Luring the children 10

Children and young mothers with babes in arms are streaming into the US  over the Mexican border. They have come from Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras, a distance at the very least of well over 1,000 miles. Reports say they are walking. What would you expect young girls and boys, little kids and burdened women to look like after walking 1,000 miles in the summer  heat, apparently carrying little or no sustenance for the journey, and passing through territory controlled by criminal gangs? The news pictures of them arriving in Texas and Arizona show those who reach their journey’s end looking quite healthy and fresh (though it is said that they have brought infectious diseases). We guess they did not walk, but rode on wheels. We guess there is organization behind the vast migration. Transportation has been provided – paid for by whom?

It is in the interests of adults to send the children ahead to the US, and to take all necessary  measures to see that they get there safely. Their local news media have told them that “undocumented” children, once in the US, will not be deported, and that the US authorities will reunite them with their parents. Which suggests that parents will be not just allowed in, but brought in to the US.

Where did they get that from? Who or what has lured the children from Central America to the United States?

Diana West writes at Townhall:

It isn’t that the barbarians are at the gate. The barbarians control the gate. I don’t know what else to call a president and attorney general who have opened the US border to literally tens of thousands of “children” – some described as “sexually active” teens, some even suspected of ties to gangs. This not only breaks laws, it breaks trust. Opening the border this way also opens the most outrageous front to date in what increasingly looks like a kind of war aimed at “fundamentally transforming the United States of America“. And the people’s elected representatives do nothing.

Children are usually just children, but when 130,000 of them are expected to storm the border in the coming year, they more closely resemble an advancing column, a kind of foreign legion of child-mercenaries raised abroad with cynical promises of booty in the form of cradle-to-grave taxpayer charity.

But who will fight “children”? This is the audacity of this latest Obama “crisis”: Trojan horse as “humanitarian crisis”.  …

Of course, there is an undeniable genius to this form of border attack. All “the kids” from the rest of the world (do you really think Central America is the end?) have to do is serve as pitiful proxies of the assault. Once vanquished by pangs of conscience, however false, we’ll support them forever. We’ll have to. Have you taken a look at your local police department’s massive and bristling military hardware lately?

Just shut up and watch as this newfangled children’s crusade turns our border, the concept of nationhood itself, into dust. Welcome to Obamaland.

Of course, even the 17-year-old gangbangers among the youngsters aren’t the masterminds or generals. Like American citizens, they are pawns, dupes, lured by promises which Washington may indeed extract from Us, the People. “Go to America with your child, you won’t be turned away,” one Guatemalan mother told a radio station in the Rio Grande Valley. She is right. Come one, come all.

Once they are over the increasingly irrelevant line, Obama officials welcome the invading junior armies, shepherding them straight into an enfolding and enlarging federal safety net from which they may never have to emerge. These are just the newest wards of a brave new state that bears no resemblance to the republic as defined by those antique documents kept under glass in the dim light of the National Archives.

Meanwhile, “the kids” have hit the jackpot – that jackpot of socialist programs that separates today’s “new Americans” from our forefathers. Not so long ago, immigrants came for liberty and opportunity, not tax-supported handouts.

We are witnessing the betrayal of that nation of liberty and opportunity because there are so few in power with the courage to lawfully oppose it – not just rail about it all as a mere columnist.

Meanwhile, American citizens are footing the bill. Living costs aside, Attorney General Eric Holder has announced that the Obama administration – i.e., We, the Taxpayers – will be providing attorneys for the legions of “unaccompanied minors”. Holder’s non-specific language is telling: “We’re taking a historic step to … protect the rights of the most vulnerable members of society,” he said. Historic step is right – Legal Aid for the world. He continued: “How we treat those in need … goes to the core of who we are as a nation.”

OK, so who are we, Mr. Attorney General, as a “nation”? The Western Hemisphere?

Once upon a time, the U.S. staged the Berlin Airlift, mounting an astounding 200,000 flights in one year to keep Soviet-blockaded Berlin supplied with fuel and foodstuffs. Today, a more modest Central American Airlift would do to return these runaways to their families. One thing at a time, though. How about calling out the National Guard? It would even be of some comfort if someone in Congress went to the floor and told peoples of Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and the rest to stay the hell home.

