“Hamas is a humanitarian organization” 10

– says Nancy Pelosi. Is she the stupidest woman in politics? The competition is stiff, but she’s on the short list.


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  • Don L

    Nancy isn’t totally dumb…she’s managed to screw the taxpayers pretty good. She and her hubby have major interest in one of the name brand canned tuna operations; which operates on some micropolynesian islands. She got these islanders, and thereby her & hubby, incredible bennies paid by the US gov’t. But since the public servant notion is in fact self servant…nobody elected does anything about her because they all have some scam running. Makes us stupid for sending these people back to DC election cycle-after-eletion cycle…well, not us who are thinking conservative atheists…just those who aren’t! So many of them though…brrr…sends a chill down my spine.

  • Andrew M

    She’s right for all the wrong reasons.

    Hamas does offer zakat (Islamic charity) to the Palestinians, which I don’t deny might make small, acute, but noticeable improvements in some of their lives. Hamas understands that the best use of zakat is to bolster their unusually positive image in the West among Pelosi and her voters, who overestimate its effectiveness.

    Of course, Hamas is also using other Palestinians as shields for Israeli bullets. Paradoxically, this also helps them garner sympathy from Western liberals. They get to paint Israel as a bully to the extent that Palestinians die in the conflict (a point you had touched upon in another recent article).

    If this obvious trickery keeps working on people in power and the sycophants who elect them, our nation is doomed.

    • Like other Arab terrorist organizations, Hamas pays martyr compensation. It’s a way of recruiting martyrs. Nothing could be further from humanitarianism or charity. It is not even zakat (charitable giving by Muslims for Muslims only). The Gaza strip keeps going on foreign aid – hospitals, clinics, schools. UNRWA is completely staffed by Hamas people.

      I agree with the rest of what you say, of course.

      • Andrew M

        As I figured, you cut right through to my mind and understood my implication.

        Of course I think she is dead wrong in describing Hamas as a humanitarian organization. Whatever zakat it offers is merely a token gesture to financially and “morally” support the jihad (scare quotes are vital here since jihad is ethically repugnant behavior). Hamas deserves to be crushed, and Israel is only doing it (too timidly, I might add) because Palestine won’t.

        My introduction was intended to provide a hint into how the mind of a liberal works. I could have flipped the adjectives around and it would have made about as much sense.

        Nancy Pelosi is wrong about Hamas and she has just her delusions to support her opinion.

  • Don L

    I think it’s somthing seriously nuerological. Watch her…her arm, hand and finger gestures are always out of sync with themselves and with what she’s saying. Watching her is a show all by itself…sound off is a kick!

    • liz

      Yes, neurological, like with Harry Reid, as in senile.

  • liz

    It’s very hard to tell whether she or Sheila Jackson Lee should win that prize.
    But no, Sarah Palin’s supposed to be the dummy, of course.


      Not only the stupidest person in politics, shes vying for “stupidest person on the planet!!”

      • liz

        Yes, as long as some Nazi kept telling her those concentration camps were humanitarian therapy for the Jews, she would have believed them.

        • Don L

          Well said!