Putin’s message to Obama 2

Putin’s actions prove his contempt for Obama. His words may not do so explicitly, but when they’re interpreted by Andrew Klavan their deeper meaning becomes perfectly plain.

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  • Don L

    Sat 08/09/2014 –

    This AM President Silly Girl held a news conference to answer questions about the pinprick bombing campaign against ISL or ISIS, or whatever these scum slamists are calling themselves, and the food & water drops to the yezidis holding out on a mountain top. It was a pathetic performance where he again blames it all on the prior administration and on the Iraquis with whom he, well anyone else would be – the most powerful man on the planet; as leader of the only remaining superpower, couldn’t winningly negotiate a forces-in-place agreement.

    Can anyone name anything this SOB has done/achieved that has helped this country in anyway. Oh, lefties, you must offer concrete, rational demonstrable proof…not merely the regurgitation of false propaganda ans/or invalid data! Continuing, I cannot think of any improvements or contributions he’s made…But I have a grocery list of the damage and harm he has and is causing.

    This is a repeat, but I’d love some producer (TV or movie exec and backers) to create a courtroom docudrama wherein Obama is tried for treason based on the truth, the reality, of his administration…including the behind the scenes criminal Valerie Jarret (a hardcore born again, Michelle Malkin’s book “Culture of Corruption” is a must read to learn the truth about this scum Valerie and her partner in corruption Michelle , now, Obama,)

    Obama…silly little girl? It would be funny if it his performance wasn’t so damned dangerous to all of us…even the morons that support him.

    • liz

      Yes, this whole situation with Obama is like the family of an alcoholic, who live in denial of the problem.
      The media, other politicians, and half the voters in the country all pretend he’s maybe a bit incompetent, but sincere. No dares say “communist”, “socialist”, “traitor”, or even “abject failure”in reference to him, even though he is undeniably every one of those things.
      He hasn’t made any important contributions because he is purposely working to do the very opposite of contribute.