The name of the problem 2

Here is a news video of citizens rising in revolt on “Independence weekend” – a fitting time to choose.

Some residents of Murrieta, California – a small “bedroom” town of 106,000 – protest against 140 illegal immigrants from Central America, some of them sick with infectious diseases, being brought in buses from the border and dumped on them by federal agents.

The problem needs to be fixed at a federal level, says Alan Long, the mayor of Murrieta. “The problem is in Washington, D.C.”

Right. And its name is Obama.


    Simply amazing! I thought I once heard our ex-D.H.S. chief, Janet Napolitano state to the nation that “The U.S. border has never been more secure than it is at this time.”

    This entire debacle rests primarily upon the scrawny shoulders of “Dear Leader.”

    My proof is this: Had our borders really been impenetrable, as Ms. Napolitano stated so vigorously a couple of years ago, please tell me……..what parent, living in one of those Central American countries, would send their child to a country like The United States, if they were indeed CERTAIN, due to it’s reputation, that “Fortress America” WOULD NOT allow the child to enter?


    • liz

      No kidding. The lies are so flimsy, even a moron could see through them. Which makes Obama voters lower than morons. Depressing.