Israel a bulwark of civilization 6

There are a few, a very few, public voices in Britain that dare to say that Islam is the enemy of the West.

Even fewer who will say a good word for the small beleaguered state of Israel.

One of the few is Leo McKinstry. This is from a column of his in the Express:

Across the western world the Jewish state has been increasingly portrayed as brutal aggressor bent on the wholesale slaughter of innocent ­Palestinian civilians.

The soaring death toll from the recent conflict, which [by the end of July] stood at more than 1,700 since the start of July [according to Hamas – ed], is widely seen as the responsibility of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s ­government.

Even mainstream British politicians have joined in this condemnation.

Always keen to jump on any passing bandwagon, Labour leader Ed Miliband called Israel’s incursion into Gaza “wrong and unjustifiable”.

Miliband  is Jewish by descent but a Leftist, and Leftism trumps everything for the true believer.

Just as forthright was the former Liberal Democrat leader Paddy Ashdown. Calling for peace talks, he described Israel’s approach as “very foolish” and “disproportionate”.But all this populist anti-Israeli posturing is dangerous. It shows not the slightest grasp of the reality of Islamist aggression in the Middle East and the depth of the challenge that Israel faces.

In practice denouncing the Jewish state means siding with the malevolent, murderous forces of jihadism, a stance that not only represents a complete inversion of morality but a ­suicidal disdain for the interests of western civilisation. 

With their habitual self- righteousness Miliband and Ashdown claim that Israel is losing the propaganda war.

“Israel has lost the support and sympathy of the world,” said Ashdown yesterday, speaking in his self-appointed role as spokesman for the planet’s citizenry.

However, Israel is fighting a real war, not a propaganda war.

It is up against a fanatical enemy – the Hamas ­terror network, dedicated to the destruction of the Jewish state.

The idea, sedulously cultivated by western appeasers of radical Islam, that the Palestinian movement is innocent is absurd.

The present conflict was started by Hamas firing rockets at Israeli civilians and since the beginning of July more than 2,800 of these ­missiles have been launched.

Britain would not tolerate an ­aerial assault without striking back so why should Israel?

The fact that Hamas’s rockets have inflicted only a few casualties is a reflection of their poor technology, not of their users’ lethal intent.

Moreover Hamas has constructed a series of tunnels into Israel with the aim of inflicting more deadly attacks. Israel, like any other nation, has a duty to defend itself by destroying this terrorist infrastructure.

In this context the parrot cry for negotiations is fatuous.

Negotiating with terrorists legitimizes them. The Israelis shouldn’t be doing it. No state should ever do it.

Hamas, an offshoot of the infamous Muslim Brotherhood, is not interested in a peace settlement, only in the annihilation of Israel and the Jewish people. Its founding charter, drawn up in 1988, proclaims that “Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it.”

Last week an imam in a Palestinian mosque declared: “Our doctrine in fighting you, the Jews, is that we will totally exterminate you. We will not leave a single one of you alive.”

So on what aspect of anti-Semitic genocide is Israel ­supposed to negotiate with Hamas?

(This was written before the negotiations in Cairo started. Fortunately they have now stalled.)

Instead of traducing Israel, western politicians and the media should face up to the terrifying global threat of fundamentalist Islam, of which Hamas is a key part.

We see that threat all over the world from the turmoil in Libya to the kidnapping of girls in Nigeria, from the stoning of women in Afghanistan to the savage persecution of Christians in Iraq.

If Israel’s defences crack, it will be another milestone in the slide from a liberal civilisation into a new dark, totalitarian age dominated by bigotry, misogyny and intolerance.

The baleful force of anti-Semitism is central to this aggressive Islamist ideology.

That is why, among militant Muslims and their western cheerleaders, there is such a neurotic obsession with Gaza. It is the ideal vehicle for trying to demonise Israel and delegitimise the Jewish state’s very existence.

The tragic irony is that Israel is one of the most open, prosperous countries yet now, thanks to the vicious anti-Jewish racism dressed up as concern for the Palestinians, it is treated in fashionable progressive circles as a pariah.

In trumpeting their compassion for Palestine and opposition to Israel progressive ­activists could hardly be more misguided.

There is nothing compassionate about Hamas’s creed of Islam, which seeks complete Sharia law and the subjugation of the infidel.

Similarly when western progressives bleat about ending “the cycle of violence” they are in denial about the violent nature of jihadism. Hamas’s 1988 charter explicitly states, “initiatives and so-called peaceful solutions are in contradiction of the principles of the Islamic resistance movement”.

British liberals often point to the success of the Northern Irish peace process but in the early 1990s the Republicans gave up because they were beaten by the British Army and the loyalist paramilitaries.

That is what needs to happen in Gaza. Israel has to break Hamas’s ability to wage war. Only by defeating terrorists can peace be achieved.

Rather than ­carping from the sidelines ­western politicians should ­support that goal.

Israel is a bulwark of ­civilisation against Islamism.

Ultimately we will pay a terrible price if we betray this heroic nation.

  • liz

    This article just expresses what should be obvious to anyone with common sense. The useful idiots of the left have no common sense, or brains, at all.
    They don’t think, period. But they make up for it by being real arrogant!

    • Don L


  • Don L

    From the above article: Labour leader Ed Miliband called Israel’s incursion into Gaza “wrong and unjustifiable”.

    Assuming this Miliband has a wife and family, let’s pretend that some guy, let’s call him Bob Hamas, starts beating the crap outta the wife and kids…with the intent to kill them. According to Miliband’s way of thinking, if he acts to defend his family, it would be “wrong and unjustified”. Insane. But, who is he speaking to? He must believe others agree with him. That brings us back to the former Czeck prime minster who rightfully points out the sickness of the population that would elevate such fools to positions of leadership.

    Further, this Milioband seemingly provides aid and comfort to those who would kill him in a heartbeat: hamas. I don’t understand the jews. They ralli spontaneously against the palestinians in NYC and then vote for their US voice: Obama and all things ‘left’. There’s some cultural-collective-nuerotic-suicidal mindset in this jewish religion/tribe.

    So, I asked this jewish guy why he votes democratic. He replied, ” Vy? Mine got, how can you say no to free?”

    Of course, there are exceptions. Israelis’ are fortunate to have leaders like Netanyahu.


      Israel………setting aside their religiosity, is probably the sanest
      country in the world, today. I believe that the majority of their countrywide sanity comes from the fact that they are down with the struggle of their lives!

      In this important time of great trouble, when a great mass of wolves is busy destroying a small group of peaceful lions that only fight for the right to live in peace, the great masses of “Planet Sheep” are too busy with their attachment to a life of leisure, missing the greater point that it is up to everyone of them to change their thinking in order to fight the wolves together…….or civilization, as we know it, disintegrates.

      And so this duty falls upon the few who do understand what is afoot to become lions, eating the wolves.

      • Don L

        Excellent commentary friend!

        • REALBEING

          Thank you, Don! To me, everyone on this unique forum brings inspiration to the table!