A good answer to a stupid question 7

A selection of video-recorded statements by Christopher Hitchens on religion.

He is blunt and accurate, and entertaining as he always was (which we appreciated, even when – on political issues – we disagreed with him).


(Hat-tip to our reader Marnee)


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  • Don L

    He was so good. At the end of this video there are additional choices of videos of him to view. I watched several. His candor, quickness of mind and his well considered replies are superb. How fortunate that video can keep his essence with us.

    • liz

      Yes, he was great in this debate. Thanks for the link.

      • Don L

        Hey…thanks for being the person you are…to take the time!!! From one atheist ( I actually like this idea) to another…big Hug!!! (christians shudder at the thought of atheists caring and respecting). And, I always look forward to and enjoy your posts too!

        Not only was Hitchens good, I learned a lot. To discover the word ‘apologetics’ was mind blowing. An entire school, within a university, dedicated to defending theism. If I had been asked prior…I would have thought it meant the science of apologizing (Jillian said I didn’t have to anymore! LOL).

        Holy Crap…and it is only one of many universities: how many people dedicated to contrive BS to justify the unjustifiable?

        Again, Thanks!

        • liz

          Although Craig’s arguments were very flimsy to begin with, Hitchens still did a great job demolishing them!
          He always makes it look easy.

    • Mr Craig seems to me a rather stupid man. He doesn’t understand it is the one who says that something (an imperceptible something, “God”) DOES exist who needs to prove it. Those who do not believe it exists do not have to prove that its doesn’t. (One cannot prove that anything does NOT exist.) Hitchens didn’t answer that point well. Or his replies were too subtle for Craig to follow, so Craig kept repeating the stupid point. He also obviously didn’t know the literal meaning of the word “atheist”. And he really does believe that Jesus rose from the dead, and that he performed miracles. Craig even uses these “facts” to “prove” that Hitchens is wrong! Although Hitchens has his moments in this video, it is not the best performance of his that I’ve seen. But then again, Craig is too damp a challenger to be sliced with a sharp wit.

      • liz

        Yes, I noticed that Craig thought Hitchens should prove God doesn’t exist. And his own “proof” went in a circle from the Bible to his feelings.
        I guess Hitchens didn’t make as much effort since the opposing arguments were so weak, but I still thought he was good.

      • Don L

        Yes, Hitchens seemed a bit too Fred McMurrayish in his nonchalant forgetful professor act, And, I do think some of his arguments were too subtle. Further, I brought my own arguments to Craig in my head so I didn’t dicount Hitchens as much had I been just a disinterested viewer.

        What just fascinated me was watching Craig. So sure of himself in his delusions and mysticism. As you pointed out, Jillian, using the magical resurrection and miracles as proof of resurrection and miracles thus god was only sensible to a theist. They always prove god with unproven acts attributed to a god…or son-of. Wasn’t Craig just so well groomed and precise in his presentation? There was a kinda Tony Randall as Felix Unger about him…and like Felix…the enemy is looney!

        Craig began his arguments with some story or point about infinity and that anything that resulted in infinity was wrong and false. Then about halfway into his argument on the big bang and that nothing existed…not time or anything…before the big bang he scampers by as to avoid anyone asking about where then was god and about whether or not he is infinite. Hitchens did catch this but only mumbled a meek point about who created the creator…who by Craig’s own definitions would have had to be desiigned. Another poiny was about the fireball ending….contray, the universe will still be here…we won’t.

        Enough, I enjoyed it. It was amazing to watch the other side and to discoveri the massive network and thousands upon thousands of apologetics being trained to prove god.