Why the CDC is short of money for an Ebola vaccine 8

Where did the tax-payers’ money go when it was entrusted to the Centers for Disease Control, leaving insufficient funds for the development of an Ebola vaccine?

This information and comment come from Newsbusters:

For years, government watchdog groups have chronicled numerous instances of waste and abuse at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and its National Institutes for Health (NIH).

An establishment press corps doing its job, upon hearing the director of the National Institutes for Health claim that “if we had not gone through our 10-year slide in research support, we probably would have had a vaccine” for Ebola by now, and especially upon hearing leftist politicians then claim that it’s all Republicans’ fault [for “making cuts in public expenditure”], would look into whether part of the problem might be poor bureaucratic stewardship. But they’re not doing their job.

The CDC’s budget today is 25% bigger than it was in 2008 and 188% bigger than in 2000.

The NIH budget [is] at a level that’s more than double what it was 14 years ago.

If the NIH was really so concerned about developing an Ebola vaccine, it could have directed more grant money to that effort, rather than wasting it researching such things as:

  • diseases among male sex workers in Peru ($400,000)
  • sexual attraction among fruit flies (nearly $1 million)
  • a study that will send text messages in “gay lingo” to meth-heads ($509,840)
  • a study on “Massage in Rabbits” ($386,000)
  • numerous studies exploring the effects of meditation (costing hundreds of thousands of dollars each)

The CDC –

  • dumped $106 million into a swanky visitors’ center in Atlanta even though it already had one
  • bought $10 million worth of furniture for its lavish new headquarters
  • spent $1.7 million to advise Hollywood on medical plots
  • granted $702,558 for a study of the impact of televisions and gas generators on villages in Vietnam
  • granted $175,587 to the University of Kentucky to study the impact of cocaine on the sex drive of Japanese quail
  • granted $55,382 for a study of hookah smoking in Jordan
  • granted $592,527 for a study to determine why chimpanzees throw objects

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  • Don L

    More LOL!!!

    This is just a partial list. Fox and even CNN have shown a plethera of other insane research topics.

    And, of course, the Obama executive has thrown more good money after bad with the appointment of a political hack to be the new Czar for ebola: Ron Klain. Can you spell Solyndra! “No”, they say, “…he’s not a doctor nor does he know about infectious diseases…he is a great organizer”. Not according to his resume…Oh, wait organizer, like in community? That guy doesn’t know anything either.


      Obamas’ soooo deep in it……….I just cannot bring myself to understand why more and more of his “faithful” don’t come out of their hiding places, expressing their disgust with his criminal actions……..and, of course, his criminal in-actions!

      Are these “low-information voters” that much out of touch with the facts surrounding his ineptness which is causing not only our Ship-Of-State to sink down to the handrails, but possibly causing our Civilization to turn into a real “Walking Dead” scenario???

      Why in the world do we need an “Ebola Czar?” (More government!) What is wrong with firing the ridiculously incompetent Tom Frieden, hiring instead a competent, intelligent P.H.D….someone possibly skilled in micro-biology and/or epidemiology???

      “God” help us!! (pardon the pun)

    • The Burro

      Ahoy there #?68!

      I was out in the field today solving the partial differential equation for the McKendrick-van Foerster expansion of the ebola epidemic to see how long I had left to live when I received work from Bob the Crow a most important package had arrived for me.

      Upon examination, I discovered after a well-worth-waiting-for event had occurred – unimaginable wealth had arrived in a secret form to be sent to your good self via The fabulous Jill postal service. It will be all yours in just days!

      Can you imagine? The CDC wasting money – NEVER! What, the government squandering resources – impossible? Yet I confess, I have been getting over a great shock when I had to deal muzzle-to-muzzle with a case uniquely my own. As you may know, I deal in the world of real estate, and I want to demonstrate to you just how justified all of the government spending is, how it is deserved, and entirely appropriate. So I am going to request from the fabulous Jill the opportunity to write a short piece (and with you in mind I will try very hard to make it short as you requested) on both inequality and the attempt by the Great Leaders to correct the evils of the Capitalist system.

      To generate interest and not send you into a deep coma, I will tantalize you with details of the latest model of BMW the welfare-persons prefer, the exact high-end surround stereo they use, the precise type of rare African Parrot they prefer, not to mention the three pit-bulls they like, the two puppies they love, and of course, the other six (yes 6!!) autos they just have to own. I will in addition, demonstrate that the welfare class hungers for knowledge and self-improvement, but just not like most other non-welfare persons.

      The Burro

      P. S. It looks like I have 2.6 years left to go. That is the good news. The bad news is that at the rate I am digesting The Pee, I see a long road ahead beyond 6.4 years and right next to the glimmer of light is………the Grim Reaper! Hold it – it’s worse than I thought – the reaper has a t-shirt on ……..and it says VOTE DEMOCRAT! AAG!

      P> P> S Latest ebola number seen for infections: 1.6 million in the Bongo Bongo Times, 1 million in the US press.

      • Don L

        How are you…good to hear from you. And, thank you. I received the Vedder & Galloway and the Perazzo books. Bow, curtsy, spin around and jump…thank you!.

