Religion in the twenty-first century? 7

This video, published in February 2013, is a film of a debate held by the Cambridge Union on the proposition: “This House believes religion has no place in the twenty-first century”. (Organized religion only is meant.)

It is over an hour and a half long. Is it worth watching?

We think it’s worth hearing what Richard Dawkins has to say in support of the motion. And also for what another eloquent atheist says – Douglas Murray, who surprisingly opposes it, but for quite different reasons from those of the other two opponents. They are a pair of downright villains: the former Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, who campaigned for sharia to be introduced into Britain; and his friend Tariq Ramadan of the Muslim Brotherhood. You’ll only get an earful of pious poppycock from each of them.

There is no argument over theology. No one mentions the wars of religion raging in the Middle East.

We came to one certain conclusion: religion may linger on a while yet, but Oh, it will be dull!


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  • Don L

    The best line of the debate was from Dawkins: “A supernatural answer to anything, is no answer at all.”.

    The close runner up was from the first speaker who pointed out that since all now agree there was no Adam…the son of god dying for original sin makes no sense at all.

    The 3rd and last speaker in favor of no organized religion in the 21st century I believed offered the best arguments. His examples showed, as he argued, that the truth of religion is irrelevant…it is what organized religion actually does: murder, bomb, abuse women, preclude free speech and oppose freedom of choice are just some examples.

    The last speaker, Douglas Murray, an aetheist, who favored the proposition that organized religion has a place in the future was probably the lamest. He thinks religion should exist because it answers the questions of death, forgiveness and other empty and irrational notions. I can;’t see straight…altering between cringing and laughter. I can only believe this “atheist” , Murray, is a socialist…why else even address such logic-less and extremely emotional topics…like lefties thrive on.

    The former archbishop and the islamic fellow were divine…they provided no justification to support the proposition other than the arrogant “…only religion provides morality”. yada yada!

    Some discussion of Organized religion intervening in the good of free market capitalism would have been good. Maybe next time! LOL.

    • liz

      So religion “answers the questions of death…” and that’s supposed to make it helpful? What’s the good of an answer if it’s totally wrong, not to mention delusional? As Dawkins pointed out, “a supernatural answer to anything is no answer at all.”
      And it also justifies Muslims in answering the question of death by saying it’s great if you die while killing infidels. And doing whatever other perverted barbaric thing you want to is great if you do it following the example of that paragon of virtue, Mohammed!
      Yes, religion answers lots of questions! Just not in any way that actually lines up with reality…


        Religion acts just like a pacifier to a baby. The murderous Muslim, (or any other murderous and villainous member of any other “club,” for that fact) has nothing else in their lives to warrant a civilized existence.

        They only want to die a martyr, taking as many infidels with them as possible, to claim their “heavenly prize.”

        We Americans should heed the warnings of my greatest teacher when he told me a long time ago “Always fear the man that is not afraid one little bit to die.”

        A kamikaze pilot was just as fearless as he was certain that upon killing the enemy, he too would enter paradise. Methamphetamines and all!

        Have these “faithful” types ever thought to themselves just what kind of ‘Deity’ would sanction this deadly arrangement where killing innocent, docile, harmless human beings, and slicing their even more innocent children in half, would be considered an “act of love?”

        Brainwashing is still very much alive in the human race!

        • liz

          The Manson family is a good example of that same combination of drugs and brainwashing, administered by a sociopath, resulting in the idea that murdering was an act of “love”.
          If even civilized Americans could be manipulated like that, it’s no surprise that backward third world Arabs could be.

  • liz

    “Religion may linger on a while yet”?…. How about a few more millennium?
    American Christianity will go out kicking and screaming if it goes at all, and it’s not. And that’s the good news.
    The bad news is Islam, of course, who’s adherents make Christians look like Einstein. That, I’m afraid, will linger on until we nuke every last Muslim on the planet, if we wake up and make it there first before they nuke us, which we won’t.


      I’m afraid that for quite a few people relying on myth is easier than themselves. Fear is a powerful motivator. But instead of motivating themselves out of fear to learn all that they can about themselves, they turn to superstition for comfort.

      • liz

        I know. That is just the strangest thing, isn’t it?
        Christians are experts at pointing out the superstition of others, yet can’t see it operating in themselves at all.
        Our capacity for deluding ourselves is an amazing thing!