The contemptible failure of feminism 4

Pat Condell castigates feminists. And we cheer.


Posted under Commentary, Feminism, Islam, Muslims by Jillian Becker on Friday, October 10, 2014

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  • Don L

    If one sees ‘feminism’ as a spontaneous movement purposed to empower women and promote and protect women’s rights, then it is a failed ‘ism’. If, on the other hand, one recognizes that the feminist movement came about simultaneous with central planning’s societal affect as to force women into the workplace, then it’s mission as an intentional diversionary tactic is obvious.

    Or, “Do not ask why you have to work…think about how unfairly you are being treated in the workplace!”. Men are the enemy and it’s free enterprise’s fault you can’t stay at home with your children, seriously consider motherhood as a viable and valued occupation or accept the reality that men and women are actually different.

    Progressives have great experience at manipulation and planning their evolution. Actually protecting women’s rights would be to expose the FED monetarist political policies and the Gov’ts fiscal policies that devalue the dollar, deform wages/salaries and transfers wealth to the rich (meaning the banks and cronies) through inflation, Rather, feminists fight to get employers to pay for a woman’s maternity leave…not the employer’s actual responsibility…but not address that issue that the new mother must then return to work and get a permanent sitter.

    It’s all a diversion. And, it’s working…equal pay for equal work my ass! The risk that the female will get pregnant, have some emotional disaster or other female physiological-related event is higher than for a male. The investment in training and the interruption in productivity risks are higher with a female employee. Equal pay for equal work is another emotional adaptation of government according to SHOULD. It rejects the reality of IS.

    The oldest joke in the world…Look over there. Ha, Ha…made you look Feminism is the joke. That any woman pays attention or believes in it…they looked. Ha, Ha!

    • liz

      Good points. The manipulation by way of this diversionary tactic of “victimizing” a group is their bread and butter.
      They do the same thing with “racism”. With Obama and Holder leading the charge, blacks are diverted to focus on being victims of racism, while their chances of a decent life are destroyed – stolen from under their noses by these well trained “progressive” con-men.
      Yes, blacks and women are victims, but not of capitalism. They are the victims of the lying, manipulating scumbags of the left, an of their own ignorance and gullibility.

      • Don L

        You’ve got it! As usual!!!

  • liz

    Right on, as always! The hypocrisy of modern feminists betrays the truth that they aren’t really interested in “rights” for women (except themselves).
    It’s just another front for the left, useful for heaping constant accusation, guilt and condemnation on society.
    Islam is useful to the left for the same reason, so they get a free pass.