Good thinking 6

Daniel Hannan speaks as intelligently as always in this interview. We are somewhat less favorably impressed by the present Conservative government of Britain than he is, but  we fully agree with everything he says about America – how great it was, how wrong it’s going. And we also like what he says about the EU. Asked by the interviewer if he see the Euro in danger of collapsing, Hannan replies, “No, I see the Euro in danger of surviving.”


(Hat-tip Don L.)

  • Don L

    In significantly prior posts…way back when… I commented about adherents to Austrian economics that were theists. They had a problem resolving the pure rationality, reasonableness and deductive logic of the Austrian school, they which they substantionally believe in and support, with the god thing. PLease check out Hannan’s other videos and books. He is, however, an Austrian adherent with the same theist dilemma.

    Their problem is that the basic premise of free-market/Austrian economics is that it is based on the reality that an economy is based on human nature which is selfish: people act to satisfy what they believe is in their self interest; inclusive of those who errors or who suffer delusion and act against their interest.

    The theist Austrians come up with all sorts of excuses and mental gymnastics to account for the contradiction with altruism. They cannot distinguish between love based on respect and love based on need. They tend to enlarge what a “safety net” should be and allow more to government than pure Austrians would: private charity vs gov’t intervention.. Fortunately, they still understand government that intervention in private enterprise (END THE FED OK) in the economy and our lives is totally wrong.

    • I’d forgotten the religiousness of Hannan. Pity, as you say. But he remains good on politics and economics.

      Too many otherwise intelligent people have that streak of religious insanity in them!

      • Don L

        Dawkins did the best I ever read about how genetics may have played into the absurdity of religion being a core value. It can be broken…we are evidence; as is Serkan Engin, that thought can overcome inculcation.

        And, as you have appreciated,,,,sometimes crap along with the potential for some good is acceptable. You’ll love this (LOL, LOL)…never forget:

        • Don L

          (I’ll give ya this…Rand…I’m losing conviction.)

          • Which conviction are you losing? Sounds bad.

            • Don L

              Conviction may be too strong a word…My backing of Rand Paul is waning. The last few times he’s been speaking…I think he is too similar to his father’s attitude respective of Iran. Although, I have not seen/heard anybody ask him directly if he would use force to stop Iran from getting the bomb. Unfortunately, I sorta think his reply would be no…for me, that’s unacceptable.

              And so, I’m leaning farther into the Cruz camp…argh, god made me do it. LOL