Spontaneous eruption 6

This happened today (August 4, 2014) in New York. A pro-Hamas demonstration provokes a much bigger, louder pro-Israel demonstration.

  • Don L

    Yes, this all very nice…spontaneous and overwhelming support for Israel; rejecting the terrorists.

    But like Bastiat points out: That Which is Seen, and That Which is Not Seen. In his case it’s the overwhelmingly majoritive support jews have for Obama and leftist politics in general that is not seen.

    Perhaps Jillian, given her incredible understanding of religions, can explain this seeming contradiction/dichotomy: opposing overt support for terrorists and promoting covert support for them. Is there some extremely neurotic collectivist cultural aspect in play?

    Reminds me of the Milton Berle bit where he’s gesturing with one hand to stop the applause while simultaneously the other hand is gesturing to keep it coming. Oy Vay…such a deal!

    • liz

      Ha! Those bring back memories!

  • liz

    Yes, awesome!!! Why can’t the rest of America do this?
    The only reason these terrorism supporting scum have any platform at all is because everyone lets them get away with it.
    It’s great to see some people with the guts to shout them down.


      And what surprises me most about the rest of America that supposedly supports the Islamic militant scum is that if they do any digging into this mess at all they will see that Hamas, ISIS, and the rest of these murdering losers are dedicated to ELIMINATING ALL OTHER RELIGIONS, OR ATHEISTS, by either “converting ” the individual over to Islam, or by killing them off!

      What? Do they not see that they, and their way of life are on the menu???

      The “can’t we all get along” group will die just as quickly as those who ignore the problem!

  • Mike

    Beautiful, man. Go Israel.

  • Frank

    Ya gotta love it!!