The blessings of religion never cease 2

Some of the thousands of dead and dying Christian victims of Boko Haram, the Muslim savages intending to set up an Islamic state in Nigeria.

A picture of a recent massacre from The Religion of Peace.


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  • liz

    Compare this to the neatly covered Hamas “corpses” laid out for the nightly news coverage (that couldn’t keep from squirming and getting up).
    I don’t see any leftists protesting and boycotting over the racism or religious intolerance of this, or any of the other atrocities their noble Muslim “freedom fighters” commit.
    This makes slavery and the lynchings of the pre-civil rights days look tame, but their only concern here is to deny that it has anything to do with Islam.

  • Don L

    I have nothing to write that wouldn’t result in the government, or whomever with the fake cell tower tech, showing up at my door. But it would include the comments…god works in mysterious ways…who are we to know his plan…christ walks on water because S___ floats and mohammed takes it in the A__.