What to do with swine 23


(Hat-tip Don L)

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  • Kidyard Rupling

    The link, down toward the bottom under “analysis” casts doubt upon the historical authenticity of this account based upon the analysis of Dr. Frank E. Vandiver , a military historian, published author and participant of other related disciplines.

    I simply did not want us as conservative atheists to fall into the trap of blithely swallowing any alleged historical anecdotes ( Think Christian “historian” Dave Barton ) simply because we find them emotionally appealing.

    In the end, whatever J.J. Pershing did or did not do many years ago has no bearing upon our present political landscape so I won’t comment further upon that topic. Nevertheless I stand with all conservative atheists in fighting for the same goals that unite us.

    • Don L

      You did well. I should have mentioned my suspicions when I posted this blurb. It was a fun thought. And, I think history would have had something more to say about Pershing if the slaughter were true.

      • Kidyard Rupling

        Thanks Don L. I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes. Nevertheless, If we find out later that the account was factual I would in no way be displeased, LOL.

  • Kidyard Rupling

    The authenticity of this quotation is suspect ( although I agree with it’s sentiments ). http://urbanlegends.about.com/library/bl_black_jack_pershing.htm

    • liz

      Well, it’s the thought that counts. But we do have a verifiable quote from Ted Cruz about bombing them back to the Stone age.
      He has my vote!

      • Kidyard Rupling

        I wonder how Cruz feels about being supported by conservative atheists like ourselves ? Lots of American religious conservatives consider atheists to be lower than Muslims. I’m a minority ( right winger ) within a minority ( atheist ). Sucks.

        • Don L

          I don’t care what Cruz thinks. I’m bothered that I have no other choices than these collectivists from another direction dribbles.

          And, Hi there fellow rarity! LOL. Stick around. We get a lot of left-sided atheists who can’t stand we are conservative. What is so amazing, is both sides think atheism is an ideology…yet, they cannot name a war or murders committed in the name of atheism. The inverse, of course, is not true.

          • REALBEING

            Why Don…………in order to be like us “rarities” all it takes is a lot of critical thinking, which leads one to acknowledge the facts of life being the facts of life, rather than the wishes of life acknowledged as the facts of life.

            • Don L

              Good morning this morning. It’s a beautiful morning. And, if it’s nice like this tomorrow morning, we’ll be able to pick morning glories in the morning tomorrow morning like we can this morning; won’t we tomorrow morning?

          • liz

            On your first point – the libertarian party is the third largest – do you think there’s a chance of enough Republicans and Dems switching to make them the second largest party, and if so would getting libertarians in office make a difference?

            • Don L

              I’d actually be hoping for a fourth party…yet to be named. I was hoping it might have been the Tea Party but it has been taken over by ‘born-agains’.

              The Libertarians have adopted some lousy characteristics similar to the lefties: adherence to ideology over reality. To wit…pacifism to accept terminal risk as to Iran with a nuke as acceptable. if they are wrong doesn’t cross their mind.

              What really hurts and troubles me is the libertarians have hijacked Austrian economics. Ludwig von Mises chronically warned that economics is economics and not an ideology. That economics unquestionably validates that only free market capitalism maximizes freedom and prosperity for all is just the factual product of the social science of economics.

              It is secular and un-party (as in Dem & Repub)…Until more Rands, non-libertarian baggage, come around, we will constatnly be saddled with this nightmarish government because the FED will always be there corrupting and paying for the weapons of our own destruction.

              I do believe more andf more coming into politics do see the FED as a problem…it is our only hope. Repubs, at least, slow the process down.

              The current economy is a bubble about to burst. Then again, there is no limit to the self-serving nightmare the FED and their political pals are willing to deliver upon America…the longer they keep the bubble inflated, the more damage done: 100 trillion dollar bills to buy a loaf of bread.

              No wealth is being created in America…the market is balanced on debt and that bill will come due!

              I don’t expect dems to ever come over (not current versions – the old guard already has…they don’t recognize the democratic party they once belonged to.) Paul Ryan types can come over. He is very close to Austrian principles already. So, as that werd female comic used to say: “It could happen!”.

            • liz

              Thanks for explaining. I guess, considering the alternatives, I just really want them to be a workable possibility….
              On their view of foreign policy – no intervention in foreign countries, but also no aid. I think if that policy had been applied years ago, it may have worked.
              But because of all the intervention and aid we’ve already given to terrorist countries, just cutting it off wouldn’t be enough now.
              But maybe not a bad policy in principle?

