Between the Hamas devil and the deep blue sea 10

The one really helpful thing that a strong American leadership could do to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: persuade the Egyptian and Jordanian governments to assimilate the Palestinians. Egypt could annex Gaza – something it resisted doing even when Gaza was under its administration before 1967. And Jordan could add the population of the West Bank to its existing Palestinian majority. Jordan was created to be the Arab state  in the Palestine area over which Britain was granted a mandate after the First World War.

Many Gazans find life under the cruel government of Hamas intolerable. Thousands try to flee the Strip. They pay smugglers to get them to Europe.

On arrival in Europe they claim to be refugees from Syria.

Recently two ships carrying Palestinian refugees from Gaza were sunk – by rival smugglers. Most of the men, women, and children they were carrying drowned.  

This report comes from the repellent, left-slanted, but informative Israeli newspaper Haaretz:

Thousands of Palestinians have left the Gaza Strip for Europe using tunnels, traffickers and boats …

Gazans have been fleeing the Strip since the beginning of Operation Protective Edge [Israel’s name for the most recent war],  but their escape was hardly covered in the media since they have been leaving clandestinely, with the help of paid smugglers.

And the smugglers are in cahoots with Hamas.

The sinking of two ships carrying Palestinians from Gaza — one off the coast of Malta last week, and the other off the coast of Egypt — and the drowning of hundreds of passengers have focused attention on the trend.

The Palestinian Embassy in Greece reported yesterday that the ship that sank off the coast of Malta was carrying more than 450 passengers, most of them Palestinians from the Gaza Strip, and that it was rammed intentionally by another ship run by rival smugglers.

The Gaza-based human rights group Adamir has collected the names of more than 400 missing people. “No one knows where they are; the whole Gaza Strip is talking about it. It’s such a painful story, as if it’s not enough what happened in the last war and now another blow comes,” said Adamir director Halil Abu Shamala, noting that most of the passengers were young people but that there were also whole families aboard.

At least 15 Palestinians drowned when another ship sank off the Egyptian coast near Alexandria on Saturday. …

One prominent smuggler leader named Abu Hamada Asuri oversees a network that brings people out of the Gaza Strip to Europe by sea. He lives in Egypt but has representatives in the Strip, some of whom are well-known figures there.

A Palestinian told the newspaper:

This trip costs between $3500 to $4000 dollars a person. People who want to go make arrangements ahead of time to come to the entrance to a tunnel in Palestinian Rafah. It’s a relatively small tunnel; most of the big ones have been blocked by the Egyptians. People crawl dozens of meters and at the end of the tunnel on the Egyptian side of Rafah a minibus or other vehicle waits for them and takes them to Port Said.

The man said that once they get to Port Said or other locales, they wait in an apartment or other building that has been prepared for them ahead of time. He added that Egyptian security officials are bribed to look the other way and stamp passports with forged stamps. …

The refugees wait until they get word from the smugglers to proceed to Alexandria, where they board small boats, sometimes dozens per boat. Once they leave Egyptian territorial waters they switch to another boat that in most cases sails to Italy. The trip usually takes about a week.

One refugee who managed to get to the Italian coast [said] that when the boat approaches the shore it issues a distress call and Italian navy and Red Cross ships pick them up. In other cases, the boat approaches the shore and people jump into the water with life jackets, and are rescued by the Coast Guard or the Red Cross.

Most of the refugees say they are Syrians or Palestinians who have arrived from Syria seeking safe haven from the war in that country. The refugees are transferred to special facilities where they wait for a few days. They say the long arm of the smugglers reaches right into those facilities; representatives of the smugglers sign papers releasing them from the facilities, and then onward to their destinations. Some want to leave Italy for another country where they have relatives.

One Gaza resident, who had planned on leaving the Strip in the next few days … changed his mind after he heard about the drownings. People hear about how to leave Gaza by word of mouth, he said. “Some people came and told about the good life and the normal conditions and of course anywhere in Europe is better than here. Whether you get through the whole trip safely depends on what kind of luck you have.” …

One woman survivor of the ship that sank off the coast of Alexandria said Egyptian smugglers had rammed it and that they saw people were drowning and offered no help. “But I don’t think even such a terrible incident will stop the phenomenon because people are completely desperate and want to leave. They say clearly it’s better to die at sea than die of despair and frustration in Gaza,” the resident said.

The Palestinian Authority yesterday warned Palestinians to be wary of the smugglers. But the government cannot act against those who flee because its security forces don’t have control over the smuggling routes, which are in the hands of influential people who are close to the Hamas government in the Gaza Strip. 


Another Israeli source, also reporting on the sinking of refugee ships and Hamas’s involvement in the smuggling, writes this:

Internal Arab polls indicate that at least 70% of Gazans want to leave Gaza for good. The Europeans must take the moral step to help these people leave safely to European shores.

What? Seventy percent of the population of Gaza to be added to the Muslim colonists of Europe?

