Scenes from the raging wars of religion 1

Yezidis are being enslaved and killed by faithful followers of Muhammad. Those who can, flee.

Imagine seeking refuge in the battlefield which is Syria! These people did, having nowhere else to go. Then they had to flee from Syria, and again having no choice, are returning to Iraq. Many die on the way.

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  • Don L

    Another video shows an older Iraqui man (a yazidi – using the new TV spelling – they’re soon to be just zidis), who had just offloaded from a helicopter arriving from the mountain top, plaintively crying and asking, “What kind of religion would allow this?”. Any religion were “Thy shall worship no gods before me” is capable of it and the prophets have magical powers and their teachings must be followed for there to be salvation in the after life. Mohamed is just sicker than the other mystical delusions. If Rowe V Wade is ever overturned by the “social conservatives” (born agains) I would expect the death row populations to rise dramatically…as a beginning. It will be illegal to be an atheist…convert or…?

    I do not want to detract from the message of the brutality being brought down on these people by the IS or ISL or ISIS (?). It is, however, for me, the epitome of the end game of religion.