America’s Red Guard 12

We often quote Daniel Greenfield because we often like what he says and how he says it.

Here he is writing about America’s Red Guard (we quote his article in part):

As the 50th anniversary of the Cultural Revolution approaches some of the former students who participated in its Red Guard terror have been trying to make amends to their victims. If China’s former leftist fanatics feel some remorse for the atrocities they participated in, the same can’t be said of their American counterparts.

Even as the Cultural Revolution was dying down in China, it flared up in the United States. The Weather Underground drew inspiration from China’s Red Terror. Their founding manifesto cited the Red Guard as a model for a “mass revolutionary movement.”

Bill Ayers, among others, had signed a letter, “Long live People’s China. Long live Comrade Mao.”

The American counterparts of China’s Red Guard remain largely unrepentant because here the  Cultural Revolution never ended. Instead it went mainstream. Its members were never disavowed and their acts of terror continue to be celebrated, minimized and whitewashed by a left that finds them alternately embarrassing and thrilling.

The terrorists became celebrities and the radicals became part of the system and set the rules. There was less violence, but more authoritarianism. Instead of carrying on a futile campaign of bombings and bank robberies, the radicals used the vast wealth and power of the system to train the next generation of the Red Guard. And that next generation did the same thing.

Each wave of the Cultural Revolution in the United States has eroded civil rights and illiberally undermined a liberal society. Though the Red Guards have chosen to work within the system, they are animated by an unmistakeable contempt and hatred for the country and its institutions. Their endgame has not changed. Only their tactics have.

Barack Obama, a child of the Cultural Revolution, is the very model of a modern Red Guard. The mark of a successful revolution is that the revolutionaries no longer need extreme rhetoric since they can do anything they want. The Weather Underground engaged in extreme rhetoric and actions. Obama dispenses with the extreme rhetoric and gets right down to the extreme actions. He is calculating enough to avoid the verbal vindictiveness of an Ayers or a Wright, but he still chose them as his mentors. …

The virtue of the creative individual was displaced by the Red Guard’s virtue of outrage. Its members mistake the thrill of abusing others for the rightness of a moral crusade. They celebrate the elimination of all restrictions that prevent them from punishing their victims as a revolutionary act.

This form of crowdsourced political terror by elites and their pet mobs isn’t new. It’s only new to the United States.

Political outrage is the supreme virtue of both the American and Chinese Red Guard. The denunciations leading from that outrage show off their revolutionary commitment to everyone.

The lines of scapegoats paraded through the media for some petty crime against political correctness are a modern digital version of the Red Guard’s denunciations and humiliations. The politics and the poisoned power motives are the same. The only difference is that the Red Guard lacks the license to commit real violence, as of now, and must instead settle for economic and social violence.

The virtue of outrage leads to a state of authoritarian lawlessness. Legislatures and laws are replaced with an alliance between the executive authority of Barack Obama and the Red Guard activists. The activists demand, the media manufactures outrage and Obama uses executive orders to deliver. …

When outrage displaces the process of the law, what remains is either authoritarianism or anarchy. And despite the occasional Circle-A embroidered on a pricey jacket, the progressive Red Guard are not anarchists. What they are after is not less authority, but more of it. Not more freedom, but less of it. Their rhetoric about banks and corporations disguises what they intend for the rest of us.

They are not fighting against power. They are fighting for power.

The Red Guard, whether it’s the Occupiers or Barack Obama, abide by no rules except those of their own ideology. The United States Constitution and the rule of law mean nothing to them. The rules of their ideology are expressed formally in private, but publicly as outrage or empathy.  …

The momentum of emotion has no room for argument or dissent. There is no possibility of negotiation or compromise. Everything exists in black and white. Reason is not even a factor. There is nothing to debate. Either you agree or you are the enemy.

Under the rule of the Red Guard … freedom of speech and thought are only provided to those who say and think the right things. The same is true for all else. There are no rights, as we know them anymore.  Only a binding mandate of social justice. The right to speak your mind or donate to a political cause is valid only if it serves that mandate. …

“Social justice” of course means injustice. It means government using its monopoly of force to take wealth away from those who have earned it and give it to those who haven’t.

Justice [to the left] is not blind. She’s a community organizer coming out on the side of the social justice faction against the greedy and ignorant majority. The entire system, political, cultural and legal, is a means of enforcing the mandate. Its administrators are an elitist faction whose contempt for the people leads them to believe that tyranny is the only way to equality. …

The artificial and extraordinary force of the Red Guard is a perverse parody of mob rule. Our Red Guard, like many in China’s Red Guard, are the sons and daughters of the elites. Their violence is a ferocious assault of the top against the middle in the name of the low.

