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These photos (from the Mail Online) of sufferers from ebola lying dead on the roads in Liberia give a true picture of Africa. See how poor it is – despite decades of First World aid being poured into it.

Why the pervasive and persistent poverty with its concomitant filth and ignorance? Could the aid have something to do with it? It wrecked the local economies and filled the Swiss bank accounts of the dictators rather than built a house, paved a street, or founded a school or hospital.

Millions of Africans have died of malnutrition, malaria, and Aids. And now thousands are dying of ebola.

But out of the West comes more aid. The outbreak and rapid spread of this most terrible disease allows Obama to continue his campaign of turning the US military into a ministry of social workers.

American soldiers will now have to face something far more lethal than IS/ISIS/ISIL. Something they did not sign up for. (Will there be no protest from the ranks?)

And what are the odds against their bringing ebola back home with them?

This is from the Wall Street Journal. (Google the title Obama Plans Major Ebola Offensive to get round the paywall. )

President Barack Obama plans to dramatically boost the U.S. effort to mitigate the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, including greater involvement of the U.S. military …

Mr. Obama is expected to detail the plan during a visit Tuesday to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC] in Atlanta …  Among the possible moves: sending additional portable hospitals, doctors and health-care experts, providing medical supplies and conducting training for health workers in Liberia and other countries.

Mr. Obama also is expected to urge Congress to approve the request he made last week for an additional $88 million to fund his proposal.

“There’s a lot that we’ve been putting toward this, but it is not sufficient,” Lisa Monaco, Mr. Obama’s counterterrorism adviser, said in an interview Sunday. “So the president has directed a more scaled-up response and that’s what you’re going to hear more about on Tuesday.”

The strategy has four components: control the outbreak at its source in West Africa; build competence in the region’s public-health system, particularly in Liberia; bolster the capacity of local officials through enhanced training for health-care providers; and increase support from international organizations …

The Ebola outbreak has infected at least 4,784 people as of Sept. 12, with 2,400 of them dying—a jump from 3,707 cases and 1,848 deaths as of Aug. 31. The true toll probably is much higher, the World Health Organization says. …

Mr. Obama ordered a bolder U.S. effort about two weeks ago after CDC Director Tom Frieden briefed the White House on his findings from a trip to West Africa … Dr. Frieden said publicly on Sept. 2 that he saw dozens of patients lying on the ground in an Ebola treatment center because there weren’t enough beds. “I could not possibly overstate the need for an urgent response,” he said.

Mr. Obama’s plan is a reaction to concern that the epidemic could significantly grow in West Africa, particularly in urban areas. …

One rising concern among officials is the possibility that the virus could mutate in a way that would make it more dangerous.

It could become air-borne.

The more the virus spreads from one human to another, the more opportunities it has to mutate, virologists say. While not all scientists agree that significant mutations that would change the way the virus is transmitted are likely, one recent study of virus samples over three weeks in Sierra Leone found many mutations.

The fourteenth century was cursed with the Papal Inquisition and bubonic plague. The twenty-first century is cursed with Islam and ebola.

The only sensible place to look for real help is the laboratory.

Western hard-headed science will do what Western soft-hearted charity can not.

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  • liz

    Islam has been a curse in every century since it mutated in the mind of the criminally insane barbarian who started it. But the 21st century has had the rotten luck of being specially cursed with it, thanks to all the help it’s received from our other incurable disease, leftism.
    One curse deserves another, so I can only wish Ebola on both of them.

    • Kerry

      Unfortunately Liz, Ebola does not discriminate and if they were to get it….well, you know 🙂 Having commented thus, I am so disheartened by what I see in Liberia. I lived there for three years some time back, and count many there as friends who are suffering either because of family members who are stricken, or because it is further complicating a very stressful living condition in the best of times. I will not get into the politics of the country; about how the American slaves that chose to return there, then enslaved the local people. I won’t comment on how the US, while doling out money to the leadership, held no one accountable for how the funds were administered. We have failed time and again in trying to “help” from Egypt to Libya, from DRC to Guinea, and we led from behind in our approach to apartheid.