        Now, as to keeping comments short…DO NOT cut anything short. A one off would have been funny in a real person-to-person ( I would hope anyway) has taken on a wrongful life of its own…don’t limit your wonderful ways because of anything I would say!

        Old News: You may not have previously understood, I had the Flynn Roosevelt Myth book but had never gotten around to reading it. I had resd the Folsom New Deal or raw Deal book. Alas, a week ago, over a few days, I read the Flynn Book and Wow. As a prior stamp collector I know what he was doing with the stamps and now I uderstand your comments about FDR and stamps. The Folsom book, you are absolutely right, doesn’t get deep enough into the nightmare for America this guy was. And, it is the first book I’ve ever read that exposes the idiot wife for what she was. Lincoln and FDR…the lies that keep on taking America down.

        As for Pee…you must know by now that it is all delusional garbage. Notwithstanding that he has already been filleted as having concocted most of his data (how long did he work on this? LOL) any motive to expose him is moot…given your reputation and style…better to destroy Pee merely by stating “not sufficient scholarship to warrant anything past page 31 i put it down and pity Pee…ah, perhaps pity the parents who wasted such wealth on schooling for such a pretender.”

        Again, No shorting on commentary and thank you for the gifts of information and knowledge!!!

        P.S. I look forward to your review!!!

        P>S>S> Inequality: Oh, last week Yellen made a speech wherein she expresses worry about how inequality is growing. No mention of Zero Funds rate and quantitative easing dumping trillions into the markets and commodities to expand the “wealthiest among ust” wallets/purses. the FED…another lie taking America down: http://www.usatoday.com/story/money/markets/2014/10/17/yellen-inequality/17424841/

        • The Burro

          Welcome #368!

          Glad to see you got into Flynn. Can you imagine – a President essentially knicking stamps!

          Yellen has now shown her true stripes. She is an interfering, busy-body leftist who reminds me of Einstein. He wrote a book on economics that was execrable, but of course, he was Einstein so he knew, didn’t he?

          Here is a sample of his drivel from an article by MacKenzie:

          He seems to have based many of his criticisms of market economies on his own brand of the Marxian “surplus value of labor,” which he espoused in a piece collected in a little book on The World as I See It:

          By using the means of production, the worker produces new goods which become the property of the capitalist. The essential point about this process is the relation between what the worker produces and what he is paid. . . [W]hat the worker receives is determined not by the real value of the good he produces, but by his minimum needs. . .

          Following Karl Marx and Thomas Malthus, Einstein reasoned that wages tended always to be oppressed to the level of “minimum needs” of workers by competition, to the ultimate benefit of the small but dominant capitalist class. According to Einstein, wages in the United States were relatively high (above the minimum needs of workers) only “because the country is sparsely populated” relative to available resources.


          © Richard B. McKenzie and Dwight R. Lee Microeconomics for MBAs

          There you go – another flaming Marxist. He certainly got what then happened right did he not? Stick to bending time Old Warpy!

          Yellen has entered the political arena without any prior competence in the area. She should be soundly spanked for her interference and stick to that which she does not know about – monetary policy. She heads an institution called a Central Bank set up in total secret in 1913 on Jekyll Island to provide “elastic currency” to “stabilize” markets.

          Such gall, such arrogance! Central Banks seem to miss the fact that once formed they become part of the system then destabilize it. To quote Salter, in the Independent Review, Summer 2014″…modern banking, which emerged circa 1200…not only survived but flourished. Safety nets, deposit insurance…..did not appear until… 1900. Neither the “instability of capitalism” hypothesis nor the more narrow “instability of financial systems” hypothesis can explain how these systems worked and expanded for seven centuries before the state felt the need to curb their excesses.” Salter took some of that from White, 2013, 473.

          My grandfather kept a diary of the miseries of the ’30’s brought on by the “….experimental days of the Federal Reserve” and we burnt it together as it held terrible memories for him in 1960. I bet these clowns running the Fed did not lose their jobs and probably did quite well thank you in the Depression’s darkest days.

          Good news Big D: James grant is about to publish a book on the Depression or lack of it, under Harding, my favourite President in 1920-21. Just take a look at what Harding did and you will be amazed – he slashed government by 50%! Ah…..the good old days.

          Keep the faith Oh Cabby One.

          The Burro.

          • Don L

            Yellen fits the profile of all Obama’s picks: malleable stooges!

            Later, Burro!


    LOL!!! Well folks…………..What did you expect from the American Bureaucracy Machine?…….Another cumbersome, “feeding trough” for our President’s friends like Tom Frieden to relax in.

    A great example of a “Beached Whale” feigning intelligence, care, and proficiency for the public’s scrutiny.

    The individual workers in the CDC ‘trenches’ are more than likely interested in a favorable outcome for Humanity, but those at the helm are more interested in steering it in the direction of looking good and personally prospering, I’m afraid…….

    • liz

      And smoking hookahs in Jordan and studying the sex life of gay fruit flies…And blaming their incompetent failure on the republicans.