They manufacture an elitist populism in order to call for despotism.

In New York City, the sons and daughters of the elite stopped shaving, set up camping tents opposite Wall Street and clamored for the radical change that their parents were already busy implementing.

Occupy Wall Street, like every modern manifestation of the Red Guard in the United States, and like the original Red Guard, was a cynical power move by a ruling elite. The fake populism of 1 percenter brats shrieking about income inequality while campaigning to destroy the middle class and what’s left of the working class was true despotism.

The new Cultural Revolution is aimed at shrinking the already narrow power and prosperity of the majority for the sake of the minority. Not the minority of racial or ethnic minorities, but the minority of elites that is determined to get its way by any means necessary.

The 50th anniversary of China’s Cultural Revolution will coincide with a national election in the United States that will serve in part as a final referendum on the Red Guard reign of the previous eight years. Like the Chinese, Americans will be forced to confront the ruin of their institutions, the polarization of their society and the victims of the Red Guard’s political inquisitions.  

50 years from now, will the students eagerly tearing down a liberal society and replacing it with outraged denunciations and media purges also regret their role in the new Cultural Revolution?

We doubt they will. Bill Ayers never matured sufficiently to regret his acts of terrorism, or his admiration for the atrocious regime of Mao Zedong. He comes from the wealthy middle class. He owes all he has, including his comfortable living, his freedom and his celebrity to the open system of capitalist America. A softly-reared child of privilege,  prosperity, and tolerance (extended to extreme indulgence in his case), he wouldn’t last long under actual communism as enforced by Mao or Stalin or Castro.

Unless Americans of his sort are brought to want, hunger, physical wretchedness and real political oppression, they will never comprehend the true nature of communist totalitarianism. And their reduction to those conditions is unlikely to happen despite all their blind efforts to bring about the system that would guarantee them. Capitalism will go on looking after its aberrant children for decades yet, even though the Red establishment will do all it can to hinder it and demonize it. As Daniel Greenfield says, the Red Guards in power are of Bill Ayers sort. Barack Obama himself belongs to the “1%” he and his minions denigrate. So does Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, and the Clintons.

As we have often done before, we quote Joseph Conrad on the sort of people they are. He is writing here specifically about women. What he says perfectly describes Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Samantha Power, Susan Rice, Valerie Jarrett, Bill Ayers’s wife Bernadine Dohrn, and Barack Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham. (See our post Daisyville, April 22, 2013).

For all their assumption of independence, girls of that class are used to the feeling of being specially protected, as, in fact, they are. This feeling accounts for nine tenths of their audacious gestures. …

She had acquired all the appropriate gestures of revolutionary convictions – the gestures of pity, of anger, of indignation against the anti-humanitarian vices of the social class to which she belonged herself. … 

She was displaying very strikingly the usual signs of severe enthusiasm, and had already written many sentimental articles with ferocious conclusions.” 

– Joseph Conrad (The Informer)

Conrad’s scornful portrait of privileged women playing with revolutionary ideas applies equally well to the male of the species.

  • liz

    Yes, great article! These people, with their phony “outrage”, are the ones deserving of genuine outrage. Their utter conceit, arrogance, and stupidity is mind boggling.
    It’s hard to imagine how they can keep up their commitment to the phony cause of “social justice” into their old age. But that’s the way so many religious people are – they never question their beliefs, and their identity becomes dependent on those beliefs.
    Leftists like Ayers and Obama will never mature and outgrow their belief in Communism, because it’s their whole identity, and furthering it is the source of their self-worth. They will just go on “mistaking the thrill of abusing others for the rightness of a moral crusade”, just like the decrepit pastor of the Westboro Baptist church did until the day he died.

    • Don L

      Their inability is the failure to comprehend that wealth is determined by consumers…who give their dollars to those risk-taking entrepreneurs that satisfy their needs and wants…there is no capitalistic inequitable distribution of income. That only happens, and socialists deny it, when government intervenes and intervention is always to redistribute wealth to the political center…to the rulers and their cadre of losers. Or, socialists don’t care about poor, hungry or unemployed…they care about power and retaining it by using the excuse of ending poor, hungry and unemployed. They will fight to the end for redistribution of wealth…they are the recipients. That’s why Marx and Keynes are so loved…they provided the economic gibberish behind which the ruling-class enslaves and plunders!