Europe should rather join America – when it has proper leadership – in bringing about the annexation of Gaza by Egypt (and the absorption of the West Bank Palestinians by Jordan).

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  • Frank

    Western countries need to stop taking in any Muslim immigrants. They don’t appreciate any help or aid from the West. And they refuse to assimilate into any other culture. To paraphrase Mark Twain:

    “If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between a dog and Muslim immigrants.”

    • liz

      Exactly. Not only stop taking them in, send the others back.
      Just saw news about another Muslim killing a white boy. Not only terrorist, but racist. Where’s Obama and Holder? Nowhere to be found. This one doesn’t look enough like Obama’s “son”, or holders “people”.

  • Don L

    I don’t know that I have any great pity for these…hmmm…victims? Aren’t they, given their uncoerced vote for hamas, merely those who just don’t want to live (reap) with what they sow? Leaving Gaza doesn’t leave behind their foolish hatreds and religion. So, they get in bed with snakes and scorpions and snakes and scorpions bite them…It’s what snakes and scorpions do.

    Candidly, rather they all perish before reaching any shore…where their presence just transfers misery and hate from one location to another and creates nightmare problems for others. These are not people seeking refuge from oppressors…but, rather, people seeking to avoid the consequences of their own beliefs and actions.

    As an aside, Nobama was heard to say that if ISIS had just sent the journalists and aid workers free with a note saying mind your own business…he would have not been moved to act. So, in his own words, he tells us he’s only acting as a political gesture and against his will. He does not see ISIS as a problem or threat…he would have ignored them except for the beheadings…Can we book a sea trip for him and let this Abu babadada nudaduba know his itinerary?

    • liz

      Yeah, he’s got to pretend to have a strategy and be doing something only because the beheading videos make it embarrassing for him if he doesn’t. I doubt if he’s actually given a “strategy” five minutes thought.

      (Shebop, shebop, ding, dang, Shamalamadingdong !)

      • Don L

        boogadee boogadee boogadee shoop! And I re-edited sea trip to sea cruise. LOL

    • Burro

      Don El #268. Just a quick word re: the free book offer. Not only will you be receiving Vedder (if ever I can get to the Independent Institute!) but another on the fabulous job the Democrats did in various cities.

      Been busy reading Piky-boy. Now on page 3,567, only 7,833 to go!

      Will send city book first if get delayed on Vedder. Did you survive the floods? If not please let me know so I can save the books………

      The Burro

      • Don L

        Hi Burro!

        Listen, you don’t have to do any of this. I certainly enjoy the offer but it is quite unnecessary. Our exchanges are all the reward I require!!!

        I guess your reasons are good, but Reading P boy…argh!. Incidentally, knowing the LFTime’s review about his doctored data by dates should make the read a bit more interesting: knowing that what is before you is fabricated.

        The floods were remarkable…so much water and no way to capture it. I got a cold out of it.

        Later and stay well!!!

        • Burro

          I think I may have found other errors in his numbers but I want to get it all under my belt before I burst forth.

          It really is an extra-ordinary effort to denounce Capitalism, but we all know he is French, and the Fries are not very good at Capitalism.They are good at maths, so they can’t be all bad. Apart from that, I am lost for what else they do well, except, of course, Hanky-Panky. Or as my insiders say of Strauss-Kahn: HANKY-SPANKY.

          And one of my ex-fiancees married a Frenchman (buress Jezebel) who has produced incredibly wonderful buritos. So you know, I won’t have a word said against SOME French-persons. Saved my gorgeous tail he did now didn’t he?

          Re: books: the pleasure is mine. Vedder’s text really is a masterpiece of common sense and it is a pleasure to give. The little piece on the cities – well, old chap, try not to cry at the stunning damage done. If I can quote the book liberally, “cities have become reservations for the poor and minorities” which I cannot get out of my head.

          However – check the comment to Liz re: Detroit. You might enjoy it.

          I will contact Bob the Crow to see if he has any pull with the local lads in your area. Perhaps for a few of his favourite sour-dough rolls he could pull influence on the bad-boys-band and get them to build a giant nest on your roof so you can float away in real style!

          The Burro

          P. S. Us what knows ALWAYS refer to the Financial Times as “the FT”. Among the cognosnotty it is understood to be the LFTimes as you described it. The Fabulous Jill calls it the “Pink Paper” ‘cos its politics have been contaminated by foul-smelling leftists with greasy hair. Read my first copy at 7…..just seems like yesterday. And every day since.

          May the farce be with you #268: 100 more pages done today. Have I gone mad? Time for some carrots and parsley.

  • liz

    Didn’t Sisi offer to give them land for a state and they refused it?
    It just goes to show what a sham “free the Palestinians” is, when the leaders reject good solutions, and 70% of their population want to get as far away as they can from their “liberators”.
    You’d think a huge percentage of the population of every other Islamic cesspool would also escape if they could. Yet we seem to get the ones who want to re-establish the same cesspool they escaped from.

    • Very good points, liz.

      And the people of Gaza did vote overwhelmingly to be governed by Hamas.