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The Right has regained considerable power. The cheers die down. The champagne has been drunk. The recovery of America is only just beginning.

Continuing to explore ideas about what will follow now, we quote an excellent article – or a rallying cry – by J. E. Dyer, posted yesterday at Liberty Unyielding:


Commander J.E.Dyer

There’s a division of sentiment among conservatives, the day after a big electoral victory for Republicans.

There are plenty of conservatives who were glad to be able to vote for candidates they admire and believe in. That distinguishes them from other conservatives who had to either withhold their votes in certain races, or vote for GOP candidates they didn’t particularly like.

But even many conservatives who had attractive candidates to vote for share something important with less fortunate conservative voters. They share a sense that America has already experienced a break with the political consensus of the past that can’t be repaired with this election.

This isn’t only because Congress will remain divided from the president across policy lines for the next two years. That is important – and not mainly because it will theoretically result in gridlock.  (Some gridlock would actually be pretty darn healthy at this point.) It’s important because the president has executive power, and Congress doesn’t.

Realistically, we can expect Congress to be slow and timid in any attempts to block executive unilateralism by the Obama administration. The American people, the targets of weaponized government, won’t get any meaningful relief.

But it’s even more than that. Something bigger than American partisan politics is going on in the world, and what the voters accomplished on Tuesday will do little to position America better to face it. That’s the sense of settled foreboding I see in many conservatives.

It won’t all be up to the United States government, in any case. The world is going to hand us problems created by others – diseases, foreign despots who churn out refugees; Islamists, Russia, China, Iran, some damn fool thing in the hot-spot of your choice – that could very well impinge as much on the daily lives of Americans as anything Obama does before 2017. They could impinge more, whether they involve geopolitical disruption or economic shocks.

Too much is unsettled now. Getting from where we are to where we need to be will require stopping at a waypoint we haven’t reached yet. The election on Tuesday is not that waypoint.

Indeed, to revive the American spirit of liberty, the waypoint will almost certainly have to have the same weight and import as our constitutional convention of 1787-89.  It’s not clear yet what combination of circumstances might make it possible to identify such a waypoint, and take advantage of it.

For the time being, those with a coherent idea of liberty and limited government expect little gratification from today’s partisan politics. They see what those who voted for Republicans as a status-quo alternative to Democrats don’t: that the status quo itself can’t continue. Creeping bureaucratic despotism – what we live under now – is unsustainable. It’s not the future. …  People have nothing to live for under its lash; ultimately, as limitations and pessimism drive out opportunity and hope, it must destroy itself.

That’s a statement of enormous optimism. What can bring bureaucratic despotism to an end?

Even this clear-eyed writer cannot answer that vital question.

But what the outlines of the future will look like, and what factors might give events a push, no one can foresee from here. …

But Commander Dyer is sure there are better times ahead – because America is the embodiment of an idea: the idea of liberty, and it is an idea that cannot die.

The truth is that deadlines keep passing, for everyone who predicts one certain doom or another. America has not been loaded into a garbage truck from which the only exit is in the landfill. This country still has a lot of living to do.

Liberty has always been an idea, and as an idea, it can’t be killed. It stills burns in the hearts of millions of Americans.

Only some of them know what liberty really is, but there are still millions of those people. And here’s what I perceive about them. Although they remain committed to the political process – they think it’s important not to give up on it – their investment in it is on the wane right now.

The reason?  The political process is not making the difference between liberty and overweening government anymore.  Electing Republicans doesn’t bring relief from overregulation, collectivist statism, and the growth of public bureaucracies that are easily taken over by fanatical ideologues.

This is why the 2014 midterm election isn’t an end-state, nor … a model for the future. It isn’t good enough to elect Republicans to take over the same business the U.S. federal government has been doing for 100 years now.  It’s the business that has to change.

Seeing this clearly is going to keep liberty-minded conservatives in tension with old-consensus Republicans between now and 2016.  But having a vision for something better always does that. …

So, though it is good that the Democrats – the ideologists of serfdom – have been defeated, she does not believe that the Republican Party will bring us the liberty we crave.  

