”

Secondly, Mr. Baer asked the principal present to read page 313 of the book to give those in attendance the reasons for which he was voicing his objections. After all, not everyone there was aware of the contents of the book. The principal refused as did every other board member, calling it “inappropriate”.  Mr. Baer attempted to compel the board members to answer legitimate questions about the class assignment and methods, but they refused, asserting they would only allow the attendees two minutes worth of comments to be put on record. As the video shows, it was an exasperating exercise in futility for Mr. Baer to seek redress …

Mr. Baer ultimately exceeded his two minutes by 18 seconds … [The chairwoman warned] Mr. Baer that his time was up and [said] they would have no part in addressing his concerns, [so] he dutifully sat down.

At this point, a man positioned behind Mr. Baer spoke up and glowingly described how the book actually prompted a frank family discussion about the subject matter of the book, taking a tone that seemed to paint Mr. Baer as an advocate of censorship and book banning, which is far from the truth or Mr. Baer’s intent. In response to this false accusation and mischaracterization, Mr. Baer verbally dissented. He calmly defended himself against these public accusations, attempting to set the public record straight.

It was as a result of this egregious offense, one that caused Mr. Baer to add another 30 seconds or so onto his unauthorized 18 seconds beyond the allotted 2 minutes that caused the school board to react – and react with prejudice.

At a signal from the chairwoman, the municipal police officer …

… responded by walking to a stunned Mr. Baer, who was now seated, [and escorting] him from the meeting. Mr. Baer asked if he was being asked to leave, if he was being arrested …

He went quietly. The arresting office handcuffed his hands behind his back. It was then that Mr Baer asked what he was being charged with, and the officer replied “disorderly conduct”.

When they reached the police car, Mr Baer told the officer that he had a neck injury which made it particularly awkward for him to have his hands cuffed behind his back. The officer said that this amounted to “resisting arrest” – but he  did have the kindness to re-cuff Mr Baer with his hands held in front.

William Baer will be brought to trial to answer for his disorderly conduct on June 17th, 2014.

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    What is perhaps the saddest of everything surrounding this debacle is the fact that most folks don’t care enough to identify the agendas of the people who author these efforts to affront human dignity and freedom.

    What are they trying to accomplish by this heavy-handed approach? I’ll answer my own question: They want it known WHO is in charge. If George Orwell were still alive, he’d be stunned and amazed by his foresight!

    These creatures push their agendas forward in order to trample common sense, replacing it with their own personal, smug, ego-driven identity.

    I picture the past lives of these types of ‘human beings’ and I see scared, hurt little children, being picked on in the schoolyards of their youth!
    And today, not a real adult amongst the entire lot!

    • liz

      Or maybe they were the bullies of the schoolyard.(you’re too nice).
      Either way, they are totalitarian Nazis taking control as if this is all just business as usual – nothing to see here!
      Nothing out of the ordinary – parents have ALWAYS been arrested for going a few seconds over the alloted time limit that the Communist Commisariat Politburo so condescendingly ALLOWS them.

  • liz

    What really gets me about this, besides the Nazis running the school board, is how the other people in the room just sit there and take it!
    They should have stood up as a group and protested this ludicrous mockery of justice. How can people be such passive sheep?!

  • Andrew M

    The girl bites back:

    • Don L

      Salute…great daughter!!!

      This Board is why nothing…NOTHING…government does can ever work: Bureaucrats, Bureaucracies and clerks serving politicians and policies rather than their-income-depends-on-satisfying-consumers.

      The girl is right…do not get in the way of government stooges doing what they are directed,to do…force will be employed against you. They will attack Dinesh rather than reflect on a Lois Lerner.

      “Bureaucracy” by Ludwig von Mises – It’s Free:

      • Andrew M

        What chutzpah indeed! These cretins impose rules on individuals they themselves flout! This school board is a racket, a grim sign that veins of blue still run deep throughout New Hampshire and all of America.

        Meek liberals crave the government’s monopoly on force to manifest their wills on those who disagree with them, because otherwise they are too weak to take the heat. They’re at their weakest when they are facing the consequences of their bad decisions, like in this case.

        It is our birthright to defy bad policy with the saber of a sharp tongue, and I consider it permissible to be as uncivil towards a government employee as the injustice of their force against you. Anything less is a wish to be a slave. Anything more like Mr. Baer demonstrated, and you’ve got some strong cojones. (Is that too sexual?)

        This being said, I don’t think this discussion is complete without addressing the objectionable content itself.

        I’m not opposed to providing teenagers a comprehensive sex education, but I’d personally wait until they are sixteen. I support the assignment of controversial and thought-provoking literature at any age.

        But it must be age-appropriate. This book is about a school shooting, and from what I can gather, it is quite gruesome beyond the one page shown in the video. In some ways, this wanton violence gives me just as much pause as the sex scene. I don’t want my daughter having nightmares about being a victim any more than I want her to feel pressured to have sex.

        Parents have the right to influence their child’s education until they are 18, and I would certainly want to review more of this book. Only then can I properly assess whatever educational value it might hold to earn it a place in my daughter’s education.

        (Disclaimer: I am not actually a father. I got away with a lot of things as a kid, most of which I don’t regret. If a kid reads this book against the will of his parents and manages to live, more power to him. Parents make a lot of stupid rules; a child unquestionably obeying his parents is a tragedy. This girl’s father is clearly among the good parents for raising such a defiant daughter.)

  • Don L

    This is in the category: How’d I come up with this?

    Picture the meeting room – visualize the board members and a couple cops up and dancing to this and pointing at Mr Baer:

  • Azgael

    The really sad part is that there was so few parents there, most of them just didn’t care what their kids are being taught or forced to read at school. You see Mr Baer is a lawyer, he has practiced law for over 25 years, the school board might have bitten more than they can chew with him, lets hope he rips them a new one in court.