Hello dollies 7

Every ethnicity, sexual proclivity, religion, body shape, etc., has a well-funded organization claiming the mantle of leadership on its behalf ready to jump (and fundraise) should someone string together words in an unapproved order.

There’s an effort to alter the First Amendment moving through the Senate right now, but there’s really no need for it. We, as a society, have voluntarily forfeited the reason for it already. The horse is dead; stop kicking it.

So Derek Hunter writes at Townhall.

He deplores the political correctness that is exercising a puritanical tyranny over free speech:

The political correctness movement ruined honest political discourse, funny movies and decent sitcoms, and now it’s sucking the joy out of everyday life …

It may seem like a lifetime ago, but it was only the 1970s when “Blazing Saddles” was made and embraced by a culture simply looking to laugh. It was offensive. It was silly. But most of all it was funny. Same goes for “Airplane!” Richard Pryor and George Carlin were mocking people and cultures, and it was hilarious.

Now we are no longer ready to laugh; we’re ready to be offended. No, we seem to crave being offended.

Not all of us, of course. But it’s amazing how many people like to complain that they are being victimized by something someone says.

A small deputation to this website asked us to find a word to describe people who make a point of taking offense.

A word is needed that will mark them. They constitute a national menace, demanding not just pity for themselves, but blame and severe penalty for their alleged offenders, abject apologies, and even the amendment – as Derek Hunter notes – of the free speech article, the essential First Amendment, of the Constitution.

We accepted the commission. We began to hunt for such a word. Surely, we reasoned, in the enormous vocabulary of the richest language in the world there is a word for them?

But it seems not. Political correctness is too recent a development in Western culture.

So we  decided we would coin a word. A word that means: persons who crave an excuse to take offense; persons who are hurt-hungry. 

Should we construct it from Greek words, we wondered. No: words in Greek for hurt, pain, offense, and hungriness do not blend and Anglicize smoothly.

Latin then? Yes. In Latin, pain (of body or mind) is dolor. Hungry  is esuriens.

So we can construct a good strong word for the pain-hungry: the DOLORESURIENT.

Be not intimidated by it. It can obviously be shortened to a nice common English word to apply to the offense-collectors: DOLLIES.

With the connotations that word has, it could do very well to offend them.

  • Bruce

    Dollies…. How dare you make fun of DOLLY PARTON! SEXISM! AGEISM!!!

    Seriously though, I think it’s a great idea to label these idiots. I am very much a fan of the idea of using their own tactics against leftists, especially the thought-police. Denigrate them, call them out on their hypocrisy, and ridicule them. Deny them the respect they so obviously crave. And, as they have done with insults hurled towards them, take their insults and turn them around on them. “Racist? Oh, if by racist you mean someone who thinks Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and Barack Obama all failed Econ 101, yep, you’re right.”

    Oh, and of course, when they act out and violate your rights, sue their pants off. And go after them as individuals, as well as organizations.

    • liz

      Yes, they employ armies of lawyers for burying people in lawsuits, not to mention the IRS. They deserve the same.

  • liz

    Similar to another word that comes close to describing them – sissies.
    But with the advent of political correctness, their big weapon, sissies have also become bullies.


      Right. Low “self-esteemers” traditionally love to have power over others especially since they feel powerless over the world and the pain this generates.

      They’ve never learned how to live an authentic and conscious life. Instead, they choose their illusion, and call it life.

      When they have a chance to flex their righteous ‘muscle’ they take it. Thus the bully label works quite well for them.

      “Political Correctness” is the convenient label that they’ve given to their low self-esteem. It assures them license to use it. Sounding important, the label is a large part of their illusion.

      I lived this existence for the majority of my life, so I have first-hand information….I still struggle with it every day.

      Being conscious of this allows me tend to it’s effects. Every day I still begin it with this question: “Today, am I still a creator of my experiences, responsible for them, or have I degenerated back into a walking deadman?”

      • liz

        Really interesting. I didn’t realize my instinct was so close to the mark here. You’ve obviously studied the psychology of this in depth, as your insights here show.
        I think it explains a lot about Obama and Holder.
        They are classic cases. And I guess leftism itself creates this mentality in others.
        Very informative – thanks!

        • REALBEING

          I find that most of those who embrace Socialism’s tenets are victims to the extreme. This invention we call Political Correctness is victim-hood’s banner.

          People like Obama and Holder turn victim-hood into a science as this suits their objectives. They make their living off of these wounded “children.”


    If I may be permitted to make an observation, these “Politically Correct” vampires are, in reality, those on the planet who are low in self-esteem, and don’t know it.

    Their belief is that everyone else is in the world is responsible for their pain, suffering, and experience of the world, but they themselves aren’t. Lately, this has been taught largely in our country, and become a very popular sentiment both here and abroad, I’m afraid.

    These crusaders unintentionally, I think, drive the Body Politic towards their agenda in a ragged attempt to soothe their own personal crippled ego. You see, they are incapable of giving anything of real value to themselves.

    Their actions are a form of “patting themselves on the back,” if you will.

    I’ve observed this behavior many times in staffing personal growth trainings in the past. You see, its easier to build up one’s self-esteem if one can lower other’s ways of being by making them wrong. In this case, wrong for all of the wrong reasons, for it is at the other person’s expense.

    This is precisely what is happening on the grand scale in our country. A synthetic lowering of the human being’s tolerances to have an authentic experience of life, to a lower-than-expected position, by manufacturing a phony tolerance line, simply by drawing false conclusions.

    These conclusions are false because the’re based primarily on these “hurt children’s” own personal emotions, instead of a genuine state of being.

    I site the preposterous case of Mr. Donald Sterling, the owner of The L.A. Clippers. His right to privacy, the right to say anything you wish in the privacy of your own home without repercussions, was indeed violated.

    Not one person I heard talked about this travesty, and hardly anyone on the face of the Earth came to defend him. They all came out in support of not supporting Donald Sterling by dismissing this part of the case, coming out instead against his bigoted statements.

    “If evil be spoken of you and it be true, correct yourself, if it be a lie, laugh at it.”