A father uses his own children as a shield in Gaza 16

This picture is from an Israeli source, which comments:

The father hanging and position the kids where he don’t wont the [Israeli] Air Force to strike on hes house. Were is CNN , BBC news and the rest of the fucking media?

The children are terrified. Their plight will move you and me, but not apparently their father.


Note: We were wrongly informed about this picture. 

It is from an earlier time, and no one is sure whether the man is hanging the kids up or taking them down. 

We apologize for our error. The deplorable thing is that it was all too easy to believe a Gazan father capable of doing such a thing. 

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  • DarkWing

    you believe in those hoaxes just because you are a believer, a conservative one

    • Not because there is evidence that Hamas uses children as human shields? No possibility that that might the reason? And why would you NOT believe it? Because you are an ideologist of the left? A Hamas supporter? (And by the way it was not a hoax, it was a genuine photo from earlier news about Gaza. The time it was taken was mistaken, and the original caption is apparently lost.) Tomorrow we’ll be posting genuine pictures of what Hamas does to civilians.

      • DarkWing

        Wow, brilliant! Premise 1: Hamas uses children as human shields. Premise 2: there is a picture with no caption, showing a man with two kids in front of a wall with a fence (no reference about place or context). Smart conclusion: he is the father of both kids and is protecting a wall and he belongs to Hamas.

        • We have admitted and apologized for our mistake. Hamas does use human beings as shields – they proudly claim that they do.


          • DarkWing

            And I do respect you have rectified. Sorry for the agressiveness. There is an issue with these kind of news. Same as many people post pictures from Syria saying they are from Gaza, Israeli propaganda makers and some other enthusiats engineer memes and hoaxes. They target preconceptions, missconceptions and exagerated views of real facts.
            Same as bad guys like Hamas or other militias are boastful and chutzpah, Israeli officials have no problem justifying their war crimes and blaming their enemy. Never forget they are in the middle of a hot war, never forget you encourage soldiers to advance and shoot by denying the human condition of the enemy (infidels, heretics, gentiles, terrorists, barbarians, savages, monkeys,…). Cartoons, fake news and gossips are simply another kind of ammunition.

      • Valia Coca

        ..and don’t forget please, to post what the IDF and Israel in general have been doing to Gazans for the last 7 years of siege, after all you are defending democracy and justice right?

        • liz

          What Israel has been doing the past seven years, and ever since it became a country, has been DEFENDING ITSELF from terrorist attacks by Jew hating Muslims, including the PLO and Hamas, who, by the way have no concept of democracy or justice.

        • Please tell us “what the IDF and Israel in general have been doing to Gazans for the last seven years”. And what siege ?

          • Valia Coca

            I am not here to educate you or others who rather not to see. There are plenty of important personalities well verse on the issue who are speaking out, protesting and mainly educating people who are going out off their confort zone to learn. I will not tell you I only recommend the Jewish scholar Noam Chomsky and Shlomo Sand to start or Breaking the Silence book. Just suggesting..

            • Your answer is sheer evasion. You have swallowed propaganda. Of course we know what Noam Chomsky – the America and Israel hater – has consistently asserted. You badly need to read some history – real history, not Muslim crap. Not Noam Chomsky. Educate yourself before you come here to make pointless comments.

    • We don’t know that it is a hoax. But yes, we believe in the depravity of the terrorists who govern Gaza, We know that they exploit children.

  • IndigoRed

    The photo is not as purported. I have tracked it back to April 17, 2014 Prisoner Day in Hebron. I can’t track it to any earlier.

    I don’t know if the man is putting the kids up on the railing, or taking them down and it seems no ones else does either because the earlier uses of the photo have no caption. I can’t even say it’s just some fun or is evil intent. I had an uncle who would hang his boys, my brothers, and I on hooks. We’d all laugh and squeal, “Me! Me! Do me next, Uncle Rick! Do me!”

    But, I do know that it has nothing to do with the current Operation Protective Edge which started on July 8, 2014. There’s a couple of months between the events with the kids coming first. It seems to me that, once again, someone has taken an old photo and put a caption to it.

    Oops! Forgot the link — http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=88f_1397929281&comments=1

    • Many thanks, IndigoRed. I have just found out that it comes from way back. I’ll add a note to that effect. We were wrongly informed about it.


    You’ll never see this picture on the 6:00 news!!! People who put their personal religious beliefs before the health and safety of their children need to be beaten in front of them!!

  • Azgael

    CNN, BBC and they other media are too busy bashing Israel to care

    • liz

      Right. It’s all Israel’s fault, because they aren’t agreeing to commit suicide and roll over for terrorists.