      I am pleased that the ebola cure/vaccine is being fast tracked. We are behind the curve again, but at least there is a glimmer of hope for those just now contracted the disease. And yes….we can thank the God Almighty for such a despicable disease. (sarcasm)

      • liz

        I was just joking about the Ebola, although I wouldn’t doubt that’s something terrorists would attempt to attack us with.
        It is a very sad situation in Liberia and other African countries. It is so very similar to the conditions in the inner cities of he U.S. that have been ruined by the corrupt leftists running them into the ground.
        I didn’t know much about Liberian history – interesting that former slaves enslaved others there, also. So much for “white guilt”. In he book “The Real Lincoln” I learned that Liberia was Lincoln’s big idea. It hasn’t worked out too well for either the ones that went there or the ones that stayed, thanks to corrupt leftist governments.

        • Burro

          Last week I saw an article which showed the WHO (ie World Health Organization) predicting that the Ebola virus will infect at the rate of doubling every three weeks.

          This is wrong. The spread of epidemics follows an f/(1-f) curve, also known as a logarithmic Gompertz trend. It shows up in the spread of innovations and was first really explored by the Boston Consulting Group as a device for business in assessing penetration rates for new products in new markets. In simple terms, we are screwed.

          The only hope to prevent a massive explosion of the disease is draconian restriction on movements and isolation of cases. Those of us who have been in Darkest Africa and see the porous nature of borders prevents this. Borders are simply abstract constructions to herding peasants.

          The development of the epidemic will reach an inflection point and then decline. If the isolations do not occur I did a back-of-the envelope estimate of 5 million deaths. It all depends on the “constants” of the equations, which are presently unknown. It is time to short real estate in Sierra Leone………………..

          Hard choices are needed. Sending US troops on a “mercy mission” to the front without the appropriate training is a death sentence for them……….and if they bring the “lurgi” back with them to the US – imagine the havoc compromised immune systems will suffer if it gets loose. Trust Obama to do the deed.

          Incidentally, two further observations: first, Ebola has three main strains – at present. One does not kill “normal” immune-systemed persons. Two are real buggers (the pun intentional). They contain bits called Vp20 and NP20, which cause the production of glycoprotein leading in turn to dymeric protein which unfortunately tricks the bod as these proteins lead to cell signals that imitate white blood cells – bingo! The body ends up in a cascade of confusion while the nasty blighters re-write all manner of chemicals in the body and lead to….blood-letting.

          Second, the photo shown by the Fabulous Jill looked just like Oakland California today. I was down in the Barrio at 96th & East 14th and the scene with the man on the ground and quite out of it was replicated for all to see…………..except in California, not Africa. Sorry, East 14th is now called International Boulevard – such an improvement and it makes all the difference to how inhabitants behave.

          Let us not compromise on our immune system, let alone on our sense of humour.

          The Burro

          • liz

            Thanks for the interesting (if depressing) info on Ebola.
            I wonder if Obama’s going to supply all those troops with hazmat suits?
            And if downtown Oakland is that bad, I can just imagine Detroit.

            • Burro


              if you want to see how bad most of the major cities of the US of A are becoming, I have a small book which was recently put out discussing this topic.

              If you provide the Fabulous Jill an address it will be shipped to you free of charge at my expense. All the locations discussed are of course run by Democrats – right into the ground.

              I will tell you, I read this little insight-giver and cried with sadness at the decline of the US of A. As Shelley (the poet, not my ex-sweetheart) said, “look upon my works ye mighty, and despair.”

              I will now give you a jolt: the free market showed up in Detroit recently. There is a boom going on in the centre! I am possibly thinking of investing there in a barn for my harem as land is cheap. Yes, the free market – hated by the politico thugs as it involves freedom, and a market – which would value the politicians at their correct price – zero. And trust me, I am the world’s biggest four-legged optimist on that valuation.

              On Ebola: if you want to see the epidemic equations there is a classic case of the spread of locusts in Egypt which produces the f/(1-f) curves. For some reason I could not locate it on the net. It can be seen in an English medical journal I recall, but I could not find that either. Probably for the better given what England has become. There is a single order differential equation involved but nothing really complex.

              The Burro

            • liz

              Thank you for the very kind offer!
              As for the single order differential equations, I’m afraid that’s all Greek to me, but I appreciate your educated contributions on the subject!

            • liz – if Burro wants to send you anything, we will forward it to you for him.

            • liz


            • Burro

              Well, can you believe it! I have discovered the article on the Lurgi! It was not quite what I recalled however, as just before I mentioned it to you I was munching on some fermenting cherries in my favourite field and the effects had temporarily clouded my superb memory.

