The empty chair 3

We took this truth-telling cartoon from PowerLine’s Pictures of the Week:

Though we have had the thought that if Obama didn’t spend all his time fund-raising for the Democratic Party – at the expense of all taxpayers – or golfing, the state of the nation and the world would be even worse.

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  • liz

    I think if he was actually doing anything it would be done worse, but that might be better (in the “I hope he fails” sense). But either way is bad.

  • Don L

    Six of this…half a dozen of da udder. As incompetent as this A_Hole is…his actually doing something may have generated enough angst from all to get rid of the A-Hole. All I noses…is I saw da bumpa sticka agin’…”will someone shoot the president…” Don’t nose if tis a question or a plea…curious do ain’t it?


      A bullet would probably ricochet off his thick skull…………