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Steven Hayward of PowerLine interviews Robert Bryce on Energy. The quantity consumed in America every day is staggering – don’t miss Bryce’s description of it – and can only be met by the use of fossil fuels. He also talks about the lies that the Sierra Club and Greenpeace tell, and pours justified scorn on wind power. He uses solar panels on his own roof, but states firmly that solar power can only provide an “infinitesimal” proportion of the energy America needs. He declares himself an optimist, excited by the fact that technologically “we are doing more with less”.

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  • Andrew M

    Robert Bryce’s no-nonsense approach and frank discussion of the large-scale energy options available to humans is refreshing to hear on a subject usually dominated by loud idiots.

    Human civilization clearly has an interest in discovering some abundant, cheap, clean, and renewable source of energy that’s “too cheap to meter”. I care less about where this comes from and more about whether it can handle the scale and capacity of our growing needs. More efficient means of extracting the energy itself will let us use more of it as electricity and waste less of it as heat (except when we’re chilly, of course).

    From what I know, vegetation takes at least tens of thousands of years to become combustible fossil fuel. At our current rates of inefficient use, we’ll eventually run out — when is less important than the fact that we will at all. I suspect that we will be just fine for at least 200 years, but it might get hairy after that.

    Whatever the future may hold, it’s clear that we won’t make this great leap towards discovering these miracle sources of energy without burning lots of petroleum and coal in the short term. Anyone suggesting otherwise is either a Luddite, a wastrel, or is being handsomely paid to lie (or perhaps all three).