Good-bye Sweden 10

Look at Sweden to see “the shape of things to come on Planet Progressive”.

Pat Condell describes the miserable and ugly decline of Sweden into “Swedenstan”:

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  • liz

    Excellent Condell.
    And Sweden is Obama’s shining example – his “shining city on a hill”!
    This is the vision he strives for. To turn this country into the absolute disaster – the disgrace to civilization – that Sweden is now.


    I swear, this habit of different countries catering to these monsters is disconcerting, at the least!

    Here is a really good description of the real brand of Islam brought to us by Daniel Greenfield:

    • liz

      I can only conclude that allowing these people to flood our systems is purposeful – the Clowered-Piven strategy intended to destroy the system. Evil.


        Correct, liz. The proof can be seen in the fact that the “system” is under attack from multiple places….the healthcare overhaul mess, the immigration disaster, the CDC debacle, the politically correct fiasco overseen by the Libs, the cover-up and manipulation of the employment figures, the miserable attempt at some sort of a “foreign policy, and foremost, the out-of-control spending!”

        The geometric center of those attacks leads back to Barack Hussein Obama!

        • liz

          In fact I just read in David Horowitz book “Breaking the System” that this is EXACTLY the plan and Obama is EXACTLY right at the center of it.

          • The Burro

            Is it time to leave the US and abandon the sinking ship? But where do we go? I hear Zimbabwe has nice grass and lots of wild oats………..

            Great, unimaginable wealth is in your future Ms. Liz. May you use it wisely.

            The Burro

            • liz

              Right – if we were all “burros”!!
              By the way, I received your book – thank you very much! A very informative and enlightening look at the entirely corrupt state of our political system.

            • The Burro

              I found the book absolutely shocking. Even though the corrupt, destructive Democrat machine has leveled some cities the occupants STILL vote in the Dems. How can this be?

              How can we buy futures in stupidity Liz?

              The Burro

            • liz

              I guess the only way to profit from all this stupidity would be either to figure out a cure for it, or run for office as a Democrat.
              Then guarantee endless handouts, and you’re all set.
              You’ll never run out of leeches who’ll keep voting for the next handout, or idiots who will continue to believe you’re actually bringing “hope and change”!

            • Don L

              May I jump in?

              Look at those educational scores. Give them a communist to worship: Martin Luther King. What does anyone actually know about him but the line about ‘content of character’. Then, keeping blacks as a political tool, stupid an non-skilled, offer leaders who keep power as long as blacks are kept in a sorry state while blasting the propaganda of “victim of whitey”.

              There may be a crack in the plan. Obama has not been the saviour blacks had hoped for. Of course, they expected ‘mo Bama money’ entitlements to go with the untrue victimization scenario. So, blacks even walked out of one of his recent rallies…while heckling him. Certainly, black leaders will attempt to fix the crack. If everybody in-charge is black…can the problem actually be racism?

              The question is, can they come to see they are the economic victims of socialist policies and not whitey? More troubling, how long to overcome the culture of criminality, the product of progressive policies, that binds urban blacks together and accepts criminals as mayors, assembleymen, et ceteras?