The war widens and intensifies 9

… and 9/11 approaches.

Ominous facts:

US facilities and stores of military equipment in the Negev and Jordan have been attacked by the savage army of the newly declared Islamic State. Some of the military equipment is now being airlifted to the Kurds in Iraq who are directly engaged with IS forces.

Hundreds of US Muslim citizens are fighting with IS. They can return to America, fully trained and experienced in battle, to pursue the war – against America.

The approaching 13th anniversary of the 9/11 Al Qaeda attacks on America is causing concern in US intelligence and counter-terrorist quarters about possible surprises ahead.

We quote from  DebkaFile:

The Kurdish Peshmerga fight against encroaching Islamic State troops gained a broad new dimension Monday, Aug. 11, when the US began airlifting large quantities of military equipment, including ordnance, from Jordan and Israel to the semi-autonomous [Kurdish] capital, Irbil.

The US maintains 10,000 special operations and marine forces at the King Hussein Air Base in northern Jordan, with large stocks of ammunition that were originally destined for the rebels fighting Bashar Assad in Syria. They are now being redirected to the Kurdish effort to stop the rapid Islamist march on their republic, along with supplies from the US emergency stores maintained in the Israeli Negev.

For some weeks, those stores and other US facilities in southern Israel have been in the sights of IS elements, which arrived in Sinai six months ago to reinforce Ansar Beit Al-Maqdis, the local offshoot of Al Qaeda.

The US, Israel and Egypt have taken care to keep this development under their hats. But in the last month, while Israel was engaged in Operation Defensive Edge against the Palestinian Hamas, IS and Al-Maqdis shot rockets from Sinai at US and Israeli military facilities in the Negev, in support of Hamas. Their attacks were … as intense on some days as the Palestinian rocket barrage against the Israeli population.

The speed with which the American military effort in northern Iraq has spiraled in four days – from limited air strikes on IS targets Friday, Aug. 8, to direct arms supplies Monday – will soon confront President Barack Obama with the need for a speedy decision on whether to send American troops back to Iraq.

He may start dithering about it just as soon as he returns from his vacation.

US air strikes are clearly limited by the lack of an organized list of targets. All they can do now is bomb chance targets as they are picked up by reconnaissance planes or satellites. To be effective, the US Air Force needs to be guided in to target by special operations forces on the ground, who can supply precise data on the movements of IS fighters and mark them for air attack with laser designators.

Another shortcoming is the small number of US fighter-bombers available for Iraq. The aircraft which conducted four attacks on IS forces came from the USS George HW Bush aircraft carrier in the Gulf, which has 70 warplanes on board. This is not enough aerial firepower to stop the Islamists’ advance.

They are also disadvantaged by being prevented from striking IS forces in Syria, a limitation which further curtails their effectiveness …

What prevents them – other than Obama?

Obama will not overcome any of these military issues by his determined focus on sorting out the political situation in Baghdad. Replacing Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki by having his rival, Deputy Speaker Haider al-Abadi, nominated to replace him Monday – even with the backing of Sunni and Kurdish factions who detest Maliki – won’t affect the warfront. This change may generate inter-factional violence in the capital. And it will not quickly stiffen the Iraqi Army or enhance the Kurdish Peshmerga’s ability to curb the Islamists’ rapid advance. …

The change of Prime Minister has now happened. It’s not likely to make much difference to anything.

The article then touches on another (related) topic:

Last week it was discovered that, among the Islamist fighters who died in US air strikes Friday and Saturday, was a large group, estimated by intelligence sources as up to 200, of American citizens fighting in the ranks of Al Qaeda’s IS in Kurdistan and western Iraq. …

Sunday, Aug. 10, a spate of threats imbued with a sense of revenge started appearing on social media, such as: “This is a message for every American citizen. You are the target of every Muslim in the world wherever you are.”  Another was more brutal: “ISIS is ready to cut off your heads, dear Americans, O sons of bitches. Come quickly.”

Now, that’s the spirit in which to fight a war. If the US could feel equally inspired to insult and destroy its enemy, it might succeed.

  • Don L

    Monday afternoon 08/11/2014 –

    Obama just had a quicky news announcement that a new government is in Baghdad who he will support. He made absolutely no mention that Malaki, the existing/former Prime minister, has surrounded himself with Iraqi armored troops in the “green Zone” stating he will not step down because the new government constitutes a coup. How can Obama not mention this?

