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Continuing from our post below, Civil war in Iraq … 

As so often of late, the fullest reporting of events in the Middle East is to be found in the Daily Mail. (Its report is also lavishly illustrated with dramatic pictures.)

    The battle for Baghdad is nigh: Thousands of men answer Iraqi government’s call to arms as ISIS jihadists bear down on capital

  • Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant have taken over Iraq’s second biggest city Mosul and town of Tikrit
  • Government forces have stalled the militants’ advance near Samarra, a city just 110km (68 miles) north of Baghdad
  • ISIS’s goal is to create a Islamic caliphate (state) – it already controls territory in eastern Syria and western/central Iraq
  • Iraq’s parliament were to hold an emergency session today but it was postponed due to an opposition boycott
  • Kurdish forces are in full control of Iraq’s oil city of Kirkuk after the federal army abandoned their posts 
  • Iran has sent special forces and a unit of elite troops to Iraq to assist the Iraqi government halt the advance
  • Turkey is negotiating for the release of 80 nationals held by Islamist militants in Mosul
  • Iraqi air force is bombing insurgent positions in and around Mosul – 1.3 million citizens still remain in the city

(Much detail follows.)

Now that Iranian special forces are coming to the aid of their Shiite brethren in Baghdad, the outcome of the battle for the city is less likely to be another victory for the Sunni forces of ISIS.


From the same source:

Iraqi Kurds seized control of the northern oil city of Kirkuk today as the central government’s army abandoned its posts in a rapid collapse that has lost it control of the north.

Peshmerga fighters, the security forces of Iraq’s autonomous Kurdish north, swept into Kirkuk after the army abandoned its posts there … 

Kurds have long dreamed of taking Kirkuk, a city with huge oil reserves just outside their autonomous region, which they regard as their historical capital.

The swift move by their highly organized security forces demonstrates how this week’s sudden advance by fighters of the Al Qaeda offshoot Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) has redrawn Iraq’s map.

We reckon the map of Iraq, and of the whole region, will need to be drawn many times in the coming months – and maybe years. Iran is not likely to tolerate an ISIS – ie Sunni – conquest of Iraq. And if it has it’s armies there, it is in a strong position to attack Israel.

If ISIS were to take Baghdad, it plans to move on to attempt seizing control of  Jordan, Gaza, Sinai, and Lebanon. It’s ultimate target in the region is also, of course, Israel.

What will Hamas do? More importantly, what will Egypt do?

Britain is offering humanitarian aid to Iraq’s Prime Minister Maliki.

The US will … ?

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  • liz

    Hard to tell who’s good/bad guys here. The govt. Is pro Iranian, all are Muslim… beyond that a confusing mess. Egypt is actually showing signs of becoming civilized but who knows how long that will last?
    And as Don L calls him, our Domestic Enemy can be counted on to do the worst possible thing in every situation, including this one.

  • Don L

    McCain was actually showing some outrage on the news this evening. Maybe when he ran would have been better. Candidly, sounds horrid, but … for all the good this asshole has done in 32 years in congress .. why leave the Hanoi Hilton.

    Right now…maybe it would have been better if the flight that went down in PA made it to the capitol and took all these useless bastards out. No, I don’t believe that…oh, man…maybe I do…gulp.

    I sure enjoyed Vince Flynn’s novels…he is missed! Real PC vicariously?

    If this SOB, the Domestic Enemy, Obama is not removed from office soon…there is a reason for the second amendment. I don’t think our troops would ever…oh crap, the Domestic enemy has already replaced all the top military officers (including sticking a civilian douche bag as the secretary of defense)…

    Enough…as I have interacted with folks, most are totally ignornat of what’s happening. I hate their christian insistence, but FOX truly is the only other view presented.

    Who could I dig in with…REALBEING lives on the other side of the Valley. LOL


      “McCain was actually showing some outrage on the news this evening.”

      If you know him like I know him he was “outraged” simply because he knew everyone was watching him, and they were outraged!

      If the balloon goes up, com’on over, pal!!!

  • Don L

    06/12/2014 midday – Just announced, US speeding up delivery of helicopters and jets to Iraq; previously purchased. However, this is contrary to law which requires guarantee that the weapons cannot fall into enemy hands…that is in doubt…more unlawful unilateral action by Obama. Of course they will fall into enemy hands…duh! Otherwise, Obama would not speed up delivery! He can’t ship them after they take over.


      On the equipment, they need to install anti-personnel mines hidden in the superstructures of each piece. Assign each piece to two known trustable good guys.

      When it gets commandeered by someone who cannot punch in the secret password, (because they don’t know where the secret keypad was, or even what the password was) they then become “pixie dust,” along with the particular piece they wanted to steal.

      An American watchdog group of military folks, S.F. or some group who wouldn’t dick around, would oversee it.

      • liz

        That’s the $64,000 question – is it on purpose or just stupidity?
        I think a lot of both.
        We know he purposely aids our Muslim enemies, since he probably is one. But you have to be stupid to begin with to embrace Islam.
        He also purposely destroys our economy because he’s a communist, but you have to be stupid to begin with to embrace communism, also.
        Either way, he’s the worst disaster since Mohammed and Marx combined.

  • Don L

    All of it made possible by the Domestic Enemy sitting in the White House.

    (talk about youthful indoctrination…I’ve been an unabashed atheist since I was 17 .. 68 now … and yet my first outrage began with) “my god … when are these people going to wake up?

    Setting the reference aside … when are they going to put two & two together? If you were an enemy agent, how would you go about destroying America? On FOX last night someone reminded us about the Cloward–Piven strategy of overwhelming the systems. That is precisely what that SOB has been doing.

    These politicians need to have a 2X4 slammed across their foreheads … “WAKE UP!”. Some Ca Dem congresswoman was interviewed and incredulously denied the Taliban was a terrorist group…

    I have to stop … the anger is building and I can’t afford to replace any more watch bands … Jillian hasn’t paid up yet! LOL.