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A new American conservatism? It’s not here yet – not even on the horizon – but we’re thinking about how and what it might be.

[Added after discussion in the comments section with Azgael:] We atheist conservatives are, or could be, an incipient movement. We must be prepared to say what we stand for, and not seem to be locked in the past. So we invite readers to tell us their thoughts. Help us define a new Conservatism for a new era.

We’ll start with what should be kept out of a future libertarian-conservative manifesto.

Sex and gender. There’s no need for the sex and gender choices of individuals to be treated as matters of political importance. Not constantly, anyway. Hardly ever, actually. We all know there are many ways people seek sexual satisfaction, but they are not res publica (public affairs). Needless to say there is, always has been and always will be, homosexuality, heterosexuality, bestiality, polygamy, orgies, sado-masochism, pornography, rape, pedophilia and pederasty, and good old fashioned procreation in the marriage bed. All fine and dandy – except the bestiality, the rape, the pedophilia and the pederasty. Let consenting adults do what they will with what’s their own. Only, if it should happen that a child is conceived by someone in the course of her pursuit of erotic delight – a biological effect that happens often enough to keep the world populated – then the privacy is terminated. The advent of a third party, not able to express consent or refusal, alters the story. It becomes a matter of ethics, and so, marginally, of politics (public affairs).

Religion. Religion should be as private as sex. For many it is, and they should be left to enjoy or endure it as they choose. It will not cause public offense unless it is constantly bruited about. But organized religion is egregious. With luck it will die out. To the non-religious, public worship by congregants might be viewed as comparable to orgies; an emotional – or the religious would say “spiritual” – equivalent of sexual communion. Public expressions of an eroticism of the “spirit”. A pornography of superstition. There would be absolutely no loss to any consistent and reasonable set of political principles if religion were to be totally cut out of them. (Some political ideologies, such as Islam, are formed only to serve a religion, and therefore should have no place in the political forum whatsoever.)

As for what should be put in, there are first the everlasting principles:

Individual freedom

Free-market economy

Small government

Low taxes

Strong defense

Upholding and defending the Constitution

Defending states’ rights

What should be added to them?


Soon now the Republicans will be in control of both the House and the Senate. What will they do with the power they have regained?

Here are some sketchy notes for new policies. The need for them is urgent because of the damage done to America by the far left pro-Islam world-government-favoring regime tragically elected to power in 2008:

Secure the borders and scrupulously enforce existing immigration laws.

Withdraw from the United Nations and all its agencies, confiscate its headquarters at Turtle Bay, and pay not a dime more to assist or promote any of its programs and purposes.

Cancel every treaty to do with arms and the sea that puts the US at a disadvantage.

Facilitate the fullest possible development of energy resources, especially natural gas and shale oil.

Stop negotiating with terrorist groups in the Middle East, and stop keeping the Palestinians as a beggar nation on handouts.

Support allies and punish enemies.

Prohibit the application of any foreign system of law.

Repeal the laughingly-so-called Affordable Care Act, and let there be nation-wide competition among health insurers.

Hugely reform education.

Lift and curb regulations on business.

Abandon the minimum wage.

Hugely reduce all taxes. Introduce flat rate income tax. Tax forms, 2 pages max.

Hugely reduce entitlements and phase them out.

Reduce the size of government.

Abolish the Fed, the EPA, Fannie and Freddie … Oh the list of institutions and agencies needing to be abolished is very long. But the Fed must be the first to go. Abolitions will reduce the size of government.

Overhaul the IRS to make it serve the nation and not terrify everyone.

Root out corruption in government as far as possible.


Readers are invited to expand, reduce, correct or re-write these first-thought suggestions of ours.

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  • Twelvis

    Suppose there arose a movement among atheist conservatives and secular rightists to infiltrate and occupy the Unitarian Universalist Church, thereby neutering one of the most well established and long standing front groups of the radical left. That could accomplish some other worthy goals besides the one just noted: establish a media identity, possibly a notorious one (though not necessarily U.U. — a name change would be in order) for the godless libertarians; redeem the true original intent of the Unitarian denomination as a fellowship of free thought, as opposed to radical leftist activism; etc. ……

    • Sounds a good idea, Twelvis. Go ahead and do it. Can you rally enough support among atheists conservatives and secular rightists? We would support you with words. Not physically, because we exist only in the ether.

      • Twelvis

        I would like to believe that there are actually more secular ‘conservatives’ than there are members of the U.U. Association, where the congregation sizes in most areas are fairly small. One of the tricks to doing this would be to motivate and mobilize a particular kind of person who is likely to be a non-joiner ‘squared’ because of the combined temperamental tendencies of individualistic free-thought and political individualism. Like herding not just cats, but flying cats. How’s that for a mascot?

        • liz

          Yes, herding cats does come to mind!
          It would be a long, frustrating endeavor, considering the odd assortment of wacko New age types it seems to attract, not to mention the radical leftist infiltrators you’d be dealing with.

