Killing for Allah 2

Watch deeply religious Muslims of the Islamic State (formerly ISIS or ISIL) commit mass murder. They proudly recorded themselves doing this service for Allah.

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  • Don L

    If you have ever seen documentaries of the nazi final solution, you should recognize these scenes; substitute Poles and Russians with Iraquis. Then, the only difference is the nazis had uniforms and many soldiers did wind up with nightmares over the killing. These slamist scum enjoy the killing and have no uniforms. the Nazis soon discovered that this shooting bullets killing method was too expensive and the gas chambers resulted. I bet the slamist equivalent Eichman is at work planning as we type.

    What is with this SOB president of ours?..almost forgot…muslim brotherhood advisors. Trayvon Martin he speaks about…this he ignores. You could probably, given his lack of concern and “slamist nation” attitude, substitute him for one of the unflinching and unmoved shooters…wouldn’t make him no never mind…it’s all Bush’s, the prior administration’s, fault anyways.

    • liz

      If Obama gets his way, they’ll take over entirely.