For women, against feminists 2

Chloé Valdary, a student leader at the University of New Orleans, speaks for justice, for Ayaan Hirsi Ali and the oppressed women she champions, against the savagery of Islam, and against the narrow-mindedness, dogmatism, and heartlessness of political correctness in general and certain academic feminists at Brandeis University in particular.

Islam IS a savage ideology.

Feminism IS nugatory.

Political correctness IS bigotry.

Most non-Western peoples ARE culturally backward.

  • liz

    Great video. Bravo to Chloe Valdary!
    The hypocrites at Brandeis need to be dumped in Somalia or Kurdistan for a year or two, to experience the reality of the culture they are so careful not to “offend”. They could even experience genital mutilation first-hand – it would be so culturally enriching!

    • Don L

      Start enrichment with the two female profs. Their letter should be grounds for immediate expulsion, tenure be damned, for promoting crimes against humanity. My arms and fists are clenched…I would have to will myself much not to slap those bimbos silly should they be in my presence. The president of Brandeis…no telling what should happen during his enrichment experience.

      Peace and nonviolence are well and dandy. To ignore those who would advocate the brutalities inflicted by islamists on women in the name of political correctness deserve no such peaceful consideration. Indeed, to not invoke penalty on these people is tantamount to the same political correctness that we abhor.

      These folk are definite candidates for berths on the WWII Victory ships to be set adrift.