It’s actually exciting, and a source of optimism, to realize that our future doesn’t have to be charted within the confines of the patterns of the past.  Yes, the GOP leadership in Congress is still an old-consensus leadership.  But it’s not discouraging to recognize that the Republicans we’ve just handed a congressional majority aren’t going to change much for us.  It’s liberating to stop expecting them to.

The task now is for the sons and daughters of liberty to educate themselves on liberty itself, and man the ramparts as watchmen on the walls.  … The watchmen on the walls have to be on the lookout for opportunity: knowledgeable about how liberty has been established in the past, and ready to interpret circumstances and openings when they arise.

I think those circumstances and openings are going to arise, although I can’t tell you today what they will be.  I do know that the day has come when it is more important to fan the flames of liberty than to damp them down, through the political process, in search of consensus.  Putting too much into consensus only teaches us to believe lies about freedom, and we’ve been doing that for too long. …

I look to the future.  Join me if you can.  History gives us every reason to be optimistic about a future with liberty, because liberty is healing.  Liberty is the empire of hope.  So get up on those walls, troops.  We’ve got some watching to do.

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  • Dale Jensen

    “It cannot be forgotten that the establishment Republican party is not that much different than the Dems. Communism and fascism are two sides of the same coin: socialism.”

    You mainstream Conservative types keep throwing around the term “fascism” without any conception of what it means historically. Fascism is a Right Wing movement. If we had a fascist movement in America it would be at war with Left. No, it would not be libertarian (although it could have free market measures ala Pinochet), but it would be a pro-white, pro-patriarchy anti-Marxist movement. There is no fascist movement occurring in the US. There are only Leftists and Mainstream Conservatives. The latter being a mushy blend of Leftism combined with a mushy blend of libertarianism; both of those orienting around “individual autonomy”. A true fascist movement, meaning a true Right Wing movement, would not orient around “individual autonomy”. It would place things above the individual such as race, tradition, family, patriarchy, ethny, shared history and shared culture, etc. That is what “Right Wing” thought is all about. Not individualism. That is Leftism.

    • 1. We are not “mainstream [American] Conservatives”. Nor is Commander Dyer.

      2. “Fascism” is a term so over-used that it has come to mean little more than “not nice”. The nearest one can come to giving it a meaning from its history (and yes, I know its history well, as you apparently do not), is to understand it as authoritarianism. As Communism, Socialism, Nazism, Mussolini’s nationalist (but not racist) Fascism, and Salazar’s too, were all authoritarian, and as Leftism in general is so, it is correct and even necessary to call them all Fascist. Jonah Goldberg uses the term correctly in his title “Liberal Fascism”. All collectivist regimes and parties are fascist. Juergen Habermas, once a junior member of the Frankfurt School (of German Communists) wrote a famous essay titled “Left Fascism” in recognition that the New Left was fascist by nature (about the same time as my own book on the German New Left was published and included the same point, and I knew him personally and we discussed this subject – one of the few on which we agreed). His essay outraged the German Left, because those who believe as you do that Nazism was fascist but not socialist have simply swallowed the propaganda of the Soviet and European Left, which desperately needed to deny any ideological connection with German National Socialism.

      3. Socialism, the Left, is by definition collectivist. It is the very opposite of individualist. If you don’t know that, you don’t know your political alphabet.

      4. Western conservatism values tradition, family, shared history and culture. It does not include Nazi racism of the sort you favor. “Patriarchy” was not imposed on any society. It arose spontaneously and is not necessarily authoritarian.

      5. It is impertinent of you to swing your ignorance in our faces while accusing us of not knowing what you imagine to be the Truth. Please stop trying to educate us until you are better informed.

  • Don L

    It cannot be forgotten that the establishment Republican party is not that much different than the Dems. Communism and fascism are two sides of the same coin: socialism. They differ only by the method of controlling the economy and hence society: total control vs control by regulation, taxation, fees, et ceteras.

    Both parties, the inherent nature of career-politics, have their cronies and cadres of stooges that must be fed their share of tax dollars. Both parties support the FED which enables the re-election always at the tax payers expense…always transferring wealth to the ruling-class and friends.

