71 genders and one T-shirt fits all 14

We wonder which of the 71 genders now recognized, these three belong to. Anyway they’re all feminists. Shouldn’t Pajama Boy be with them? And Barry “Chickenshit” Obama?





Our opinion: They’d all look great in a Burkha! 


Here’s the Telegraph’s list of the 71 genders:

The 21 new options for UK Facebook users


Female to male trans man

Female to male transgender man

Female to male transsexual man


Gender neutral


Intersex man

Intersex person

Intersex woman

Male to female trans woman

Male to female transgender woman

Male to female transsexual woman




T man

T woman

Two person

Two-spirit person


The list of the 50 previous gender options







Cis Female

Cis Male

Cis Man

Cis Woman


Cisgender Female

Cisgender Male

Cisgender Man

Cisgender Woman

Female to Male


Gender Fluid

Gender Nonconforming

Gender Questioning

Gender Variant



Male to Female








Trans Female

Trans Male

Trans Man

Trans Person

Trans Female

Trans Male

Trans Man

Trans Person

Trans Woman


Transexual Female

Transexual Male

Transexual Man

Transexual Person

Transexual Woman

Transgender Female

Transgender Person



At least one of these should be easy to recognize: the Bigenders.

There seems to be a certain redundancy in (for instance) Female to Male and also FTM and even still F2M. But I can already hear an exasperated voice – breaking in mid-sentence – crying out impatiently: ‘You’re so dumb! Can’t you get it that there’s all the difference in the world whether you want a full label applied to you or only the initials or a description suitable for a text message?”

What is the difference, we wonder, between the first list of Trans- (female male man person) and the second list of the same which we have italicized? We suspect a printing error occurred there, and if so the total of the tally is wrong. The number needs to be reduced from 71 to 67 max.

The Trans person is a particularly curious category. What can a person trans into? An animal? A plant?

Man and Woman were not among the previous options, and have apparently only just been introduced. Most people were ahead of Facebook there.

Gender Fluid brings to mind the shape-changers of Star Trek

Amazing that, with so comprehensive-seeming a list, there is still the category of “Other”. Wouldn’t Male, Female, Other have covered everything?

And most amazing of all is Pangender. There are people going about among us who are all of the listed genders simultaneously? Aren’t some of them mutually exclusive – as, for instance, Neither and Man/Woman? Or Agender and most of the others?


(The picture of the three feminists comes from a Front Page article by Daniel Greenfield.)

(Hat-tip to Robert Kantor for the 71 genders.)

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  • Ralph

    The oligarchs prefer to divide people into groups and have them bicker about the rights of their group as opposed to the rights of another group. They blame another group for their problems instead of casting blame on the oligarchs. Groups of people are easier to control than individuals who think.

    • liz

      Which explains why we’re all so “racist” these days, whether we know it or not. (Or sexist, homophobic Islamophobic, or, fill in the blank…)


      Of course Ralph! This keeps all their ‘victims’ victims of one thing, or another. How else can the Socialists exist without victims to service?

  • The one time I had this discussion with someone, they tried to explain how “cis-whatever” applied to me.

    I refuse to use the term, and said so, very plainly. “I’m a man,” I replied. “I’m not cis-anything. I’m a man. M, A, N, man. That’s the correct term for me, and I’ll thank you to use it.”

    End of discussion.

  • Don L

    Male – female – genetic defect. Not a species enhancing evolution — flat out defective. They are human and have equal rights as any other human. I do feel for those who have these confused genes but they do not have more rights because of their defects. The queers have stolen the word gay and the homos in general are now about to get away with stealing the word marriage. I still don’t get where any judge at any level gets to set the definition of words.

    Rights are not being denied. Their equal rights to benefits attributed and ascribed to the male/female relationship (marriage) jwould just have a different name. As with all leftist ideology, creating class separation and clashes by establishing legal privilege for different sets of people continues the division of the America. Which one is the wife based on what? Uhh…don’t want to know.

    Is there now a genome test to determine if there is some sex/gender defect? I sure would strongly try to persuade any female mate to abort her embryo if it tested for gender defect or any other ‘full-life’ impacting defect.

    • liz

      Good word – defective. Yet I wonder how many of these type of people are really genetically defective, or are just searching for an excuse to be a “victim”? That’s what the leftists are so good at creating in order to divide our society.

      • Don L

        There probably are some loons seeking attention. But, not many seek the social stigma that comes with these un-specie sexual preferences. You don’t learn to be attracted, normal specie survival behavior, to the opposite sex…you just are. The sad ones are those who know and are in all things one gender except in body plumbing. Never the less, they don’t get to rewrite the world…Married = man/woman – husband/wife. Not that is life partner or civil union…whatever they agree on. I think religion played are large part on these people being ignored and denied their right to partnership contract. Of course, right is trumped by socialist PC in a world where nearly 50% of the folks are on the dole.

        • liz

          I agree consenting adults should have the right to whatever relationship, and the government shouldn’t be involved in marriage or other unions anyway.
          I’m not so sure about allowing people like this to adopt children, though. Why perpetuate such confusion?


        “Victim” is a very good description of these folks! This falls right in-line with the goals of the Socialist-Leftist agenda-developers.


    Question: Are there really this many people that are this confused about their own personal identity?

    And just how many of these confused humans have learned to live in a manner which promotes personal responsibility in their lives? How can you live responsibly if you cannot even know who you really are??

    No wonder the country, as well as the world is such big trouble…………

    • liz

      It’s very sad. And infuriating, because you know there’s an agenda behind it. It’s all so fashionable now to be some unheard of gender.
      Just plain old “man” or “woman” is so boring and unsophisticated!
      They don’t care how many people’s lives they mess up with this ridiculous crap. They’re crusading for feminism! So why don’t they crusade against real oppression, like Muslim stone age treatment of women (and every other gender or creature besides Muslim men?)
      No way!


        Well stated, liz! It must be very boring to be a REAL man or a REAL woman, confident and living in your own skin these days.

        In past times, adult males and females were concerned with making the most of who they were, however they were, from where they were, going on with life from that point.

        Now, some less-than-adult folks are concerned with trying to change this to the perspective of “Who can I be now by changing my mind about the gender my body physically is, to something different than it was when it came into this world?”

        IOW, ” My responsibility now comes from an outside source…..opinions I create from what I’ve been told by others about how I should feel, and who I should be in gender!”

        And this whole thing is about how they want their bodies to be VIEWED by others on the outside.

        They think that by changing their gender that they can then be “whole.”

        I have news for them….they can only be made whole by ceasing to listen to those voices on the outside, and instead sell themselves on who they were as they were born, before they commit themselves to this “outer change.”

        • liz

          Yes, I think what were seeing here is the end result of a little too much “navel gazing”.

          • REALBEING

            I don’t know how anyone can live a more un-authentic life!