              That’s the good news. There is bad however. The article was written by none other than Lieut-Col. Anderson Gray McKendrick, whose great-grandaughter (Sarah the Beast, STB) had an intellectual liason with yours truly regarding the poetry of Keats at the regular poetry orgy in Cambridge. Well, as fate would have it, AG was a quack – a doctor to us British types. He had spent years studying various vile, disgusting, foreign parts, and met a chappie called W. O. Kermak. Kermak & Kendrick went on to be recognized as the “dudes” in the application of mathematics to medicine.

              In fact, they even developed new branches of maths, and here is the bad news, The article was first presented on January 15th., 1926 at the Royal College of Physicians, Edinburgh, and then placed into the proceedings as of August 13th., 1926 (Application of Mathematics to Medical Problems). The material opened a new vista in medicine, as well as introducing the McKendrick-Von Foerster partial differential equation in two variables.

              Alas, dear Liz, if a linear uni-variable equation gives you the wobbles, this stuff will invoke puling of hair – a particularly difficult number for us cloven beasties. You may have to purchase a copy of my forthcoming book “Unbelievably Difficult and Utterly Incomprehensible Mathematics for Dummies” for guidance.

              However – more good news: by special permission of STB I am allowed to tell you the maths leads to two types of curves – one with a hump at the left and a peak then a tail rather like the distribution of income – the other constantly increasing like the Zimbabwe hyperinflation (God, I LOVED that inflation). Anyway, the last number of Ebola infections reported at was 30,000 which suggests it has got into new areas not yet reported by our honourable and entirely trust-worthy press. The hyperinflation model beckons.

              May the many and varied African Gods get of their duffs and help these most unfortunate souls.

              The text promised has been forwarded to the Fabulous Jill for on-transmission to your good self.

              And Don El #268 – should you espy this: another day, another 100 pages of the Pikster………

              The Burro

              P. S. All is not lost. Epidemics do end. Everybody dies. Let hope the politicians go first.

            • Burro

              Just discovered interesting fact: the maths McKendrick produced was lost for 30 years – until Von Foerster re-discovered it and made it known to the world.

            • liz

              Thank you for the book!
              I do need math for dummies, but the history of McKendrick’s math is still a fascinating story!

            • Burro

              It is on its way dear Liz, and if you feel guilty, please send carrots………………..

              Now, I decided to more intimate with the ebola virus yesterday, and I got a real shock. I took a look at the organic description of the virion’s structure and was amazed at the beauty and yet complexity of the little bugger. It is…………..well………….magnificent. There are two what I’d call Benzene rings, surrounded by a gigantic circle of complex organics. It was like nothing I have seen before. I dug up the crystalline analysis of the proteins associated with it and discovered the virion has the appearance with the associateds of a battering ram. This molecule can batter its way into your cells and wait – the covering of the interior of the blood vessels in the human body has a surface that is very like the inverse of the constructs’ shape – yahoo – this molecule will slip into the covering and as it were “get into your…….vessels>” Ag! You will find your vessels getting directions to bleed like an overtaxed small company. This is depressing. If only I had followed my Socialist instincts and gone into molecular biology…….but my ears got in the way of the scanning electron microscopes’ peer-holes.

              So……to avoid depression and gloominess —–aka the Democratic mindset, I decided to call my old friend (somewhat exaggerated) in the Darkest Hole of Africa – Rotina Mavhunga – aka Nomatter Tagarira. She can cure anything!

              Nomatter is a great celebrity in Zimbabwe. Formerly known as Rhodesia and named after the disgusting Cecil Rhodes who had the audacity to take lousy land, populate it, farm it and turn into the bread-basket of Africa, Zimbabwe is now a Socialist Utopia run into the ground by Robert Mugabe where you will be very happy, starving, and if you need your appendix out – please bring your supplies and your doctors. But they make great inflations…….Oh Yes Great!.

              So, I reached Nomatters’ home hovel, where, as a re-knowned “spirit medium” she held audiences. I talked to BungoMatter Notwhat her relation, and after the usual introductions and chat on the condition of his goats, my harem, his sheep and male erectile dysfunction, we progressed to Nomatter. Unfortunately she was unavailable as she was in the slammer ie the pokey or to less informed types, jail, due to unfortunate circumstances.

              These circumstances arose in 2007 when NM (as she is known to the big -dogs) solved the problem overnight of the shortage of diesel by tapping a rock and out poured PROCESSED DIESEL. What a marvelous sight!

