The long reign of terror: Vladimir Putin and his predecessors 7

We took this excellent though horrifying video from Front Page.

We feel the need  to comment on only one thing. At the end, Bill Whittle says that Obama is “up against” the mass murderer Putin. But we doubt Obama sees Putin as an opponent. Obama was raised as a Communist. We think he is more likely to see Putin – even now – as an ideological ally than as an enemy.

  • liz

    Yes, the problem is that Obama isn’t one of us. He isn’t a “kind, decent person”. He’s a self-serving, America hating Communist himself.

  • Don L

    When I was a kid in grade school, in Illinois (the S is silent), we had a tabloid/paper that showed up every week called, not clever but the name fits, “The Weekly Reader”: wow, it’s still around. Anyway, sometime in the early -to- mid 50’s there were several weeks with stories about the USSR purges (the killings) under Stalin and about Beria. And, I remember that one week the story was about Beria being purged. It stuck…as later it was correctly named…I forever knew, the USSR was an Evil Empire!

    Fast forward: I remember the news report when Bush said he looked into Putin’s eyes: “I looked the man in the eye. I found him to be very straightforward and trustworthy.”. Whaaaaa? And, a Huh? too!

    One of the problems that leads most Americans to accept former Soviet government leaders/participants as being good guys was the reporting on Reagan’s/Thatcher’s Soviet counterpart: Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev.

    He was always seen as a reformer: the nice guy who wanted to bring democracy to the USSR. NOT!!!

    As with the parade of killers in the video…Gorby was in the line of those who ordered the killings. He was no lover of democracy or capitalism. He was a hardcore commie…how do you think you get to the top in that ideological nightmarish government. What he understood was the Soviet economy had collapsed and there was nothing, not even a war, to be done about it.

    Given facts revealed that are intelligent services never knew just how bad the USSR was off economically…Reagan UNKNOWINGLY (as in not intentionally) forced the end on Gorby with the Star Wars Arms race (Incidentally, a program that should have continued!!!). The Soviets couldn’t afford to send, already unpaid, troops to stave off the collapse of the satellite countries. It only looked like the premier was allowing freedom to flower. He is hated within the former empire; erroneously loved over here.

    Jillian nailed it with her observation about Obama and his entrenched/inculcated communism.: look up Obama’s long-term childhood mentor Frank Marshall Davis. Add to this madness his parent’s hatred of America/the west…the Domestic Enemy is in the White House. Like Kerry, Obama doesn’t disagree with Putin..he just sees degrees of unacceptability. He’d use different tactics…not change ideology!

    Incidentally,another “superior observation” for Jillian. I have not seen anyone, including C. Krauthammer, comment on Kerry’s “degree of acceptability” about barabarism and slaughter in Iraq.


      When evaluating anyone, especially the leaders of any country, one must take into account their personality, which, most importantly, has been honed to it’s ‘perfection’ by their experiences.

      Remember this also, Don: ALL of these Russian leaders were raised in unique, deadly, fearful times of turmoil.

      The Russian Revolution, The Stalinist Purges, World War 2, (Russia loosing in fact over 20,000,000 of it’s people!)…..turmoil that we Americans can only imagine, since most Americans have never gone through troubling lives like these folks have. These past experiences have been these Russian leader’s TRAINING.

      Take Obama. This ’empty suit’ is just that, having never held down a difficult job, never needing to make a payroll, always seeming to have most everything that he desired, it is rather obvious…….his “training” SPOILED HIM ROTTEN!

      Vladimir Putin’s reputation, like the Russian leaders before him, was forged in great, fearful, and extremely difficult times, which they would tend to carry on over into their particular governing styles, just as Obama’s ‘governing style’ carries on to this day.

      The Russian people definitely know what an “Iron Hand” feels like around their collective throats!

      • Don L

        Finally, the difference between a knowing ‘knot-tying swabby’ and a ‘government-issued caisson-puller’ is revealed: LOL.

        “When evaluating anyone, especially the leaders of any country, one must take into account their personality, which, most importantly, has been honed to it’s ‘perfection’ by their experiences.

        Remember this also, Don: ALL of these Russian leaders were raised in unique, deadly, fearful times of turmoil.”

        You are an apologists for soviets and Obama? Amazing. You need to do a Ricky Ricardo and ‘S’plain. The poor little Soviet leaders and the tiny Obama…they murder and slaughter because life was so hard. According to you…nobody has a will independent of background. Change is impossible?

        Friend, I do not grasp what it is you are trying to impart. Sorry, I’m getting something I find it hard for me to believe you’d really intend. So, HUH?

        I S’pect you’ll start with: NOT so knowing swabby…

        • REALBEING

          No. I’m not apologizing for the lack of personal integrity of ANY leader, or person. My mistake for churning this one out too quick.

          All humans are products of their experiences, Don. The responsibility of the instant where we are involved with others in give and take rests upon the level of our training as human beings.

          There is never an excuse for acting harshly against innocent human beings, if you’ve been trained to know that it is wrong!

          On the other hand, when the monsters of the world act upon the innocent, despite their personal training, it is definitely our responsibility to take care of ourselves first, and then those who ask for our help, which means it is our duty to act upon and against those monsters.

      • Russia only knows tyranny. Tyranny throughout its history. It had a few months under Kerensky’s leadership when Russia was sort of “liberal democratic/socialist”. Couldn’t stick. Back to tyranny under the Bolsheviks, and after a little while in place of Tsar came Tsarlin. (Poor pun.)


    “And so THAT, (Vladimir Putin) is who Barack Obama is up against!”

    In my honest opinion, kinda like “Batman” against “Bozo, The Self-Absorbed, Golf-Playing, Hoop-Shooting Clown.”