    Further, he made it clear that once the Yetribes (? – the satan worshipers) can get off the mountain, the US airstrikes will be over: “Our limited objective will have been met”. In other words, to hell with the threat the IS represents to America. What a total piece of crap this guy is!!! An absolute jerk who endangers us all. He makes Chamberlain look like a hawk!

    • liz

      Yes he’s quite handy for doing this very type of thing at the exact times when our enemies need the U.S. to leave the door wide open and look the other way while they make their move.
      And of course the media cooperates by pretending there’s nothing going on here at all. Just business as usual.


    I really for the life of me cannot understand how a president so popular and scholarly-looking at the beginning of his run in 2008 can continually in the face of adversity look so downright stupid, imbecilic, inept, cowardly, and ridiculous, (and all of these at the same time!!), virtually falling into “pig dung” for almost six years on a regular basis and still smell like ‘potpourri’ to his lovers and believers in the world!!!!

    All that I can figure out is that his followers look in the mirror and see Obama starring back at them………

    • Don L

      I’m with you…I just don’t get it. It is with the the same fervor and denial of reason exhibited by theists. It is irrationality pure and simple…there can be no understanding it. Therein lies the frustration for those of us who attempt life by rationality and some modicum of logic.

      Rachel Maddow, Juan Williams, Bob Beckel and the other Nobama flag wavers drive me crazy…inconsistencies, personal attacks, false facts/outright lies, illogical arguments…the lefts’ style of discussion. I don’t recall who, but: “If the facts and truth aren’t on your side…attack the person and just lie”.

      The first time I ever heard Obama speak, I recognized snake oil immediately. Sans the ebonics, just another ghetto hustler…and not that bright. Merely a puppet for others…a fool with a good vocabulary. Another loser with a phd in hate America, earned in the hate America university system,.and not one real world accomplishment. Conning and enrolling uneducated black folk into the “I’m a victim” corp is not an accomplishment…it’s a crime against humanity.

      Gotta stop or I’ll get violent again and ruin another watchband…

      • liz

        Yes, that’s exactly what he is. That’s who we’ve got presiding over the entire mess (that he made) as it spirals down the drain.


        Question: Could it be that its not so much that Rachel Maddow, Juan Williams, Bob Beckel and other ‘Obamabots’ love “Obama, The Savior,” but more of a stalwart hatred of The Conservative Right, so then this installs Obama into the Leftist ‘limelight?’

        I mean, if these Lefty Loyalists only had a chance to match up their man Obama to Jimmy Carter, or Lyndon Baines Johnson, or Robert F. Kennedy, in a world without any such thing as a Conservative, would the bloom be off of the Obama “Rose?”

        • Don L

          Ah…good point. Yes, they would be leftists with or without Obama. He just marries so well to the ideal: we are the great moral people who help the downtrodden; equality in all things – race, gender, income, etceteras.

          They fail to comprehend the facts before them: Everywhere there is economic misery, death, hunger…there is government control…the very thing they wish to establish to solve the economic tragedies results in those tragedies. Hence, they refuse to accept the reality of history and logic…blaming capitalism and free choice as evil system.

          Even with the Obama-Iraq failure, they rewrite history. He forcefully says he’s leaving Iraq no matter what. The Iraquis put up a BS objection to a residual force of troops and Obama collapses and never attempts to negotiate. Then he claims, NOW, that Malaki made changes to military and political leadership whereas even if troops had been left inplace…it would not have made any difference. BS…Would Malaki have made those changes if the force and relations have been kept strong? The left buys this load of crap.

          Like with Bengahzi, they state that no rescuer force was sent because they couldn’t have gotten there in time. How, at the time it was happening, could they know how long it would last? These leftist/socialist/communist slime think this kind of thinking is reasonable and rational. It is insanity.

          Like Obama not mentioning Malaki at yesterday’s news ‘joke’. This isn’t’s children playing grownup. What, if he doesn’t say anything it’s not real?

          Anyway, I ramble…again, good point REALBEING!

          • REALBEING

            “we are the great moral people who help the downtrodden; equality in all things – race, gender, income, etceteras.”

            TRANSLATION: “We effectively rob most folks of a chance to attain their own victories in their lives.”

    • liz

      Yes, and in this case as well, he will dither, spout platitudes, and totally step in the pig dung. What an absolute ass.