Wanted: a hugely disproportional response 4

Could there be any more nonsensical tactic of war than an attempt at a proportional response?


A defensive war should be fought with overwhelming force to end the aggression as soon as possible.

We are of course alluding to the current aggressive war being waged on Israel by the Nazi-like terrorist power in Gaza, Hamas, and the far too restrained response by Israel.

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  • liz

    What movie was that from? Odd to see Martin Sheen, the anti nuke dude, be warlike. And Obama couldn’t even pull that off (at least at the right targets), if his life depended on it.

    • I don’t know what movie it was. Funny that it’s acted so well by someone who in real life is anti-nuke! Thanks for telling me that, liz, I didn’t know. But – yes – if only we had a president like that now! Not only America but the world could be saved

      • Bruce

        Well, they say it takes a genius to play an idiot well (look at Jim Verney). Maybe same effect is in play here.

      • liz

        Yes, if only.
        By the way, I finally watched “Philomena”. I thought it was really good, except that they had to work in the completely unnecessary angle of the boy being gay as an excuse to bash Reagan and Republicans.
        But aside from that, I liked it a lot.