    So, what can be expected…an economic crash as the FED is out of toys with which to keep the bubble afloat, The new Repubs being blamed (Dems also guilty but out of the headlights)., Paul Ryan near worthless fiscal reform, hopefully some repeal of Obamacare…perhaps the best is merely a slowing down of the loss of liberty and time to re-educate more of the population about liberty. I do believe 54% of America has said enough big government BS…it doesn’t work. That is a win!

    Most of the world has never experienced any sort of individual freedom. Liberty, to them, is alien. In America, it is taken for granted and has been under attack for more than 150 years. Indeed, today nearly half believe liberty derives from government. And, only a few understand free market economics…perhaps 95% of the country believes the economy MUST be controlled by government experts…Progressive compulsory schooling at work. You rarely ever hear the the word “Republic”. You always hear, the absolute worst form of government, “Democracy”: protection of rights vs mob rule.

    Most thinking folk understand that to deny what and who your enemy is is to lose. Obama refuses to call a terrorist a terrorist or accept that ISIS is Islamic…yeah, whatever. Likwise, as long as Americans are conditioned to believe the lies about Lincoln, FDR, Economics, the Founders principles and the true character of the Constitution…we are in jeopardy. There’s only 1 politician I know of that knows the truth from historic propaganda and the economics of freedom (Rand Paul). A second at least has found the light of Austrian economics (Rick Perry). One may be to pacifistic and the other is a raging-religious-control-freak-buffoon. All others gleefully wade in the water of “I know what’s best for you”. Then they head for shore as the rest drown.

    Tuesday America said enough…but they don’t really know the fix and are still behoved to rely on politicians for answers…”I’ll fight for you and the middle class. God bless America! Exposing the lies is the only way off the merry-go-round


      Being despondent and wanting for a reputation for the voting public like the Democrats, the mainstream Republican Party, for this reason, tries to look like the Democrat Party!

      They are ready to drop their Conservative views because they think that they could get the Hispanic and the black vote!

      These two voting blocks are tiny (black voters are at 13%, Hispanic voters are at 10%) compared to the white voting block (72%) they leave behind with their Shape-shifting!

      • Dale Jensen

        No. I wish whites were 72% of the country. If you are counting “non-Hispanic White” you are dealing with low 60s. And even that may be overstated.

        As Whites lose their majority status, the country will begin to resemble the political societies of its non-White citizens; ie America will look like any 3rd world pesthole.

        Lose the Europeans, lose European society.

        • REALBEING

          Well………you’re just plain wrong, Dale. Heres the point of the spear on voting demographics:






          And white voter societies already resemble the political societies of non-Whites. They ALL resemble the political societies that Political Correctness has created. IOW, divide us all and conquer us all!

          And for your information…..the skin color of people does not make them the stereotypical person that you may think they are.

          It is always their lack of a correct personal attitude and their lack of responsible adulthood that delivers that.


    Clearly, the voters of this country wanted a change from the past Obama years.

    The senators and representatives chosen in this election were clearly Republican, which means that the voters wanted a change from what the Democrats have been giving them.

    The voters do not want the Republicans to work with the Democrats, or they would’ve simply elected all Democrats, and cut to the chase!

    The few Democrats elected are now in what we call the “minority.” The minority must work with the majority, not the other way around. The winners always draw the line for the losers to toe-up to.

    It is a Republican Senate and a Republican House. Gridlock occurred when the House was a Republican majority and the Senate was a Democratic majority. One would institute a bill, while the other would simply toss it. They fought against each other.

    Now that both are Republican, the majority in one room will produce bills and pass them onto the majority in the other. The minority in the Senate and House will get the necessary pressure from the majority in each, or they will simply get outvoted.

    Our dear Leader can face up to what his policies have wrought! He has a chance to be the adult in the room, and work with the Republicans. Will he???

    HARDLY!!!!!!!! Being spoiled rotten, hes too much of an egocentric!

    • liz

      Yes, this ought to be interesting. It will be awesome if they actually start pushing back now, in spite of all the whining he’ll be doing.