In memoriam Robin Williams 3

Not a great video, but it serves to remind us what a great actor Robin Williams was.

Posted under Videos by Jillian Becker on Tuesday, August 12, 2014

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  • Don L

    For me, the geatest impact he had on society was the movie ‘Dead Poet’s Society’. I had heard it was a “girl”s” movie. Ugh! Hey, I was told ‘Love Story’ would make you cry…I have never seen that movie…Blah! But, the girl I was dating when ‘Poet’s’ came out made it plain that benefits would be limited if I didn’t go with her to see this Robin William’s flick…Nuts!

    Well. It was great. Now he didn’t write the screenplay, but he delivered the words: “Carpe Diem”. Wow! The motto of the individualism and the capitalist system. His acting sold this idea. Today it is still found as magnetic refrigerator messages, used in everyday speak and is culturally considered a valued principle. His acting gave us that.

    As a kid, Jonathon Winters was one of my favorite funny men. Sid Ceasar and Ernie Kovaks were two others of that period. When Williams came along…at least one of the 3 styles of comedy lived on…zany, wacky and clean. The world is a little sadder without him in it…yet, much wealthier that he was!

    • liz

      I’ll have to watch “Dead Poets Society” now! I always thought it was probably some lefty thing, but I’m pleasantly surprised to find out it wasn’t.

      • Don L

        I look forward to your comments after your viewing. Enjoy!