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If there is a bright side to the existence of the Islamic State (IS/ISIS/ISIL), it is this: The Muslim savages are making it so clear how life is to be lived under Islamic rule, that it might deter a lot of Western apologists for Islam.

If, that is, they get to know about it.

Those self-righteous Westerners who defend Islam, accusing any of us who criticize it of “racism” or “Islamophobia” or “intolerance”, are obviously ignorant of what Islam is, what it teaches, what it does and has done –  and intend to stay that way as long as they can, uncontaminated by information.

This –  from the International Business Times – is what’s happening in the caliphate of the Islamic State:

Isis activists are exerting their influence in Iraq and Syria by threatening death sentences for male teachers who teach women, and harsh punishments for teachers who teach any that fall outside of the group’s strict interpretation of sharia law.

People living under Islamic State rule in Mosul in Iraq and Raqqa in Syria have been banned from owning academic books, studying [certain] subjects including law and human rights, and educating children privately at home.

This week – the start of the university academic term – Islamic State ordered university departments in law, political science, fine art, archaeology, sports education, philosophy, tourism and hotel management to be closed in areas it controls.

In Mosul and Raqqa, Islamic State have ordered teachers not to teach democracy, cultural education, human rights and law, to maintain what it called “the public good”.

Teachers have been told they must have training in Islamic State’s interpretation of sharia, and should avoid certain subjects in curricula and exams “which do not conform to sharia law”, including “forged historical principles” – a reference to Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection, and “un-Islamic geographic decisions” by other nation states.

Teachers who fail to separate male and female students were threatened with punishments and sweeps for illegal books and materials are common …

Teachers who teach female students privately risk execution.

Execution can be by shooting, beheading, crucifixon, live burial, stoning, or any other means that these deeply religious men can think up.

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  • Don L

    Hogwash! No, seriously…specifically, pig’s blood wash. Gather many large tanker planes (like those used in fire fighting) and load then with pig’s blood, entrails and other pig parts and start coating the caliphate with pig paint.

    • Now there’s a man who understood the idea of justice!
      If only we could find his like today and elect him to the presidency.

  • liz

    This is giving the world a preview of what life will be like for all of us as a result of our government’s suicidally insane pro-islam policies.
    They are as bad as the Muslims themselves, in remaining deliberately “uncontaminated by information”. The left ignores the truth about Islam, while the Muslims ignore the truth, facts, and reality in general.

  • Azgael

    NOTHING IS/ISIL/ISIS do with stop those sub-human savage progressives from supporting them, they will support them to the very last second after an muslim chopped of their heads.

    • liz

      Yes, we have examples of that already with the journalists who converted to Islam, renounced democracy, etc, and STILL got their heads chopped off. A lot of good it did them.