Eric Holder: a living embodiment of political corruption 12

It was something to celebrate this past week – the departure of the (now former) attorney general, Eric Holder, from the Department of Justice.

This is from an article by Matthew Vadum at Front Page:

Attorney General Eric Holder is at long last relinquishing his cabinet post after nearly six unprecedented, catastrophic years of racial demagoguery and gangsterism.

Holder … will leave behind what is probably the most ugly and toxic legacy of any attorney general ever in the history of the republic. …

He is a protected, pampered member of the ruling class and his arrogance knows no bounds. He ignores court orders and gives congressional overseers the finger.

Holder has transformed the U.S. Department of Justice into a racial grievance incubator, an intensive care unit for kooky, authoritarian ideas that should have died after the 1960s.

The DoJ, especially its rotten, totally corrupt Civil Rights Division, is a lawyerly commune for revolutionaries who oppose the very idea of the rule of law. Critical Legal Theory and Critical Race Theory govern much of what goes on in the department.

It is no exaggeration to say that Holder leaves death and destruction behind after saturation-bombing the Constitution, orchestrating criminal activity in order to whip up public support for policy changes, fomenting racial tension and violence, persecuting political opponents and disfavored industries, obstructing justice, and enforcing laws arbitrarily and capriciously and in a manner calculated to benefit his friends and allies.

It was all too predictable. Holder was the official assigned to vet President Bill Clinton’s 176 last-minute pardons in January 2001. Among those pardoned were former Weather Underground members Susan Rosenberg and Linda Evans. He was deeply involved in Clinton’s pardons of fugitive financier Marc Rich and Puerto Rican terrorists.

Holder is an archetype, a living, breathing embodiment of American political corruption. …

Holder is about race, race, and race. It’s what gets him up in the morning. His sick fixation on skin color is notable even in an administration jam-packed with racial obsessives and identity politics-driven Marxists. He brands those who oppose him as racists. This is usually enough to shut up most Republican lawmakers. …

Of course, Holder is the first black U.S. attorney general, a fact he loves to repeat over and over again in speeches and media interviews, as if his race were a bona fide job qualification.

But he is also the first U.S. attorney general in memory to openly declare that he works only to protect the interests of what he calls “my people,” or those who share his skin color. …

Holder possesses an off-putting combination of creepy self-righteousness, cockiness, hatred of country, and racist contempt for white Americans that makes him the darling of the activist Left and the mainstream media that refuse to report on his many, many misdeeds.  …

He serves as a personal consigliere, or mob lawyer, to President Obama, the highest elected gangster in the land. And he will never double-cross the capo di tutti capi. …

Holder is the legal ringleader for today’s Democrats and their culture of corruption.

After being held in criminal contempt of Congress in June 2012 – the first such citation against a sitting attorney general in American history – he is just a few steps away from being impeached in the House of Representatives and tried in the Senate for the high crimes and misdemeanors he has committed against the American people.

This morally bankrupt racketeer ought to spend the rest of his life in prison. Probably nothing will happen to him.

But … in the midst of celebration we hear of new danger from this horrible man. Vadum’s last sentence is alarming:

Rumor around Washington has it that President Obama wants to put Holder on the Supreme Court.


(For a detailed account of Eric Holder’s disgraceful career, go here to Discover the Networks.)

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    “This morally bankrupt racketeer ought to spend the rest of his life in
    prison. Probably nothing will happen to him.”

    “Every doggie has his day.” If we’re lucky, this imbecile pissed off some REAL Syndicate/Mobsters when he presided over the Justice Dept!

    Meanwhile, back at the ‘ranch,’ the Imbecile-In-Chief, being the criminal that he is, will do away with our Justice Dept. instituting in it’s stead “The Dept. Of Executive Action.”

    • liz

      Right. Or maybe the “Department if Social Justice”. With Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton presiding over the wreckage.

  • liz

    Yes, if he puts Holder on the Supreme Court things will go from bad to worse.
    It is really a tragedy and a shame that, because of the corruption and manipulation of American blacks by the Left, the first blacks ever to attain to such honorable positions as President and Attorney General have completely dishonored, abused, and made a mockery of those positions.
    And, sadly, the majority of the rest of them are too ignorant and uneducated to even know or care. Or, if they are educated, it’s with the same poison that has corrupted Obama and Holder.

    • Don L

      Well said!

  • Don L

    Indeed, the Obama/Holder Show has been a disaster for America and Law – Law has become the criminal. And, their show has done as much to set race relations back as did “Restoration” after Lincoln’s War of Aggression.

    Obama and Holder have elevated black victimization to new heights. Never a word about the tragedy of black 70% plus births out of wedlock, that 65% of all crime (not just in Chicago) is perpetrated by blacks and that it is programs foisted by blacks that result in black dependency and extreme unemployment.
    After all, there wouldn’t be a black leadership if blacks weren’t intentionally deceived and manipulated by black leaders.

    Now, I expect “Racist” when I post the following. I received this email message, coincidentally, at about the time this article was being posted. After viewing it…ask yourself, “have whites or Koreans or others done such absurd and criminal behaviors,,,’riot of protest’?

    NOTE: Image came out very small…might right click and open in new tab.