      • liz

        Exactly. Amazing how easy it is for people to deceive themselves about their own “good intentions”.
        That’s what made Ayn Rand’s Objectivism such an affront (to both the religious and the leftists) -she just came out and unashamedly stated the reality that we all know deep down – that we have self-interest for a good reason and should live according to it, rather than a phony ideal of “self sacrifice”. It exposed everyone for the hypocrites they really are.

        • REALBEING

          It is the show put on by the phony politicians of this new era that tips their “collective” hands….

          If she were still here, she’d be in the lead crowd, carrying a pitchfork, or a torch……..

  • Don L

    Jillian Becker’s book “L A Novel History” captures this “…virtue of outrage leads to a state of authoritarian lawlessness.” Her book describes the evolutionary coup, as opposed to revolutionary. But whether in a novel or in real life, dictators always seek to centralize power and crush all those who seek to decentralize power and increase liberty.

    What if…what if there was a temporary dictator who eliminated all the would be central planners and income re-distributors? What if a dictator showed up and in reverse employed Lincoln’s tactics of suspending habeas corpus to decentralize and imprison and deport socialists, destroy the press of the left and rid government of the ‘planners”. To use force to empty universities of the academic stooges, rid the judicial system of lefties and repeal all laws based on implied powers and intentional distortion of the supremacy and general welfare notions.

    A dictator who would use all force of government to persuade…not force…citizens to repeal the 17th & 16th Amendments…add new ones to establish term limits (including an end to lifetime terms), establish a flat and equitable/proportional tax, , preclude members of the judiciary (lawyers) from then also serving in another branch, conflict of interest; clearly defining freedom of religion to be inclusive of freedom from religion, and in general clean up the distorted Constitution (re-chain the government), privatize education and everything else that government shouldn’t do …including a serious look at privatizing defense and security and highways…

    It shouldn’t take but a year or two to get it done and then turn it back over to the republican decentralized government envisioned by the Founders…government out of the economy running business.

    Just a what if. Boy, I’d like to be that dictator. I now a bunch who’d be rounded up immediately and put aboard those WWII victory ships and sent adrift…let ’em govern amongst themselves!!! LOL.

    • liz

      Yes, or send them all to an island along with their special friends, the Muslims! Wonder how that would work out for them – the leftists would probably become extinct pretty quickly, leaving the Muslims to cannibalize each other till they died off, too. Perfect solution!

      • Don L

        Yes, yes…I forgot…all friggin islamist worship huts closed…and the followers returned to their middle eastern rot centers..Of course, declaring Islam to not be a religion but a political ideology advocating murder, among other croimes, toward achieving their political goals. Mexican gang bangers ant the hispanic everybody across the border lovers onto the ships to…eradicate from America of the owe me buts!!!

        • liz

          And don’t forget no more EPA AND IRS….the list is endless…

          • Don L

            If not the dictator yourself…certainly in the cabinet!! LOL

    • There was a man, Cincinnatus, who could be the model for such a plan. Only he would have to stay in power a little longer now.

      Here’s the Wiki summary:

      Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus (519 BC – 430 BC) was a Roman aristocrat and statesman whose service as consul in 460 BC and dictator in 458 BC and 439 BC made him a model of civic virtue.

      Cincinnatus was regarded by the Romans, especially the aristocratic patrician class, as one of the heroes of early Rome and as a model of Roman virtue and simplicity.He was a persistent opponent of the plebeians. … [He was] working on his own small farm, until an invasion caused him to be called to serve Rome as dictator, an office which he resigned two weeks later, after completing his task of defeating the rivaling tribes of the Aequians, Sabines, and Volscians.

      His immediate resignation of his near-absolute authority with the end of the crisis has often been cited as an example of outstanding leadership, service to the greater good, civic virtue, lack of personal ambition and modesty. As a result, he has inspired a number of organizations and other entities, many of which are named in his honor.

      • Don L

        Washington sans the quid pro quo with the SOB Hamilton: bank for DC near home.

        Thanks Jillian…you never cease to amaze as to your depth of knowledge and insight…You are an asset to liberty!!!

      • liz

        We really do need someone like that – but it takes a very rare individual to gain absolute power and not only use it wisely, but be willing to then give it up.
        He was truly one in a million, whereas the kind we tend to elect are a dime a dozen.