            • Don L

              Agreed. Free trade is the only interaction there ought be. The past has consequences, however. It is this past the libertarians fail to consider…Iran being the critical issue. That past needs to be militarily resolved and hence forth defense, defense , defense. only.

        • We are building a movement. It takes time. Atheist conservatives need to know they are not alone, and should come out of the filing cabinet.

        • liz

          Yes, true. It seems to be a losing battle trying to explain to Christians that “atheist” does not automatically mean “immoral, blood sucking communist vampire from hell”.

          • Don L

            LOL, LOL!

    • Don L

      I suspected as such. But, as Liz says: It IS the thought that counts. I still like the idea of bombing them with pig parts and blood (some shoe souls too) while playing “onward christian soldiers”. A little psych war.

    • Thank you for the link, Kidyard Rupling. It takes us to a site where the question is asked if the story is true, but no answer is given.

      An incident in your famous “savage wars of peace” eh, Kidyard?

  • liz

    Where’s a General Pershing when you need him? Or a Winston Churchill.
    Sadly, if they were here now, they’d be accused of racism, hate crimes and hate speech by the P C police of our new multicultural utopia.


      Yes, liz…..if these fine gentlemen were here and in charge today they would not only be called these names above, but they would also be accused of “Racial Profiling.” And I can pretty much guarantee that they would ignore these accusations, on purpose!

      If we had these real men here, and they were in charge, instead of the spineless, thin-skinned, “popularity-contest” winners now at the helm, men like Churchill and Pershing, in the act of protecting America, would’ve most certainly stepped on a lot of people’s toes by this time!

      Our present ‘leaders,’ (I use this term loosely) being afraid to make any important moves work hard to not step on anyone’s toes. Except in doing so, they inadvertently step on the toes of the victims and their survivors.

      On September 11, 2001 four airline flights, American Airlines flight 11, American Airlines flight 77, United Airlines flight 93, and United Airlines flight 175 didn’t step on any of their passenger’s toes by “racially profiling” ALL of their passengers by using the present-day processes we now use at all air terminals.

      We need a hero……………..plain and simple. This hero would not being afraid of stepping on people’s toes in order to get the job done.

      Damn the complainers, the politically-correct bastards, the thin-skinned, ‘hurt children’ of the world, the helpless victims whining about the actions of those who would contain and dispose of the terrorist!!

      The 19 terrorists aboard those fatal flights got their wishes, while 2977 innocent human beings lost everything, and untold countless survivors lost the loves of their lives.

      • liz

        You’re exactly right. The blame for 9/11 (not to mention Fort Hood, Boston Marathon, etc) lies squarely on the corrupt leftists running our government. They’re too busy managing the “political machine”, destroying the capitalist system, and manipulating the public to actually do the job of defending the public from terrorists. They all deserve to rot in prison.

        • REALBEING

          As I see it, the main problem with the “politically-correct” following folks on the “Right” is that they do not ignore enough people!

          Those ‘people’ I’m talking about them ignoring are the thin-skinned, politically-correct Left. The pushers of political-correctness and the whiners I’ve spoken about in the above text.

          How in the world can any leader expect to be efficient at his, or her job of destroying the terrorist threat when he/she is consumed with listening to these whining bastards on the Left scream that they are being racially profiled??

          Its the same in Congress when those Leftist Congressmen/Senators complain about the Conservative members not being “sensitive” to their Leftist constituents who are being, quote “Racially Profiled.”

          There are two kinds of people in the world, guilt “throwers” and guilt “catchers.”

          The Leftists are the ones who love to throw guilt around, and it usually works for them! That is why there is so much of this inefficiency in Washington.

          Nowadays, guilt usually causes a Conservative to freeze in place, until he can change his ‘color’ to one more in compliance with the demands of the Left!

          The Conservatives need to learn how to ignore these guilt throwers, if they want to be efficient, and viable!

          • liz

            Yes, even if Republicans get elected and are in the majority again I’d be willing to bet not much will change. They will be too afraid of being labeled Islamophobic to get rid of any Muslims or actually do any profiling to catch terrorists.
            Change will be mostly cosmetic, but still it’s better than leaving the guilt “throwers” in charge!