              So Bad-Boy Mugabe, not a man to be taken in by Voodoo none-sense cunningly held an audience with most of his cabinet in tow to see the rock/diesel transformation en vite. So enamoured were the audience, they thought they would outfox the great NM by giving her a $2,7 million cash grant, a farm, cattle, and the privilege of riding around in air force helicopters.

              And of course it worked. NM was exposed as not being quite what she claimed, locked up in a slammer which in fact BungoMatter said was a great improvement on her regular digs. It took a year to outfox her, and in that year more parties were held in NM’s city than ever before. Goats were sacrificed, women had children, dogs barked and the money the genius Mugabe laid out was laid waste to.

              So the point of this for you Liz, is to say that the Messiah will come. Ebola will be bowled out and life will move on ever upwards. Alternatively, things could really go to Hell and you might wake up in the morning and find when you look in the mirror you see…..BO!!!!

              The Burro

              P. S. My father-in-law claimed he met Mugabe many times, as FIL was from South Africa. I regret to say that his comments on his character are unprintable except to say he gives great INFLATION.

              Us Burros do have standards to maintain.

            • burro

              Further info from the cesspool.

              According to “Professor Cyril Broderick” professor of “Plant Pathology” in Liberia, lately of the University of Delaware, in an article publishes in that glamour-paper, The Liberian Observor ( the entire ebola outbreak is the work of Western corporations et al. performing experiments on Africans as “guinea-pigs”.

              Personally, as a Pig-fan I reckon this insults the piggies, and
              1. I do not think I will be attending the U of D any-time soon;
              2. So glad you are hedging your bets pro by buggering of to the US of A.

              What in God’s name is plant pathology? Advise dear readers, advise!!!!

              The Bemused Burro

              P. S. Broddie-boots’ article has a lovely drawing of the ebola beastie. I wish I could understand what it all means!

            • Don L

              Dear Burro’

              I borrow from the great Frank Barone: “Holy Crap!”. You do go on. The good news, if we ever meet for drinks…I’ll finish several while you talk. Hmmm. perhaps I’ll need too. LOL!

              Somewhere above you referenced me…can’t find it. Too much about ebola. Just want to know what the probability is of my getting it? The rest…Eh! Just really pissed that SOB in WH sends troops to fight ebola and I suspect odds of Islamic nuke greater than ebola.

              Hope you’re well…Oh, that you indicated you are hunting “tail”…have invested heavily in PFE! LOL.

            • burro

              I am indeed well thank you!

              I was forced by misery over the ebola stuff to take refuge in a good Bordeaux. I was also buttressed by my discovery of the Liberian Observor – a real winner.

              Two articles cheered my weary tail: one was about Assistant Minister Jeremiah Krah. He was stopped for a traffic offense by a female officer and attacked her, ripping her clothes off “in public”. He is pleading for mercy as he “was misled by the Devil”. Now we know where ebola comes from!

              Also the case of Smith Freemen caught my beady eye. Smith, 2 months old, was upset at Granny hurling insults at him. Mamma Lorpu Kollie, 16, apparently put him down whilst wandering in the bush (what the Hell for, one asks?) when he suddenly shot up in size to “a full-grown man” and ran off into the bushes. Daddy Freeman is worried this may affect his daughters’ chances of marriage in the future while local chiefs have invoked a “traditional enquiry” to investigate. First move to hold a meeting, get drunk, then take a nap. Sounds just like Washington DC>

              Sorry about the going on. It gets very lonely out here in the field all day, so blogging is one of the few pleasant distractions. I will try to cut back, starting tomorrow.

              The Dypsomanic Burro

              P. S. Bat pie consumption has plummeted in Liberia. Short all bat pie futures immediately.

            • liz

              These stories from Liberia are hilarious. Except that I have no doubt they’re true, which is pretty scary.
              Well now we know who to blame for our entire country being in the toilet – it’s the devil! Or God sending our chickens home to roost, take your pick.

            • Don L

              It was not my intent to restrict…merely an observation!

              Bordeauxs…yummy. Now as to bat pie: My mother was a terrible cook. She never understood it was the bat that was to be in the pie…not the guano. But like with Aunt Bea’s pickles, we never told her. We just dumped the slices in the garden. She was always amazed how well the garden grew. Almost as fast, no plant pathology issues. as Smith.

              And, being rid of the 2 month old toddler… her father need not worry…increases her chances for further dalliances…er, marriage.

              Now, no more of this Liberian mirror/observor nonsense…P data calls!

