Fearing the truth about Benghazi 2

We’re delighted by every sign that the Obama henchmen – and henchwomen – are scared of what Fox News is discovering and broadcasting about Benghazi, where the regime allowed the US ambassador and three other Americans to be killed by Libyan terrorists. Fox News has found more and more evidence that the administration refused to send help, and that they’ve  been trying to cover up their guilt ever since. Now Greta van Susteren reveals yet another effort to stop the truth emerging.

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  • Don L

    Saw this…perhaps she has a reason, but that she would have named who from the white house called.

    And, of course, the Bret Baier story as told by three on-the-ground in Benghazi CIA contractors confirms wait/stand down order given. The State Dept is now only disputing the words used…wait vs stand down. In fact both were used and both mean the same: don’t go, wait, stand down. stop, halt, no…one and all the same…4 died. Anyway, it sounds like State is foisting another contrivance…oh, from no wait/stand down to, OK there was one but for this new convenient reason.

    State claims they were to wait for additional equipment and support…none ever came and a go order was never given…the contractors used their own initiate and went to the consulate. Had, they all agree, gone immediately…not stood down, waited or otherwise been forced to delay…the 4 would be alive today.

    Here’s another of my “Twere I Pres…or elected Pres in 2016…I’d immediately have Obama and everybody in his admin thrown in prison for acts against the United States. Supremes as well…especially Roberts. ‘Nough said.

    • liz

      Exactly. They should all be in prison right now for all of this.