So long as all of the government remains complicit or silent, this is nothing less than an unopposed invasion – an unopposed war, in other words, even if waged by the most unconventional means and by the most unlikely and unarmed “soldiers”.

Worst of all, though, it is a war that is being encouraged, if not led, by our own president while no one with all of the appropriate Constitutional powers vested in him is doing anything to stop him.


  • liz

    This is the Clowered-Piven strategy of flooding the system so that it’s overwhelmed, isn’t it? One thing you can say about them – at least they’re predictable. Except that doesn’t help because nobody stops them anyway.


      And its precisely what Frank Davis Marshall and Saul Alinsky would expect Obama to facilitate……Damn them all!!!


    I’ve lived in the Phoenix area for more than 25 years. I’ve a good friend who is married to a native of Guatemala. She is an American citizen.They both speak fluent Spanish and he has told me that for years he and his wife have listened to the local Arizona Spanish radio stations.

    Now these radio shows broadcast down into Mexico and can be heard pretty far down into the country. On these shows hes told me that they give complete and explicit instructions on how to get into the U.S.A. undetected, what to do once here, and how to remain undetected!

    Both my friend and his wife have told me that her sister and brother cannot come here to visit her in America because the Guatemalan government will not issue them visas, since they’re afraid that they will overstay and not come back to Guatemala!

    I know for a fact that the Mexican consulate doesn’t operate this way. They, in fact, will issue potential Mexican ‘travelers’ a pamphlet stating how to avoid detection when they travel illegally across the northern border to the U.S.A.!

    Our immigration policies in this country are now, and have been for a very long time a bad joke and a travesty of otherwise enforceable laws.

    Helping people from other lands to enter this land unannounced, without proper criteria, unknown to law enforcement, is totally unacceptable.

    Heres an example of what is happening:

    The average price for a “coyote” to bring someone here illegally to America is anywhere from $3000- $5000 dollars USD.

    Tell me…… far would that $3000-$5000 dollars go towards getting this future illegal person here to America legally, if instead it were spent on obtaining a good immigration attorney in Mexico City?

    But that would mean that the Mexican person wanting to come here would be “on the radar.” Then he would need to have a green card, and thus working here would cause him or her to pay taxes………just like any other citizen of this country.

    Amnesty is on this administration’s radar…………You better believe this! And get ready for the huge influx of new “citizens.”

    • We do believe you, REALBEING. Thanks for the personal information and the link. Meanwhile, hardly any green cards are issued to Brits or other Europeans. I know an English couple (highly qualified professionals) who have been on a waiting list for 15 years! Tens of thousands of student visas are being issued to Saudi Arabians, and many (I haven’t yet tried to find out how many) to Muslim Africans. We recall that Obama’s father was one such lucky student.

      • liz

        And almost every one of the 9/11 terrorists were from Saudi Arabia, as I recall. So we’re getting, at best, a lot of ignorant big government loving welfare leeches, and at worst terrorists.


        Maybe those Brits and Europeans would have better luck if they travel to Mexico and pay a Mexican “coyote” to bring them here……..

    • Don L

      I’ve been in the Valley 44 years. I don’t speak spanish, but I have had all I could do to not start eradicating the influx of the ver

      • liz

        If it makes you feel any better, I cuss loudly a lot at nobody these days, too! And I often hear the same question your mom’s friend asked. Hope your vacation helps.

      • We’ll miss you Don L. Come back soon. Your anger at THEM helps the rest of us to keep punching.


        I find myself yelling at the air and screaming insults to no one in front of me.

        Don’t feel like the “lone ranger” Don. I flip off the T.V. when this guy is on it, or whenever some other “prize reject,” or “bolo” shows up, cluttering the airwaves with their drivel!

        Take the time that you feel you need, pal. We all love to hear from you. Your contributions always seem to be REAL contributions!!………….