              Ah, China. Buying back our debt merely as show…with what dollars? They’d have to buy more of our debt for us to fund it. A perpetual monetary machine. Or, of course, we could just hasten our journey to Zimbabwe dollars and just print more. China’s central bank is actually out doing our FED’s outrage and, not in absolute dollars, but as a percent of currency de-valuation,…well, cities of empty buildings speak for themselves. Then again worthless is worthless is worthless. Their demise may easily come before ours and we are certainly going to cra$h…sooner rather than later.


              Cabby #268

              P.S. Actually had a guy jump in, once, and yell, “follow that car!”.

            • Did you – follow that car? And what happened if you did?

            • Don L

              Hi Jillian,

              Yes, I followed the car. It turned out to be an insanely jealous husband. I know what it looks like.

              I had just dropped at a local shopping mall and was finishing paper work when the back door flew open and the guy points forward and yells, “follow that car’.

              It was his wife and we followed her for a bit more than 4 hours while she shopped at another mall, a grocery store, had her nails done and went home. At least on this day she did nothing suspicious. And, listening to this guy rant for four hours…I doubt she was doing anything wrong…he had problems.

              Anyway, the fare with mileage, wait times and my imposed penalty fee (a real nut case), was about $700; back in the early-nineties…a good day!

              Somewhat ironic, I had been married to an insanely jealous (she would literally physically attack waitresses if she thought they were getting too friendly with me – twice taken off in restraints to a behavioral lock-up ward) senior banker that resulted in an economically-disastrous divorce.

              When life came crashing down, corporate career and nice 6 figure income over, my choice was deliver pizza or drive a cab…Taxi was exciting and all CASH! I saw a growth potential. LOL.

              So many more stories. The weirdest was the guy living in a hole in the middle of a field….and hour trip and a $3000 fare! That’s for another day.

            • “Memoirs of an Austrian School Cabbie”? I’d buy it.

            • Burro

              Count me in as well!!

            • Burro

              On second thoughts, send me ten copies!

            • Burro

              Liz/Don El #268

              Re: no matter data: Google Rotina Mavhunga for a full list of sources.

              My favourite; shows my heroin in full form – with a blast of PROCESSED DIESEL.

              Sadly, the article confuses two stories – one on RM, the other on two ministers who kidnapped two young women in order to “spill blood” which from two related virgins would apparently “improve election chances.” Incredibly, it did not work. It did, however, caused the losing candidates to get put in the slammer for (and this is the exact quote), “abduction a dual girls for protocol purposes.”

              In the pokey with Chipo Muradi and Dominic Musapurwa are three important Zanu PF representastives Odrina Gwengwe, Kaise Ncube, and Joyce Watyoka. Oh Praise the Lord – if only our politicians were this much fun. Hey……maybe they are and we do not know!

              Punishment is expected to be severe and will include being locked in a men’s bathroom for a week with a full-grown goose of unknown sex, and deprived of bat-pie for three months.

              The Burro

              Let us hope the goose is of the Canadian variety, as the Canadians are a very straight lot. (OK Don El #268 that WAS made up, and I profusely apologize for the intoxication with the exuberance I suffer for my own verbosity. Back to P and the Bordeaux).

            • Burro

              Further info on the Lurgi: FT of London just offered new data: 1.4 million ultimate infections 57% deaths. Boy thing are looking up! Not everyone is dying………..yet. And this does not even include the data on remote villages.

              Infections stated as “doubling every 20 days” but is horse-poop, not to be confused with the much better-grade, Burro-poop. The epidemic is still accelerating ie the second order derivative on the f-curves is increasing! Actual infections are probably FAR higher.

              FYI in Bong County, Liberia, 26 new deaths 9/26, 36 new infections. Oh, did I mention, 55% of the local population have to walk for over one hour to get medical attention and………there are 160 beds in the new ebola clinic. Well, that should take care of things. Hand me the 2009 Chateau Malbec please….no not the glass ………..the bottle.

              The Very Sad Burro

            • liz

              And as if that wasn’t bad enough, apparently they keep attacking the medical workers who arrive to help them. I haven’t heard how the troops we sent over are faring.
              Also, I somehow previously missed the stories below on Nomatter and Mugabe – very interesting!
              I suggest we send Obama over to be the Messiah the Liberians are waiting for.

          • Don L

            Troops to fight ebola…not combat? And, none to ISIS…he is without question the Domestic Enemy.