Is Ebola more to be feared than fear itself? 2

Bill Whittle talks about the threat of Ebola:

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    As I see the entire problem, the one of spreading of fear of catching Ebola, the nonchalant, flat-footed handling of the situation by the Obama regime has done much more to spread fear, than to quell it.

    Rule Of Thumb For Leaders: If you find yourself in the midst of the possible spreading of a mostly unknown, highly deadly contagion, treat it as if your scientists knew nothing about it……..IOW, err totally on the side of safety, and not on the side of utter complacency, to win the people’s confidence!

    Or…………Is this Ebola fear an opportunity to use the Rahm Emanuel axiom of “Never-let-A-Crisis-Go-To-Waste,” and decisively what Obama needs to help him implement his version of Cloward-Pliven???

    • liz

      I think your guess is EXACTLY right.