The need to impeach Obama (but) 8

It is high time to assert the political will to impeach a rogue president.

Failure to do so is tantamount to the existential impeachment of a nation in the court of authentic justice.

 So David Solway writes at PJ Media.

We agree with him. But if the House of Representatives were to impeach Barack Obama, the Senate would refuse to do its part and try him. We can only hope that if the Senate falls to the Republicans in November, impeachment and trial will soon follow.

There are grounds aplenty, as David Solway says in his article (worth reading in full).

Here’s our choice of highlights from it:

It has been persuasively argued that President Obama is impeachable  on many grounds.

Having joked that he could do anything he wants, Obama is guilty of running roughshod over the Constitution, bypassing Congress and governing by executive decree, stuffing his administration with Muslim Brotherhood operatives, making common cause with America’s enemies and betraying its allies, promoting the global warming scam at enormous cost to the taxpayer, accepting illicit campaign donations, failing to defend U.S. soil against illegal border crossings (in direct contravention of Article IV, Section 4  of the Constitution), being in contempt of federal court for his oil-drilling moratorium in the Gulf, allowing the IRS to target conservative nonprofits seeking tax-exempt status, approving via his attorney general Operation Fast and Furious, concocting the Benghazi cover-up, and constantly and illegally rewriting the rules of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, at least 29 times to date. A more comprehensive record of Obama’s ethical violations and misdemeanors lists 51 reasons for impeachment, some of which may be comparatively borderline, others flagrant. …

Much has been and continues to be written about what is probably the most mendacious administration in American political history. The fact that so many of Obama’s vital records are sealed or problematic should have raised alarm bells and disqualified his candidacy in the years before he assumed office — or at least have alerted a sentient electorate to the ethical and political travesty his presidency would become. …

When one follows the trajectory of Obama’s career, one knows that one is dealing with a man who is a liar from the egg, a man for whom suppressing the truth or lying outright is the daily fare of his existence

The incongruities in his personal narrative are so vast as to provoke the conviction that Obama is little more than an embodied fiction  — unless one assumes that a man born four years before his parents presumably met  in Selma in 1965 is some sort of miracle worker or godsend. Aside from autobiographical disparities and obscurities, the empirical lies and political abuses continue to pile up. Senator Ted Cruz is in process of issuing a series of reports on the Obama administration’s abuses of power, having enumerated 76 instances  of such constitutional dereliction at the hands of an imperial presidency …

One notes that there is also an aspect of feckless ineptitude in the man …  After the fiasco of Obama’s disappearing “red lines” over Iran’s development of nuclear weapons and Syria’s use of chemical weapons, and his “there will be consequences” for Russia if it entered Ukraine — threats that die on the teleprompter — America’s enemies know they are dealing with a buffoon who has, wittingly or unwittingly, become a reliable ally.

This is a president who skips a National Security meeting about the Ukrainian emergency and emails out a smilingly inane selfie marking a White House film festival on the same day that Russian troops push into Crimea.

This is a man who, without consulting Congress, releases five Taliban terrorists with blood on their hands for an American Army deserter. …

Charles Krauthammer finds Obama’s foreign policy “puzzling” …  “Would Putin have lunged for Ukraine,” he asks rhetorically, “if he didn’t have such a clueless adversary?” Krauthammer is being overly discreet. Nothing Obama does is puzzling. There may well be an element of Biden-like doltishness in his behavior, but the evidence strongly suggests that he is being politically and ideologically consistent in undermining American power and security on the world stage.

There is no contradiction in a man being both stone stupid and insidiously crafty at the same time, which explains the Ruritanian politics and social japery he has managed to get away with up to now.

And should be stopped from getting away with as soon as his removal from office becomes possible.

But wait … !

What would the nation be left with?

Joe Biden. A plain dolt without the craftiness.

That’s why some have said that Obama chose Biden for his Vice President – as insurance against his own impeachment. But we doubt he had such foresight.

And his arrogance would hardly have allowed him to anticipate that pesky Congress would ever have the audacity to impeach him.

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  • liz

    I totally agree that he deserves impeachment, actually much more than just impeachment. He, and every one of his cronies, deserve to be marched in handcuffs into prison, without the formality of an impeachment.
    But that’s apparently not going to happen, so impeachment – we’ll see if that even happens. And if it does, will it just turn the tide of sympathy from his “brain dead zombie electorate” back in his and the democrats favor?
    We’ve seen the threat growing, and it’s gaining momentum. With no opposition except conservative media screaming into a vacuum, and being drowned out by the state propaganda machine, ‘what difference, at this point, would it make?’


      Yup……impeachment. And then a ‘tour’ of Leavenworth alongside E. Holder, L. Lerner, H. Clinton, H. Reid, and N. Pelosi……… The Beach Boys used to sing “Wouldn’t It Be Nice?”

      • liz

        Yes, if both could be accomplished it would be nice.
        Who knew it would be so easy to pull off a Communist takeover just by having the right skin color?

  • Azgael

    Look we can impeach Obama, biden, palosie, reid, Hilary and every democrat, NOTHING will change unless the 50% of the brain dead zombie electorate that keep voting in these creatures are “taken care of”, the best way, other that slaughtering them all, is to change the constitution to make it that those receiving government AID cannot vote, unions CANNOT donate to political party without 75% of its members WRITEN and SIGNED consent. And the only way to get that in would be..after a civil war, the GOP is INFESTED with dems pretending to be Republicans. As long as the brain dead zombies keep electing these creatures impeachment is meaningless.


    Almost every critically-thinking, up-on-current-events adult, who is truthful with themselves, can easily see that there is enough reasonable suspicion to impeach this overly obsessive golfer/empty suit.

    In fact, just the attempt at impeaching him should be in the cards. The fact that politics will get in the way as far as our Senators are concerned shouldn’t stop the impeachment process.

    In reality, the Senate’s actions against impeachment will only show their contemptuous bias, and political-charged one-sidedness.

    Then there are those who say “Well, do you want to replace Obama with “Joey The Clown?” And I say to them yes……..and if he shows up as the same “menace,” we’ll impeach him also, especially if he shows the same contempt for our Constitution.

    I consider it a “dereliction of duty” for our representatives NOT to impeach any Constitutional offender, especially one who has turned Constitutional offense into a “science.”

    Looking down from above the fray, I’d say that right now this is a perfect example of how our system isn’t supposed to work. That is, Representatives fearful of starting the impeachment process. This tells me that the fate of the country is at hand, especially if we don’t impeach Obama.

    And if we do not do this, it will be a message poorly sent to future charlatans….

    • Bruce

      Better a leader who’s simply an idiot than a leader who’s an actively malevolent, scheming, America-hating totalitarian statist. At this point. Cthulu would probably be the lesser of two evils if he was up against Barry.


        When Obama does something that goes against my grain, I ask myself, “Is this stupidity and a lack of management skills, or is it criminal intent?”

        • I’d say it’s ideological, AND stupid, AND often also criminal.