UN watch 4

July 23, 2014. The United Nations holds an emergency session on the battle in Gaza as the Israeli Defense Force destroys the invasion-tunnels and rocket bases of the Islamic terrorist organization Hamas.

Delegates from countries that specialize in mass murder, such as Sudan, Syria, Cuba, and Iran, accuse Israel of “war crimes”. Most of the rest of the world’s delegates are on the terrorists’ side too.

A lone voice defends Israel, and accuses its accusers. It is the voice of Hillel Neuer, executive director of UN Watch.

The United Nations must be destroyed.

  • Don L

    X-mas 1953, aged 7: My maternal grandfather’s apartment and apt buildings (he was a rum runner and speekeasy operator during prohibition) was on the east river @ 63rd street in Manhattan, NYC; 10 aunts and uncles and 17 cousins; I and my cousin Blair (same age) had received air rifles as presents (made noise fired nothing); sometime after the sun had set, I remember it was dark, Blair and I, with rifles, wandered onto the streets of New York…we could see the Queensborough Bridge and headed in that direction (4 blocks away to the south); then we saw the towering UN building…it was the next target…we were going to hold it up.

    We crossed the wide expansive patio and got to the main door on the north side. We rattled the locked door and a guard appeared…we told him to put his hands up. He laughed and I don’t remember the full exchange but it wound up with, “would you like a tour of the building?”. So, at age 7 I was shown the the huge general security chambers and other offices and facilities…with plastic rifle in hand. What are odds of that happening now?

    We left the UN and figured out how to walk back to grandpa’s place. We were tired…and we got our butts’ spanked but good (no pun intended) since they had been going frantic looking for us.

    Other than that childhood memory…blow the friggin’ place up and run the slime ambassadors out of town! The insane are running the asylum!

    • liz

      Great story! Hard to imagine anything like that happening now, sadly.
      I hope Israel keeps ignoring the UN, the U.S., and everyone else, and wipes Hamas off the map.

      • Don L

        Hi Liz;
        I worry the Domestic Enemy-in-chief will screw Israel when they go to take out Iran’s nukes.

        • liz

          Right. How does this happen? All those old spy stories where they discover a “mole” in the system – we have a mole right in the Oval Office, working for the Brotherhood. Sheesh.