  • Sean R.

    Those are all good to great arguments and agendas for those of us who are humanistic conservatives. I’d like to also inject a better educational system for this nation, right now, our educational system is a little corrupt and the students today ought to be learning a real and legit education and not propaganda put out not by only extreme left wingers (and also, pay close attention to the Evangelical Right Wing by wanting creationism as a curriculum scientific course for public schools across the country, ie, Louisiana and Tennessee are the only US states have creationism being taught in their public schools), but also those who are “postmodernist” as well, our national and overall IQ in this country and for the world is ranked in the middle (our national IQ is 99 or 100 I assume?).
    Also, we need to worry a little more about the environment in order to counter climate-change, I haven’t heard neither the Tea Party movement or the Occupy Wall Street movement mentioned about that, and this is why I support “The Venus Project”, where they’ve put forth and proposed solar-system plans for the environment, so that our air will be a little more healthy, and to use moderation with carbon-dioxide and not too much carbon-dioxide. And I’m thinking about other plans, but they haven’t crossed my mind as of yet, so I’ll be thinking about and hopefully add my two cents again to the discussion!

    • Thank you, Sean R. for your contribution. We strongly agree with you about education. But we strongly disagree with you about climate change.


      As well as Jillian I also agree with most of your portrait of Conservative possibilities…….but Climate change??

      No empirical evidence can be found on this “subject” sir. By anecdote only, the story gains prominence as in proposed models based in a psuedo-science, called “mainstream” science by the Left.

      Carbon dioxide creating a “greenhouse effect?”

      Funny thing is the global temps in fact have been on a decrease for eighteen years, the Arctic ice sheet is at an all-time size and thickness, as well as Antarctica, yet the increase of carbon dioxide, taken at consistently at Mauna Loa for years and years, has increased to nearly 400 PPM. (The highest level yet!)

      And the data that I’ve looked at regarding temporary climate warming points mainly to natural causes, as in the lack of sun spots these last few years. Sun spots normally occurring have caused the Earth to warm, while the lack of them causes a reverse effect, as in global cooling.

      With all anecdotal “proof” aside, this, in all factual honesty, tells me that carbon dioxide is not warming the planet.

      So it must be the “hot air” created when Liberals open their collective mouths that is currently warming our atmosphere.

  • Andrew M

    There’s an important point which is missing from this list: forming a nation.

    The Untied States cannot go completely Galt and expect to survive. While it’s admirable to be able to live on your own without assistance from anyone else, healthy social interactions are a vital element of any stable civilization. They allow individuals to pool their knowledge and form novel ideas and products that no one of them could conceive of or manifest on his own.

    Part of this is a matter of immigration. The ethnic diversity of this nation is not of concern to me, but the attachment of ethnic terms to national identity has a Balkanizing effect on the country. With any luck, America’s many beautiful ethnic groups will intermingle and breed with each other, making race a moot point for our children. Until then, I will continue to ignore ethnic background in determining the worth of an individual.

    A standard for communication must exist. English should be made an official language at a national level. While a nice statement, this will be tricky to implement given the constant evolution of the language coupled with significant cultural and regional differences. The “rule of law” is a comical statement to make at this point in time when you are probably committing felonies in your regular waking life without even realizing it (good thing law enforcement doesn’t, either). Scrapping most of these laws and replacing them with common-sense laws that anyone with a basic education can understand would heal this nation significantly and restore meaning to that term.

    Corrupt and uninformed voting must be squelched to the maximum possible extent. National and state voter ID laws are just a start, although I believe this means that the government must provide IDs free of charge in our current state of affairs. Any duplicate ballots or votes cast by deceased persons ought to be removed from the tally. Radically speaking, I’d suggest that everyone must pass a test to earn voting rights — modeling it after the citizenship test for legal immigrants seems like a good start in my mind.

    The Islamic problem cannot be ignored. Sharia (or any other form of law which does not fundamentally respect individual rights) has no place in the United States or any other Western country. The Islamic world itself would be better off without it. I suspect that a select few number of Muslims are genuinely pro-Western or can reach this state of mind with exposure to the right social environment, speeches, and reading materials. We should support these people. They are the counter-jihad’s most effective allies in the fight against Islam by derailing sycophantic attempts to frame criticism of Islam as an issue of race. (Lest you chide me on this point, remember that Ayaan Hirsi Ali gained asylum in the Netherlands as a Muslim and only left the religion after a Dutch boyfriend lent her a book on atheism.) Of course, I will not cry to see the other Muslims leave the Western world for the rest of their lives.

