When freedom requires tyranny 15

The first – many libertarians would argue, the only – duty of government is to protect the nation from other nations and the individual from other individuals. Its instruments are military might and the rule of law.

That duty includes keeping the nation and the individual safe from infectious disease. The law must isolate persons and animals that could make others sick.

It may be hard to identify the infectiously sick. But to the extent that it can the state must do it, and force the infected into quarantine.

The people can insist that the conditions of the quarantine are pleasant, even luxurious (why not, if luxury can be afforded?), but the quarantine must be as absolute as can be.

Right now, Americans need to be protected from the horrific killer disease Ebola. It is known where it comes from; what its symptoms are; what its gestation period is; how it spreads or could be spread. The countries from which it comes should be quarantined.

To take every necessary protective measure would be to prevent panic, not create it.

Fear of Ebola is perfectly rational. It is fearsome. To do whatever is necessary to contain and cure it is also rational.

It is those who say do nothing and don’t even talk about it who are being emotional and unreasonable. Nothing goes away just because it’s taken no notice of.

This horror exists, it has been brought to the United States, now it must be dealt with forcefully, dictatorially, with high-handed authoritarianism – in the interest of freedom.

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  • Dale Jensen

    Obama is not quarantining anyone associated with this disease nor is he restricting immigration or travel from the countries associated with this disease because of… “racism”.

    If Ebola were a disease associated with Romania or Bulgaria, travel restrictions would have been put in place. But its a disease associated with Black Africans and a disease made possible because of the primitiveness of Black African culture; ie a culture without any Euro-white element. So this disease offends the sensibilities and the ideology of the Social Justice Warrior Left.

    In essence, the Left doesn’t care if white people die because of this disease because it would be “unfair” if only blacks and Africans suffered because of it. We are living under Leftist, anti-White rule. But you conservatives no matter you’re good intentions are not equipped to deal with the Cultural Marxists. You’ll do anything to avoid mentioning the racial realities of this war; ie that it is primarily anti-white.

    Political Correctness if the refusal to state the obvious.


      In reality with this bunch at the helm, it wouldn’t make any difference at all where this or any dangerous disease sprang up and threatened the entire globe.

      Even if it came from another planet they would be just as inept at dealing with it…

    • liz

      That might sound plausible if it weren’t for the fact that blacks can and will get Ebola just as much as whites. Which proves that the agenda here is not so much “anti-white” as it is anti America.
      They are willing to allow an epidemic to spread in order to create chaos and further break down the system, which they then further increase their totalitarian control over.


        Yes, liz. Obama is all about “Saul Alinsky” and his dogma. He might have a certain amount of “anti-white” in him, but Saul was his MAN!!

  • liz

    The way they have mishandled this whole thing is shameful. But that’s how they handle everything (Bengahzi, for instance), so it’s no surprise.
    When safety measures are urgently needed, the exact opposite measures are taken – namely, NONE. Help and protection are most deliberately withheld!
    What else can this be attributed to but a conscious desire to harm?
    How else can this be interpreted other than our government’s own special way of saying, “Die, suckers!”


      Why liz………”mishandling everything of importance” should be the motto of these idiots! A snail always leaves a trail of slime behind……..Or as my bible-toting friends used to quote to me, “You shall know them by their fruits!”

  • Don L

    Excerpted from the Declaration of Independence: “That to secure these [unalienable] rights, governments are instuted by men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”

    Jefferson Quote: ” Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add ‘within the limits of the law’ because law is often but the tyrant’s will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual.”

    Without need of any metaphysical mental gymnastics, imposing and enforcing a period of quarantine on someone who has willingly (even military being ordered is ‘willing’ as they are volunteers) traveled to a place where lethal infectious disease exists does not have any right to return to an un-infected place to put others at risk. To do so is an action outside the limits drawn around one by the equal rights of others. It is not, therefore, tyrannical to impose and enforce a quarantine period as no one’s rights are viloted…they are secured!

    Also, by Jefferson: “Laws are made for men of ordinary understanding and should, therefore, be construed by the ordinary rules of common sense. Their meaning is not to be sought for in metaphysical subtleties which may make anything mean everything or nothing at pleasure.”

    Or, one has every right to go to Weastern Africa where an infectious disease, that will dissolve one’s internal organs, rages out of contro;l but, one does not have any right to return and place others at risk…period. And, it is government’s duty to protect those who may be placed at risk. Obama, as usual, violates his oath of office and refuses to act on his Constitutional duty.

    • Obama’s natural bent is to be tyrannical. He’s turned this country into a kind of police state.
      But the one thing about which he ought to be firmly authoritarian – the imposition of quarantine – he shrugs and lets the horror rip.

      • Don L

        Interestingly, under a legal notion of “negligence by omission” the government can actually be sued by anyone catching ebola. Infectious disease is one of only a few areas where the government can be sued. And, of course, the negligence is the failure to ban travel and/or quarantine. Source: the legal gals on O’reilly’s “Is it Legal” segment 10/28/14

        • liz

          Isn’t it interesting that in this case, the exact opposite is happening – a nurse is suing for being forced into quarantine! Insanity. But the ACLU lawyer working for her (probably at Obama’s request) explains everything.

          • REALBEING

            Yes, the poor girl…… She feels like her “Human Rights” are being violated. She is quoted as saying that in quarantine she would “suffer.”

            The facts are that she came through the airport temp scan with a 101 degree temp. If that was me, I would want quarantine! To me, it would be unconscionable to even take a chance of infecting someone else with this stuff!!


        And this is why we as a country must learn to watch what our representatives do more than to listen to what they say.


    I don’t fear Ebola or enterovirus68 or any other disease as much as I fear the lackluster, cavalier attitude Obama and his “incommunicado” Ebola Czar display towards them!

    Has this dude even moved into his “Ebola Czar” office, yet???

    • Don L

      Earnest gave a tortured answer to a where is he question. Bottom line…we can have confidence, even though we haven’t seen him, because the president has spoken with him. Oh, man!


        I learned a long time ago to never listen to what a person says. Always watch what they do.