Inside the Caliphate 2

Some brave people from VICE News made this video inside the Caliphate of the Islamic State. It is well worth the forty-two minutes it takes to watch it.


(Hat-tip our Facebook commenter Kyle Nelson)

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  • Don L

    There are no innocents in the IS. Even the children are enemies of sanity…not unlike Viet Nam where the children too were trained to hate.

    It is only an ignorant, turn the other cheek, religion-indoctrinated populace that ignores reality and worries about collateral damage where there are only combatants and their supporters. B-52 blanket bombing of entire cities is not immoral when the entire city is the enemy…’Takir’ and they all respond happily with Allah Akbar…kill them all.

    • liz

      Right – if martyrdom is their goal in life, give it to them.