    Last but certainly not least, as two states made clear yesterday, legalize freedom nationwide for recreational, medical, and (especially) industrial purposes. There is no reason America should not have the largest hemp and hemp product industry in the world (and it is shameful that honor belongs to the P.R.C., where recreational use nets you the death penalty). Next to oil, I consider it the most promising industry on the horizon. Instead, we parole rapists and murderers to make room for pot smokers, we fail to deliver effective medicine to those who don’t benefit from anything else, and we don’t tap into the many uses of non-intoxicating hemp fiber. All of these are moral failures which weaken the nation. Republicans will not be successful if they do not take advantage of this opportunity and let it remain a “left-wing” issue. Legalizing marijuana is conservative because it expands freedom.

    One last suggestion which I’m still thinking out — a year of mandatory military service? I detest war and wish we didn’t need a military, but I’m neither a fool nor a coward. It would certainly strengthen social cohesion bonds among America’s large and scattered population. Bullets don’t care about your economic status, geographical origin, sexual orientation, or gender. Not everyone is fit for combat, but the military has places for many if not most of these people behind the scenes. While national defense is a constitution duty of the federal government, it still represents the expansion of an already-large government program. I would be more open to this suggestion after throwing away the alphabet soup of organizations which needlessly consume valuable resources.

    In conclusion, I’d suggest that the balance of power shift to a more local and immediate setting than being concentrated at a national level. States, counties, towns, and especially individuals must regain the power to make their own decisions within their jurisdictions so long as they do not violate the jurisdictions of others.

    These are all just ideas. I envision many problems with implementing them beyond the simple inertia of culture and politics, but I’m open to hearing some ways in which they might become reality.

    • Andrew M; While I don’t think there should be laws against adults using drugs, I can see no reason to make a virtue of it. Pot does damage to the body and the mind. For those who are not defenders of it, here’s a list of its damaging effects: http://www.webmd.com/mental-health/addiction/marijuana-use-and-its-effects.

      And no drug has a place in a political philosophy.

      But, apart from that, thanks for your thoughtful contributions to this “think in”.

      • Andrew M

        I know I’ve done so elsewhere, but where above have I suggested cannabis use is a virtue? I’m just pointing out that the war on drugs is another costly big-government failure. (I firmly believe it has medical benefits. For just one example, watch the transformation of this cerebral palsy patient.)

        The DEA shouldn’t even exist, much less forbid farmers from growing non-psychoactive industrial hemp that can be made into rope, building materials, food, and fuel. Surely you don’t oppose growing the most valuable cash crop on American soil!

  • liz

    I would say completely privatize education, rather than reform. I just don’t think it can be free of corruption and indoctrination otherwise.
    Also, how about no income tax, period? And thereby, no IRS.
    Stop all Muslim immigration, and send the rest back where they came from. (Geert Wilders suggested that in his excellent recent speech.)


    One item that I feel is an imperative change for any Congressman or Senator in office is a slight change to the Oath Of Office, along with the following up any possible infractions by comprehensive and intense scrutiny of all members by the Sergeant At Arms, and his staff.

    The original Oath reads “‘I, (state your name), do solemnly swear
    (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.”

    Let it be changed to read:

    “I, (state your name), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; (THAT I WILL WORK DILIGENTLY TO APPLY, UPHOLD, AND ENFORCE ALL CAMPAIGN PROMISES MADE TO MY CONSTITUENTS BEFORE I WAS ELECTED, UPON PAIN OF IMMEDIATE REMOVAL FROM OFFICE IN DISGRACE, WITH TOTAL LOSS OF ALL BENEFITS AND MONIES ACCRUED WHILE IN OFFICE), that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter.
    So help me God.”

    A copy of each member’s campaign promises shall be given to said Sergeant At Arms before the member begins his/her term.

    (We can leave off this last four words, too!)

    • Very good suggestion, REALBEING.

      But, yes, MUST leave off the last four words.

  • Azgael

    Um bestiality is NOT OK, that is animal abuse and should stay illegal. You did not mention pedophilia with encompasses pederasty, an error? And the Major problem for all this is, it requires conservatives/libertarians with courage not the current crop or RINOS and cowards we have.

    • Sorry, yes, you’re right, Azgael. A beast cannot consent. Omission of pedophilia also, yes an error. It should be there but as an evil. Sorry again. Thoughts jotted down too fast. But that first part of the post was not to suggest what Republicans should do now. I agree with you they are unlikely to do half of what needs to be done. The first part is an attempt to launch a discussion of what a new Conservatism might look like. An American Conservatism that excludes religion. And that continues to stand for traditional values and the Constitution, but brings new ideas, reasonable and just, to protect free people in a fast changing world. Education, for instance, must change. It is not only very poor in a majority of public schools at present, it is positively toxic in the academies.

      We atheist conservatives are, or could be, in incipient movement. We must be prepared to say what we stand for, and not seem to be locked in the past. That’s why we invited readers to tell us their thoughts. Help us define a new Conservatism for a new era.

      I’ll correct the post in line with your criticism, for which we’re grateful. Maybe I’ll use part of what I’ve just written here to clarify our intentions. too.