    • No – no cry of “racist” for what you say and what you link to. Not from me or any of us at TAC. Nor would there be from Thomas Sowell, or Walter Williams, or any of the black thinkers we often or sometimes quote. They have been among the first to point out how blacks have been the victims of the “War on Poverty” etc. The wrong black leaders have come to power. What roots in American black history does Obama have? None. His acknowledged father was a Kenyan commie, and not at all a man worthy of esteem, to judge by what has been published about him. Holder is of the same narrow-minded type as Jesse Jackson and perhaps even more like the despicable liar Al Sharpton. The left has done American blacks much harm, and it would take generations to repair it if ever a start were made. And there is no start on the horizon.

      • Don L

        Correction made to copy! Agree not TAC or favorites.

        Incidentally, what I have found amazing, the Republicans are proud, as they seek black votes, to assert that they are the party of Lincoln. It’s amazing as, assuredly you know, the Republicans of Lincoln’s day, as was Lincoln, were flaming racists. Democrats were the conservatives and champions of blacks….that isn’t actually saying much either.

        Most do not know, the north and Republicans wanted Free States; not free as in no slavery because slavery is bad. But, free of slavery so that there would never ever be blacks in the state…Free (of blacks) States!

        I’m preaching to the choir…maybe others will learn.

        • I’m learning now.

          Tell us more. Why was the Republican Party formed?

          • Don L

            Tis is an as I recall:

            The predecessor to the repubs was the Whig party (it’s champion was Henry Clay who was Lincoln’s mentor and idol). The Whig party was the party of Alexander Hamilton…monarchists who wanted separation from England but not a different economic system of priveledge…termed mercantilism. Today we call it crony capitalism: monopolies (can obnly exist by gov’t intervention), patronage, commercial extortion and all manner of favoritism toward maintaining and entrenching political power. Yes, exactly what we have today.

            The Whigs called this political economics “the American System” (actually a term used several times by Obama during his first campaign). Remember, before Lincoln’s War to destroy States Rights, States were “ought to be free and independent” nations that willingly entered the confederation…the Union.

            While the states were independent, whigs, using the same deceptive arguments as today, got governments to invest in all manner of government programs that would somehow benefit growth…they wer pitched as Internal Investments. With the exception of the Erie Canal (good for only a few years) all failed and bankrupted states. Today many states have in their constitutions articles precluding state investments in such endeavors.

            Hence, the Whig party was coming into much disfavor. Then comes the Biffle & Tyler argument of the central bank…Tyler, a WhigINO, cancelled the bank so necessary to the Whig’s power base. The party began to fall apart as an upstart party favored the bank…Republicans. To a small degree slavery and Free Territories/States also entered the situation…Not Not slavery…but slavery or no blacks ever in states/territories. Long-to-short, the internals tore the party apart and their convention failed to nominate the and most left the Whigs to join the republicans.

            And, Lincoln was their first nominee. He made no bones that he was a racist and favored the American system. He had been the strongest advocate for these ideal for more than 28 years. One only need read transcripts from his stump speeches were he states categorically and repeatedly his racist views of blacks. In fact in his first inaugural address he spells out that he will ot end slavery, in fact strengthen it’s rightfulness and that he will attack the outh, not for slavery, but to collect taxes imposed by his American system favorites toward perpetual incumbency for the Republicans.

            The war was to destroy the states rights…period. One has to ask whereas racism was more stringent in the north…why would northerners fight to free slaves. And, whereas only 10-15% of southeners owned slaves, why would southeners fight to retain an institution they did not benefit from. Further, since slavery had ended everywhere (except Bolivia) without any violence — owners paid off & Lincoln knew this & France and England offerrd to make these payments and Lincoln denied this to happen — why was there a war at all? Power…central government — cannot allow the states to get in the way of the American System…Period.

            Historians, in accordance with Lincoln myths misinform on the slavery issue destroyying the Whigs. But, bottom lune, the Reublicans were the party of Business…the American system and racist to the core. They continued to destroy the south during Reconstruction with sakalleywags and carprt baggers. And, it was the republican generals, Grant, Sheridan, et al, that set about genocide. No good Indian but a dead Indian…all for commercial American System objectives.

            Finally, Democrats got into power and and ideologies changed. Initially they exhibited the liberal classic political economics…then they discovered the republicans remnant…the central bank. Then to today…central banking is the engine of all corruption and the financial generator of socialism…Other people’s money.

            Phew! I think I got most of that right.

            • liz

              Good summary. Thanks for the link – I’ll watch those.
              What a rude awakening it still is at how Lincoln has been so whitewashed. And how willing he was to abuse his power and use his own citizens as cannon fodder just to force that centralization of government on the entire country.
              Much like today, we have a President busily doing all he can to destroy the economy and everything else he can get his hands on, at the expense of the citizens, to gain even more centralized government power.

        • liz

          What I seem to remember from the “Real Lincoln” was that both Republicans and Democrats, northerners and southerners, were all pretty much flaming racists.
          So that was just sort of negated as a factor in why the war was fought; it was really about states rights.

          • Don L

            Yes, but the real hatred leading to the likes of a KKK and lynchings came about as an outcome of the Restoration. Blacks were considered inferior for sure, seen as property/chattel, seen as grey – not there but not violently hated. Post Restoration…It was revenge at work.