Carpe diem, Palestinians, join the Islamic State! 5

The Islamic State has invited Muslims from everywhere in the world to come and live in it.

This presents a golden opportunity for Palestinians to be assimilated at last by their own people. Arabs among Arabs. They can be citizens of the new Caliphate.

Israel should encourage the transfer of willing West Bank Arabs and Gazans to the new Islamic State.

Of course it is likely that most Israeli Arabs citizens will prefer to stay in Israel. They are not on the whole a problem to themselves or anyone else. Israel has never aimed at becoming an Arab-free country (though it has been accused of wanting to be just that by its enemies, especially Leftist Israeli historians), and it would be the poorer if it were.

But the Gazans who voted for Hamas to govern them – it will be just like home for them to be under the rule of ISIS/ISIL. And the stone-throwing youth of the West Bank – they’ll be given real weapons by the Islamic State.

Who will not have what they want? Only those Arab states that want to use the Palestinians as a perpetual reproach to Israel and the Western powers who allowed Israel to come into existence.

The loss of that use of them might irritate Obama too, but he could console himself that ISIS is Islam Victorious.

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  • liz

    We should give all Muslims who have invaded our countries a one way ticket to the Islamic State. We’d promise, of course, to leave them alone and never defile their purity with our presence. No imports, exports, aid or assistance.
    Let Allah take care of his glittering jewels of colossal ignorance.
    And the rest of the world will get on quite well without them.

    • Yes, let them out, and never let them in again.

      And if Europe decides to bomb them, it will be done of course with perfect proportionality and not a single civilian will be killed.

      • liz

        Yes, bombing them really would be the next logical step.
        Then bomb all the mosques they left here. Do it on a 9/11 and let a family of each victim of 9/11 ignite the powder on the dynamite. Then do fireworks and parties!


      Liz, you forget that regardless of our past and present actions in the Middle East, the terrorists began this war against not just the U.S.A. but against ALL people who are not Muslim way back in the sixth century when Muhammad attacked pagan Mecca.

      This on-going war of theirs is against Atheist, Christian, Buddhist, Jainist, and any other major or minor religion or thought process that does not follow Shri’ah.

      By both their words and actions they state “If you are not already a perfect follower of Allah like us, you will either convert, or die!”

      Because of these terrorists the world at large is in a struggle for it’s very existence. They are relentless when they say that we ‘Infidels’ cannot exist unless we are believers just like them.

      Against this type of relentless “idea” there can be only one resolve………..fight ’em, kill ’em, beat ’em, and finally shut off their wind!

      IOW, their “Islamic State” is in the ground………

      • liz

        Right – that’s exactly why the next logical step, once we got them there, would be to bomb the living hell out of them.