Hamas’s propaganda war 3

Here is how Hamas fights its war – by deceitful propaganda, the only way it can win. What it wins is the sympathy of the gullible. What it will win beyond that remains to be seen. Our expectation is that the plight of the Palestinians can only get worse until the world stops helping the Arabs to keep them as bleeding beggars and starts insisting that they be integrated into some of the 21 existing Arab states. Jordan especially, created by the British to be the Arab Palestinian state, should accept all of the West Bank Arabs. We would like to see a one-state solution: Israel from the Jordan to the Med. Gaza could be a fine seaside vacation resort.

But back to Hamas propaganda. We have taken pictures and comments from myrightword.

First, some Hamas terrorists are killed by an Israeli hit outside a school. (The media reports claim that the school was hit. It wasn’t.)

Note, there’s no girl here:


Nor here:


Still in pre-shoot production stage:


Almost ready. They find the body of a little girl and bring her to the site:


Fitting her into the scene:



“Okay, is this the shot we want?


Finally, here’s a video clip of the staging of the scene. Note that the photographers and reporters are perfectly aware of what is being done, and co-operate fully with the deception.


A much more detailed analysis of the pictures can be found here.  It proves that:

The hit took place outside the school.

The bodies were then moved inside the school gates.

At least one of the “dead” men was not dead.

The little girl was not only not dead but not even injured.

  • liz

    I guess it’s not surprising that the reporters are in on it – deceitful propaganda is exactly how they got Obama into the White House, too.
    The press provides a totally false image for public consumption.
    And the public – so incredibly in this age of instant information – is still stupid and gullible enough to believe them! The ignorance never ends, and neither will the exploitation of it.


      Everyone that follows “Ebola” and loves “Ebola” means that they must also be pro-Hamas like him, so they pay no attention to the fact that the reporting is deceitful….The’re used to it, and it fits into their agenda!

  • Don L

    Here I ga again with another …T’were I Pres:

    I would invite the reporters, anchors & heads of, and the leading stockholders in, every significant internet, cable broadcast and print outlet claiming it is news outlet (just fer s & grins I’d include Colbert and Stewart) to a mandatory, escorts provided if necessary,meeting at a secret location.

    I would then gather those involved with the NBC ensemble of crappola (again jes fer s & grins I’d include Colbert and Stewart) up on a stage peppered with big burly special forces types. I would then announce that what the audience is about to see is going to happen to them unless they begin to start telling the facts. I would then have the military types beat & womp the holy f’n bagesus out this scum from NBC: fists, bats, golf clubs…brutal without killing.

    Then I’d make them understand that reporting this event would lead to permanent deportation…including any lawyers or leaders of any groups that want to act on their behalf to bring charges. lThere are many mothballed ships that can be loaded and shoved out to sea never to be seen on these shores again.

    Cruel, illegal and unconstitutional? What? These are the basic methods employed by all the central planners god Lincoln. Turn about is fair platy toward decentralizing and forcing accountability and responsibility in the what is supposed to be the truth-telling watchdog of the republic.

    It’s what I’d do T’were I Pres!